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Marpalle Mandal Ward member Mobile Numbers List RangaReddy District in Telangana

Marpalle Mandal Ward member Mobile Numbers List RangaReddy District in Telangana State
Mandal Village Name Ward member Caste Mobile no's
Marpalle Ghanpur G BHARATHAMMA Ward member BC 9505249046
Marpalle Ghanpur G KRISHNA Ward member BC 8184826936
Marpalle Ghanpur A PREMALAMMA Ward member SC 9502484658
Marpalle Ghanpur MD SALIA BEE Ward member MINORITY 9704032334
Marpalle Ghanpur MD NOORODDIN Ward member MINORITY 9849230252
Marpalle Ghanpur MD ANWAR Ward member MINORITY 9963082378
Marpalle Ghanpur G AMRUTHAMMA Ward member BC 9959820475
Marpalle Ghanpur M BICHAIAH Ward member SC 9701253278
Marpalle Ghanpur MD FAZAL BANU Ward member MINORITY 9963121771
Marpalle Mugiligundla Y RAJU Ward member BC 9949478370
Marpalle Mugiligundla CH SUVARNA Ward member SC 7032365186
Marpalle Mugiligundla L SHEKAR Ward member BC 9701184734
Marpalle Mugiligundla B ANJAMMA Ward member BC 9573169170
Marpalle Mugiligundla Y NARSIMULU Ward member SC 8374627887
Marpalle Mugiligundla S BHAGYAMMA Ward member BC 9652428263
Marpalle Mugiligundla P RANI Ward member BC 8008208638
Marpalle Komshettypally Ch.Jagadeeshwar Ward member BC 9640897229
Marpalle Komshettypally Talari Tuljamma Ward member SC 9652573105
Marpalle Komshettypally G.Praveen Kumar Ward member SC 9652979303
Marpalle Komshettypally ch.Chendamma Ward member BC 9866732121
Marpalle Komshettypally G.Ramesh Ward member BC 9989909931
Marpalle Komshettypally Y.Venkatapadmamma Ward member BC 9866732721
Marpalle Komshettypally Reshma Begam Ward member BC 9701184896
Marpalle Komshettypally B.Jiyavaddin Ward member BC 9959782456
Marpalle Komshettypally Gousoddin Ward member BC 9701184884
Marpalle Komshettypally Golla Kistamma Ward member BC 9949852559
Marpalle Bilkal P.ANITHA Ward member BC 9550931801
Marpalle Bilkal A.BALAMANI Ward member BC 8008208010
Marpalle Bilkal ANJAIAH Ward member BC 9963536821
Marpalle Bilkal MD.KALEEL Ward member MINORITY 9848961445
Marpalle Bilkal G.SWAPNA Ward member BC 9963516456
Marpalle Bilkal K.BICHAMMA Ward member SC 9701527181
Marpalle Bilkal E.VEERAMMA Ward member SC 9550428395
Marpalle Bilkal M.LAXMIAIAH Ward member SC 9618836069
Marpalle Bilkal T.KRISHNA Ward member BC 9704859627
Marpalle Pilligundla G.VISHWANATHAM Ward member BC 9704852309
Marpalle Pilligundla CH.SUJATHA Ward member BC 9440503588
Marpalle Pilligundla A.SUDERSHANREDDY Ward member OC 6704546739
Marpalle Pilligundla G.RAJU Ward member BC 9553004611
Marpalle Pilligundla B.SAONABAI Ward member BC 9542122302
Marpalle Pilligundla T.VIJAYA Ward member SC 9959385364
Marpalle Pilligundla MD.MIRABI Ward member BC 9676262440
Marpalle Pilligundla A.BANDEIAH Ward member SC 9000197216
Marpalle Pilligundla MD.MALANBI Ward member BC 9573256022
Marpalle Tumalapally D THAHERA BEE Ward member BC 8886844625
Marpalle Tumalapally B RACHIREDDY Ward member OC 9704665499
Marpalle Tumalapally B RENUKA Ward member SC 9502399657
Marpalle Tumalapally D ELAMMA Ward member SC 7799430335
Marpalle Tumalapally CH SUDHARSHAN Ward member SC 9000758856
Marpalle Tumalapally B GOPAL Ward member SC 9989141013
Marpalle Tumalapally P NARSAMMA Ward member SC 9573534035
Marpalle Tumalapally D MALLESHAM Ward member BC 9908144160
Marpalle Tumalapally G PAPAIAH Ward member BC 9963423962
Marpalle Narsapur D MADAR Ward member BC 9704953284
Marpalle Narsapur M RATHNAM Ward member SC 9908481873
Marpalle Narsapur N CHANDHI BAI Ward member ST 9963536945
Marpalle Narsapur R RAMLA Ward member ST 7730834968
Marpalle Narsapur D CHOTUMIYAMOULAN BEE Ward member BC 9849649140
Marpalle Narsapur D ABDULLA Ward member BC 9948591675
Marpalle Narsapur D DOULAB BEE Ward member BC 9550931768
Marpalle Narsapur B MARIAYAMMA Ward member SC 9701565860
Marpalle Narsapur ANGOTH DURGA BAI Ward member ST 9652422062
Marpalle Patloor SIRIPURAM ANUSUJA Ward member BC 9676876252
Marpalle Patloor PARVIN BEGUM Ward member MINORITY 9676860652
Marpalle Patloor NAPPARI SUKHENDER Ward member SC 9849652283
Marpalle Patloor G.RATNAMMA Ward member SC 9502329848
Marpalle Patloor GARMU NAIK Ward member ST 7702332615
Marpalle Patloor CHATLA RAJU Ward member BC 9949978728
Marpalle Patloor ARIF Ward member MINORITY 7730093272
Marpalle Patloor BYAGARI JANRDHAN Ward member SC 9676459947
Marpalle Patloor B.RANJAMMA Ward member BC 9966629694
Marpalle Patloor TUMMALA LAXMAMMA Ward member BC 9505491856
Marpalle Patloor VOGGU SRISAILAM Ward member BC 9666063685
Marpalle Patloor TAMMALI ANANTA LAXMI Ward member BC 9441678197
Marpalle Patloor PEDDOLLA SWARUPA Ward member BC 9908257783
Marpalle Kotlapur CH Dhurgamma Ward member BC 9949963410
Marpalle Kotlapur T Subamma Ward member SC 9652781474
Marpalle Kotlapur B Lalayya Ward member BC 9177957663
Marpalle Kotlapur y raamulu Ward member BC 9573586719
Marpalle Kotlapur K Gangamma Ward member BC 5625662528
Marpalle Kotlapur D Bhagyamma Ward member SC 8464931226
Marpalle Kotlapur M balayya Ward member SC 9866328451
Marpalle Kotlapur K Ellamma Ward member SC 9705680910
Marpalle Kotlapur K Laxmayya Ward member SC 9676622316
Marpalle Kotlapur Srinivas Ward member SC 9502101753
Marpalle Kotlapur K Arrundha Ward member SC 9550545808
Marpalle Panchalingal P.BalReddy Ward member OC 9959570352
Marpalle Panchalingal S.Laxmi Ward member OC 9550520153
Marpalle Panchalingal B.Jagannatham Ward member BC 9573675523
Marpalle Panchalingal P.Sangamma Ward member SC 9652615988
Marpalle Panchalingal M.Sujatha Ward member BC 9505496040
Marpalle Panchalingal B.Mahender Ward member SC 9505315763
Marpalle Panchalingal K.Shyamalamma Ward member SC 9666348160
Marpalle Panchalingal Khajabee Ward member MINORITY 8463984087
Marpalle Panchalingal K.Jaipal Ward member BC 9676237679
Marpalle Siripura V RAJAMANI Ward member BC 0
Marpalle Siripura B LAXMI Ward member SC 8978220668
Marpalle Siripura G RAVINDER Ward member BC 9959935345
Marpalle Siripura C BAKKAMMA Ward member BC 8106106840
Marpalle Siripura K MALKAMMA Ward member SC 9652885156
Marpalle Siripura B KANTHAMMA Ward member SC 9701617701
Marpalle Siripura A JYOTHI Ward member BC 9908147719
Marpalle Siripura J LALITHA Ward member SC 9573528029
Marpalle Siripura G MALLAIAH Ward member BC 9676701249
Marpalle Siripura GIRI VENKATAIAH Ward member BC 9949297829
Marpalle Siripura C GOPAL Ward member BC 9573859694
Marpalle Veerlapally E RAGHU VEER GOUD Ward member BC 9959318981
Marpalle Veerlapally CH RAMULU Ward member BC 7730848983
Marpalle Veerlapally B ANANTHAMMA Ward member OC 9908350341
Marpalle Veerlapally K BAKKAMMA Ward member BC 9963422658
Marpalle Veerlapally A VIJAY KUMAR Ward member SC 9866976732
Marpalle Veerlapally CH MALLAIAH Ward member BC 9963537822
Marpalle Veerlapally P VITTAL REDDY Ward member OC 9010037291
Marpalle Veerlapally P ANANTHA Ward member SC 9676014839
Marpalle Veerlapally G BEERAMMA Ward member BC 9866848538
Marpalle Marpally(Kalan) M Rachaiah Ward member SC 9908641140
Marpalle Marpally(Kalan) P Eshwaramma Ward member BC 9959236754
Marpalle Marpally(Kalan) p sumalatha Ward member SC 9573006797
Marpalle Marpally(Kalan) P Manjula Ward member SC 9502504667
Marpalle Marpally(Kalan) K Hemalatha Ward member SC 9949060010
Marpalle Marpally(Kalan) CH Agamaiah Ward member BC 9989060467
Marpalle Marpally(Kalan) P Nirmala Ward member BC 9949325253
Marpalle Marpally(Kalan) G Mallesh ayadav Ward member BC 9963254814
Marpalle Marpally(Kalan) K Sathayamma Ward member BC 9989088696
Marpalle Marpally(Kalan) U Laxmamma Ward member BC 9966629611
Marpalle Marpally(Kalan) A Chendrashekar reddy Ward member OC 9440535492
Marpalle Marpally(Kalan) T Shekar Ward member SC 9989184259
Marpalle Marpally(Kalan) M Sonibai Ward member ST 9908099891
Marpalle Kotmarpally G NAGAMANI Ward member BC 9701224805
Marpalle Kotmarpally D MUNTHAJ BEE Ward member BC 9676015541
Marpalle Kotmarpally B ANJAMMA Ward member SC 9949982160
Marpalle Kotmarpally E PRASHANTI Ward member BC 8978885952
Marpalle Kotmarpally G RAMESH GOUD Ward member BC 9849817199
Marpalle Kotmarpally P RACHAIAH Ward member BC 8106120320
Marpalle Kotmarpally B MALLAIAH Ward member SC 9618366885
Marpalle Kotmarpally N PASHAMIYA Ward member BC 9177545275
Marpalle Kotmarpally T NARSAMMA Ward member SC 8897406766
Marpalle Peddapur G PARVATHAMMA Ward member BC 9959756963
Marpalle Peddapur B JANARDHAN Ward member BC 9989542293
Marpalle Peddapur P NARAYANA Ward member BC 9989542293
Marpalle Peddapur D SHAMALAMMA Ward member SC 9704707672
Marpalle Peddapur D CHOTUMIYA Ward member BC 9701168961
Marpalle Peddapur K REAMYA Ward member SC 9642594540
Marpalle Peddapur T NARSIMHA REDDY Ward member OC 9618763402
Marpalle Buchanpally K RUKKAMMA Ward member SC 8008258006
Marpalle Buchanpally E LAXMI Ward member BC 8008258006
Marpalle Buchanpally B PARMA REDDY Ward member OC 8008258006
Marpalle Buchanpally P SUMALATHA Ward member OC 8008258006
Marpalle Buchanpally DARMIBAI Ward member ST 8008258006
Marpalle Buchanpally LALUNAYAK Ward member ST 8008258006
Marpalle Buchanpally U MANJULA Ward member BC 8008258006
Marpalle Buchanpally D KISTAMMA Ward member BC 8008258006
Marpalle Buchanpally B GOPAL Ward member SC 8008258006
Marpalle Buchanpally M AGAMAIAH Ward member BC 8008258006
Marpalle Buchanpally J MAHENDAR Ward member BC 8008258006
Marpalle Damastapur B RUKKAMMA Ward member SC 8978762259
Marpalle Damastapur L JYOTHI Ward member ST 9704783208
Marpalle Damastapur M PENTAIAH Ward member BC 8106860055
Marpalle Damastapur P BALAMANI Ward member BC 9676767081
Marpalle Damastapur K ELLAMMA Ward member SC 9652863294
Marpalle Damastapur P YADAVULU Ward member BC 9177379931
Marpalle Damastapur G PURUSHOTHAM REDDY Ward member OC 8978616806
Marpalle Damastapur P BEEMAMMA Ward member BC 9849179731
Marpalle Damastapur B NARSAPPA Ward member SC 8897232668
Marpalle Kalkoda CHEKKA RAMULU Ward member SC 9704709738
Marpalle Kalkoda CHEKKA ANANTHAIAH Ward member SC 9177512245
Marpalle Kalkoda B RANEMMA Ward member BC 9177875261
Marpalle Kalkoda P CHANDRI BAI Ward member ST 8179571916
Marpalle Kalkoda N RAVI Ward member ST 9550565669
Marpalle Kalkoda U BAGIRATHAMMA Ward member BC 9704240051
Marpalle Kalkoda P AMRUTHAMMA Ward member SC 9948379818
Marpalle Kalkoda P VENKATAIAH Ward member BC 9963099602
Marpalle Kalkoda PEDDA LAXMAMMA Ward member SC 8179417196
Marpalle Kalkoda B BICHANNA Ward member BC 9704952470
Marpalle Ravulapally B INDIRAMMA Ward member SC 9963494262
Marpalle Ravulapally SHEKAR Ward member SC 9640804886
Marpalle Ravulapally H SATHYAMMA Ward member SC 8096468708
Marpalle Ravulapally T LAXMI Ward member SC 9000277367
Marpalle Ravulapally A LAXMI Ward member BC 9000705855
Marpalle Ravulapally U BALRAJ Ward member BC 9949593141
Marpalle Ravulapally HAZRATH ALI Ward member BC 9959979433
Marpalle Ravulapally K SATHISH Ward member BC 9848489054
Marpalle Ravulapally G LAXMAMMA Ward member BC 8186858220
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