Armur Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List Nizamabad District in Telangana State

Armur Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List 
Nizamabad District in Telangana State
Armur Sri Mallela Gangaram MPTC BC 9848526144
Armur Sri Chinna Muttenna Kustapuram MPTC BC 9848350151
Armur Sri Mohammad Jaheer Ali MPTC BC 8801112438
Armur Smt Kummari Laxmi MPTC BC 9603060999
Armur Smt Puchula Padmaja MPTC BC 9505018568
Armur Sri Vittam Jeevan MPTC BC 9948939404
Armur Sri Kashiram Konapathri MPTC BC 9848060661
Armur Smt Poshamgari Srilekha MPTC BC 9700221199
Armur Smt Santi Nagamani MPTC BC 9440578740
Armur Smt Manideepika MPTC BC 9885867474
Armur Smt Sattevva Jakka MPTC OC 9948812046
Armur Sri Gangasaram Gangareddy MPTC OC 9912558899
Armur Smt Pujitha Macharla MPTC OC 9848287999
Armur Sri Enugu Sayareddy MPTC OC 9848664040
Armur Smt Elka Laxmi MPTC SC 9912973550
Armur Sri Vadluri Raja Gangaram MPTC SC 9848556873
Armur Smt Laxmi Ullenga MPTC SC 9492211287
Armur Smt Prasanna Neeradi MPTC SC 9963612772
Armur Sri Anamala Sayanna MPTC SC 9441924722
Armur Smt Baka Laxmi MPTC ST 9848361428
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