Ghanpur (Stn) Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List Wrangal District in Telangana State

Ghanpur (Stn) Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List 
Wrangal District in Telangana State
Ghanpur (Stn) Abati Satynarayana raju MPTC 9949683688
Ghanpur (Stn) Macharla Manjula MPTC 9573823848
Ghanpur (Stn) Thota Latha MPTC 9701817469
Ghanpur (Stn) Yennakusa Ram Narsaiah MPTC 9866773049
Ghanpur (Stn) Gonela Upendar MPTC 9912977180
Ghanpur (Stn) Kusuma Ramya MPTC 9849652193
Ghanpur (Stn) Chirra Yellamma MPTC 9553401574
Ghanpur (Stn) Puli Yakaiah MPTC 9912180542
Ghanpur (Stn) Jaligapu Shialaja MPTC 9959666147
Ghanpur (Stn) Batthini Sreenu MPTC 9573882840
Ghanpur (Stn) Puligilla Parwathi MPTC 9951413962
Ghanpur (Stn) Akkenepelli Balaraju MPTC 9848253067
Ghanpur (Stn) Nagaraboina Manemma MPTC 9849944767
Ghanpur (Stn) Thallapelli Sampath kumar MPTC 9000337516
Ghanpur (Stn) Inugala Lalithadevi MPTC 9963310109
Ghanpur (Stn) Keshireddy Madhu sudhanreddy MPTC 9959710551
Ghanpur (Stn) Baskula Samel MPTC 9394874075
Ghanpur (Stn) Mothe Elisha MPTC 9848081611
Ghanpur (Stn) Marapaka Isaak MPTC 9848631325
Ghanpur (Stn) Singapuram Dayakar MPTC 9849403961
Ghanpur (Stn) Jangidi Bhagyalaxmi MPTC 9989475508
Ghanpur (Stn) Edla Neela MPTC 9573878722
Ghanpur (Stn) Lakavath Sunitha MPTC 9701816607
Ghanpur (Stn) Daravath Ravi MPTC 8464976377

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