Nizamabad Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List Nizamabad District in Telangana State

Nizamabad Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List 
Nizamabad District in Telangana State
Nizamabad Hanmanthu Dubbaka MPTC BC 9640410382
Nizamabad Sherla Mallaiah MPTC BC 9703965667
Nizamabad Radha MPTC BC 9912175190
Nizamabad Mantham Kavitha MPTC BC 9618992737
Nizamabad Savitha Ankala MPTC BC 8801373573
Nizamabad Swapna Muske MPTC BC 9603306669
Nizamabad Bunne Rani MPTC BC 9848388607
Nizamabad Salugari Sayanna MPTC BC 9010508105
Nizamabad Sinduja Korva MPTC BC 8121487765
Nizamabad Narsaiah Dandu MPTC BC 9848651631
Nizamabad Padma R MPTC BC 9848917706
Nizamabad Kyatham Hanmandlu MPTC BC 9848471910
Nizamabad Ramulu Sadhumala MPTC BC 9989126431
Nizamabad Bhagya Laxmi Asadi MPTC BC 9849290380
Nizamabad Rajamani Yedla MPTC BC 9849385272
Nizamabad Venu MPTC BC 9866099692
Nizamabad Srinivas Reddy Muppa MPTC OC 9346324589
Nizamabad Bhagya Laxmi Pola MPTC OC 9848011890
Nizamabad Raj Kumar MPTC SC 9949813625
Nizamabad Neeradi Gangamani MPTC SC 9849350063
Nizamabad Sayamma Chiluka MPTC SC 9441793493
Nizamabad Vijaya Laxmi Errolla MPTC SC 9701661788
Nizamabad Badhavath Rajitha MPTC ST 9399925291
Nizamabad Mohan Nayak MPTC ST 9440083685
Nizamabad Thara Bhai Bhadavath MPTC ST 9908796573
Nizamabad Laxmi Chenchu MPTC ST 9550819187
Nizamabad Gangaram Kethavath MPTC ST 7730016842
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