Shamirpet Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List RangaReddy District in Telangana State

Shamirpet Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List 
RangaReddy District in Telangana State
Shamirpet Pathagi Yadamma MPTC BC 9919155658
Shamirpet Gundlapally Mallesh MPTC BC 9948195454
Shamirpet D.Latha MPTC BC 9848066159
Shamirpet Syad Rasheda MPTC BC 9848902297
Shamirpet Katikala Syamala MPTC BC 9133102211
Shamirpet Ragula Sathish MPTC BC 9866981049
Shamirpet Maykala Renuka MPTC BC 9440009643
Shamirpet valandas sunitha laxmi MPTC BC 9666198204
Shamirpet Thottapally Shankar MPTC BC 9849754893
Shamirpet Dothoju Maheshwari MPTC BC 9603072052
Shamirpet Rampally Padma Gowri MPTC BC 9951640540
Shamirpet Vilasagaram Sudershan MPTC BC 9963010757
Shamirpet B.Manjula MPTC BC 9347810169
Shamirpet Karigula Shobha MPTC BC 9949195533
Shamirpet Uppena Veerappa MPTC BC 9490397534
Shamirpet Kotha Pally Raju Goud MPTC BC 9392427961
Shamirpet M.D.Jageer MPTC MINORITY 9000001654
Shamirpet Beemidi Jayapal Reddy MPTC OC 9908503456
Shamirpet Erri.Ravinder Reddy MPTC OC 9440093996
Shamirpet B.Radha MPTC OC 9010354732
Shamirpet Kandugari Chandramma MPTC OC 9440044248
Shamirpet Ippa Manjula MPTC OC 9640379225
Shamirpet katam Thirumalamma MPTC SC 9441307253
Shamirpet Kaira Subhasini MPTC SC 9848338732
Shamirpet B.Venkatesh MPTC SC 9505656567
Shamirpet Velagilipaka Parushramulu MPTC SC 9866077285
Shamirpet Deravath Sakri MPTC ST 9666818797
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