Hasanparthy Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List Wrangal District in Telangana State

Hasanparthy Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List 
Wrangal District in Telangana State
Hasanparthy Mandal Jakku Swathi MPTC 9849570961
Hasanparthy Mandal Anitha Kandikonda MPTC 9849135504
Hasanparthy Mandal Mulkalapally Kumaraswamy MPTC 8008860782
Hasanparthy Mandal Thallapally Kumaraswamy MPTC 9849570961
Hasanparthy Mandal Renikuntla Parameshwari MPTC 9704114148
Hasanparthy Mandal Ginnarapu Suguna MPTC 9849153084
Jangaon Mandal Dasari Ravi MPTC 9848242758
Jangaon Mandal Singari Swpna MPTC 9640748451
Jangaon Mandal Dasari Saritha MPTC 9848242758
Jangaon Mandal Samudrala Rajagopal MPTC 9440028083
Jangaon Mandal Namala Vimala MPTC 9701702573
Jangaon Mandal Devunoori Chandraiah MPTC 9848316260
Jangaon Mandal Mothkuri Kavyasree MPTC 9908250417
Jangaon Mandal Ganipaka mahender MPTC 9963308434
Jangaon Mandal Korra Kavitha MPTC 9676827343
Hanamkonda Mandal JANGAM LAVANYA MPTC 9912536462
Hanamkonda Mandal RAMINDLA SWAPNA MPTC 9949774757

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