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Friday, February 5, 2016

Moinabad Mandal Ward member Mobile Numbers List RangaReddy District in Telangana

Moinabad Mandal Ward member Mobile Numbers List RangaReddy District in Telangana State
Mandal Village Name Ward member Caste Mobile no's
Moinabad Medipally K Jayamma Ward member BC 9912267984
Moinabad Medipally P Yadaiah Ward member BC 9849824989
Moinabad Medipally P Yadaiah Ward member BC 9849824989
Moinabad Medipally K Yadaiah Ward member BC 9603688269
Moinabad Medipally Bakaram ramesh Ward member BC 9963318763
Moinabad Medipally Bakaram Ramesh Ward member BC 9963318763
Moinabad Medipally G Gopal Ward member BC 9949591430
Moinabad Medipally B Mallamma Ward member BC 9849981569
Moinabad Medipally C Chandrakala Ward member BC 9951758003
Moinabad Chinna Mangalaram T Raju Ward member SC 9666440982
Moinabad Chinna Mangalaram N VASANTHA Ward member BC 8948656021
Moinabad Chinna Mangalaram CH SANTHOSHA Ward member SC 9640007478
Moinabad Chinna Mangalaram P Laxman Ward member BC 9553064650
Moinabad Chinna Mangalaram M LAVANYAQ Ward member SC 9866492059
Moinabad Chinna Mangalaram N RAMULU Ward member SC 8008851550
Moinabad Chinna Mangalaram T ANTHAIAH Ward member SC 9441423577
Moinabad Chinna Mangalaram A MANJULA Ward member BC 9440360859
Moinabad Chinna Mangalaram V Parvathamma Ward member BC 9949393941
Moinabad Qutubuddin Guda MD Khadhar Ward member BC 9951191310
Moinabad Qutubuddin Guda Abdul Kaisar Ward member BC 9676892940
Moinabad Qutubuddin Guda A.Swapna Ward member SC 9959747930
Moinabad Qutubuddin Guda Zameer Ahmed Ward member BC 9885972144
Moinabad Qutubuddin Guda waheda Begum Ward member BC 9849934599
Moinabad Qutubuddin Guda Aluri Swapna Ward member SC 9959747930
Moinabad Qutubuddin Guda K Ratnamma Ward member SC 9542400534
Moinabad Chendanagar B Navaneetha Ward member BC 9849921317
Moinabad Chendanagar A Esthari Ward member BC 9704962534
Moinabad Chendanagar K Sirisha Ward member BC 9848705003
Moinabad Chendanagar P Yadamma Ward member BC 8897071658
Moinabad Chendanagar A Raghunath Ward member BC 9885263633
Moinabad Chendanagar V Indramma Ward member BC 7702176135
Moinabad Chendanagar Talari Sunanda Ward member SC 9030524526
Moinabad Chendanagar Ch Channa Reddy Ward member OC 9550181381
Moinabad Chendanagar Gaddam Raju Ward member SC 9948738541
Moinabad Chilkur G PREMALATHA Ward member BC 9177262690
Moinabad Chilkur B Shyamalamma Ward member SC 9912518625
Moinabad Chilkur K Darshan Ward member BC 9849772723
Moinabad Chilkur K Ramrddy Ward member OC 9848699236
Moinabad Chilkur M Srimukhi ramya Ward member SC 9701114680
Moinabad Chilkur B Andalu Ward member BC 9391222421
Moinabad Chilkur K Saiyulu Ward member SC 9848930319
Moinabad Chilkur S Mallesh Ward member BC 9391235960
Moinabad Chilkur E Srinivas goud Ward member BC 9912934060
Moinabad Chilkur S Latha Ward member BC 9391235960
Moinabad Chilkur K Rani Ward member BC 9603368254
Moinabad Chilkur B Anitha Ward member SC 9949573607
Moinabad Chilkur K Archana Ward member BC 9886056935
Moinabad Himayathnagar B.JANGAIAH Ward member BC 9848696669
Moinabad Himayathnagar K.LAVANYA Ward member BC 9848854771
Moinabad Himayathnagar K.SUDARSHAN Ward member BC 9618393007
Moinabad Himayathnagar K.PRAMILA Ward member BC 9705897616
Moinabad Himayathnagar SALEEMKHAN Ward member MINORITY 9010079179
Moinabad Himayathnagar R.RAJESHVARI Ward member SC 9912851252
Moinabad Himayathnagar M.NAGAMANI Ward member SC 9441223383
Moinabad Himayathnagar S.DASU Ward member SC 9949506861
Moinabad Himayathnagar S.SRILATHA Ward member SC 9949378749
Moinabad Himayathnagar K.MANGAMMA Ward member BC 8897206555
Moinabad Himayathnagar D.RAJU Ward member BC 9948579421
Moinabad Aziznagar K Ravi Ward member BC 9441696411
Moinabad Aziznagar A Narsimha Ward member SC 9705014811
Moinabad Aziznagar T Ashok Ward member SC 9000080720
Moinabad Aziznagar K Jaipal Reddy Ward member OC 9000149888
Moinabad Aziznagar K Padma Ward member BC 9912595353
Moinabad Aziznagar P Radhika Ward member BC 9951114141
Moinabad Aziznagar A Mallama Ward member BC 9912035189
Moinabad Aziznagar A Jangaiah Ward member SC 9989163493
Moinabad Aziznagar T Raju Ward member BC 9849978764
Moinabad Aziznagar M Lakshmi Ward member SC 9849001348
Moinabad Aziznagar B Sudha Ward member SC 9000704706
Moinabad Yenkepalle N Srilatha Ward member SC 9000610573
Moinabad Yenkepalle K Shyam Rao Ward member BC 9948728608
Moinabad Yenkepalle K Subash Ward member BC 9949575275
Moinabad Yenkepalle V Lalitha Ward member OC 9000443825
Moinabad Yenkepalle S Sathyamma Ward member SC 9885492822
Moinabad Yenkepalle E Raja Praveen Ward member BC 9666389781
Moinabad Yenkepalle Ch Nilamma Ward member SC 9701210908
Moinabad Yenkepalle A Sushila Ward member BC 8008843285
Moinabad Murthuzaguda BIKANI LAXMAMMA Ward member BC 9948792352
Moinabad Murthuzaguda POGAKU SATHEMMA Ward member BC 9701007646
Moinabad Murthuzaguda CHAPIDI PENTA REDDY Ward member OC 9849575553
Moinabad Murthuzaguda GANGERI CHANDRAIAH Ward member SC 8008664051
Moinabad Murthuzaguda GULLA BIKSHAPATHI Ward member BC 9849941272
Moinabad Murthuzaguda K MANEELA Ward member SC 9949850516
Moinabad Murthuzaguda KURUVA LAXMI Ward member BC 9949486483
Moinabad Pedda Mangalaram Pullagalla Amrutha Ward member SC 9948108871
Moinabad Pedda Mangalaram Bolimcheruvu Jagadamba Ward member OC 9848906989
Moinabad Pedda Mangalaram Gudupalli Narsimulu Ward member SC 9912249711
Moinabad Pedda Mangalaram Mokila Ramchandraiah Ward member BC 9849859220
Moinabad Pedda Mangalaram Eluguni Lakshmamma Ward member BC 9949636493
Moinabad Pedda Mangalaram Shamshabad Suvarna Ward member BC 9010625111
Moinabad Pedda Mangalaram Sahebunissa Begum Ward member BC 9866288826
Moinabad Pedda Mangalaram Thandra Shobarani Ward member BC 9246523355
Moinabad Pedda Mangalaram Padamati Vijayalakshmi Ward member OC 9959238123
Moinabad Pedda Mangalaram Uppari Nagaraju Ward member BC 9247810726
Moinabad Pedda Mangalaram Uppari Padmaiah Ward member BC 9912376285
Moinabad Pedda Mangalaram Pati Jaipal Reddy Ward member OC 9849777075
Moinabad Pedda Mangalaram Begari Shivaiah Ward member SC 9949402266
Moinabad Kannakmamidi P JANGAIAH VASU Ward member SC 9393669494
Moinabad Kannakmamidi K CHANDRASHEKAR Ward member BC 9848852041
Moinabad Kannakmamidi G CHANDRAKALA Ward member BC 8790213603
Moinabad Kannakmamidi K.NARENDERREDDY Ward member OC 9676545822
Moinabad Kannakmamidi P HARINDER Ward member SC 9949193357
Moinabad Kannakmamidi K SADGUNA Ward member BC 9000373269
Moinabad Kannakmamidi K YADAMMA Ward member BC 9908797678
Moinabad Kannakmamidi U CHANDRAKALA Ward member BC 9550397854
Moinabad Kannakmamidi K SUJATHA Ward member BC 9553283538
Moinabad Kannakmamidi A SUVARNA Ward member BC 9989298397
Moinabad Tholkatta B Rajendergoud Ward member BC 9640116688
Moinabad Tholkatta Kanakamamidi Sriniva Ward member BC 9963355717
Moinabad Tholkatta M Nagamani Ward member BC 9705416750
Moinabad Tholkatta B Premala Ward member SC 7702509418
Moinabad Tholkatta K Kantamma Ward member SC 9959154977
Moinabad Tholkatta B Barathamma Ward member SC 7730956407
Moinabad Tholkatta MD Izyas Ward member OC 9603642698
Moinabad Nakkalapalle B AMRUTHA Ward member BC 7893494348
Moinabad Nakkalapalle G RAJU Ward member BC 9640314499
Moinabad Nakkalapalle G BUCHAMMA Ward member SC 9177332110
Moinabad Nakkalapalle M CHENDRAMMA Ward member SC 9010450682
Moinabad Nakkalapalle MD BURAN PASHA Ward member MINORITY 9866640136
Moinabad Nakkalapalle K PADMAMMA Ward member BC 9912523751
Moinabad Nakkalapalle M RAJU Ward member SC 9959268821
Moinabad Nakkalapalle G RAJU Ward member SC 8978461925
Moinabad Nakkalapalle P RAMADEVI Ward member OC 9989254907
Moinabad Kethreddipalle K Mallesh Ward member BC 9866166937
Moinabad Kethreddipalle J Radhika Ward member BC 9618449720
Moinabad Kethreddipalle D Mallareddi Ward member OC 9959652771
Moinabad Kethreddipalle Y Yadagiri Ward member BC 9989437396
Moinabad Kethreddipalle Asif Begam Ward member OC 9393381117
Moinabad Kethreddipalle Y Narsimulu Ward member BC 7730890553
Moinabad Kethreddipalle A Padma Ward member BC 9849620007
Moinabad Kethreddipalle K Chandrakala Ward member OC 9705181697
Moinabad Kethreddipalle K Vijaya Ward member BC 9849620007
Moinabad Surangal G Laxmi Ward member OC 9849630021
Moinabad Surangal P Yadaiah Ward member BC 8978909654
Moinabad Surangal K Lavanya Ward member BC 9959534033
Moinabad Surangal K Pushpamma Ward member SC 9000116517
Moinabad Surangal N Ramulamma Ward member OC 9866627983
Moinabad Surangal N Indra reddy Ward member OC 9849670348
Moinabad Surangal Rajitha Ward member BC 9866016437
Moinabad Surangal MD Ismail Ward member MINORITY 9849159205
Moinabad Surangal R Praveen Kumar Ward member SC 9441233584
Moinabad Moinabad M Padma Ward member BC 9441017949
Moinabad Moinabad Dayanand Ward member SC 9849091910
Moinabad Moinabad S Rukmini Ward member SC 9032567729
Moinabad Moinabad MA Alim Ward member OC 9440024759
Moinabad Moinabad B Suvarna Ward member OC 9866386221
Moinabad Moinabad K Anitha Ward member BC 9642338181
Moinabad Moinabad Bipasha Ward member OC 9963095882
Moinabad Moinabad Mahuabub Ward member OC 9908779426
Moinabad Moinabad K Srinivas Ward member SC 9885785810
Moinabad Amdapur B kavitha Ward member BC 9666344386
Moinabad Amdapur k laxmama Ward member BC 9666007065
Moinabad Amdapur s naryanareddy Ward member OC 9848680566
Moinabad Amdapur K kamalamma Ward member SC 9866162869
Moinabad Amdapur S yadamma Ward member BC 9618999994
Moinabad Amdapur ch balraj Ward member BC 9640238414
Moinabad Amdapur N Vijayalaxmi Ward member OC 8096694093
Moinabad Amdapur CH prabhakar Ward member BC 9666815685
Moinabad Amdapur m Srinu Ward member SC 9553310756
Moinabad Nagireddiguda J Raju Ward member SC 9989864430
Moinabad Nagireddiguda K Darshan Ward member BC 8465009660
Moinabad Nagireddiguda T Andalu Ward member SC 9948204335
Moinabad Nagireddiguda B Srinivas Ward member SC 9948204335
Moinabad Nagireddiguda G Mallesh Ward member BC 9951117031
Moinabad Nagireddiguda B Lavanya Ward member BC 8374345940
Moinabad Nagireddiguda A Vinod Ward member SC 9951116450
Moinabad Nagireddiguda T Indramma Ward member SC 9640770629
Moinabad Nagireddiguda S Shiva Lakshmi Ward member BC 9866426218
Moinabad Bakaram Jagir K Balraj Ward member BC 9948660288
Moinabad Bakaram Jagir A Sudananda Ward member SC 9948351702
Moinabad Bakaram Jagir K Shanthamma Ward member BC 9553039154
Moinabad Bakaram Jagir K Thirupathireddy Ward member OC 9866365548
Moinabad Bakaram Jagir A Durgamma Ward member BC 9948377367
Moinabad Bakaram Jagir A Padmamma Ward member BC 9912277061
Moinabad Bakaram Jagir T Satamma Ward member SC 9000100970
Moinabad Bakaram Jagir K Mahendar Ward member SC 9951642823
Moinabad Bakaram Jagir B Krishna Ward member BC 9393247676
Moinabad Sriramnagar E.YADAMMA Ward member BC 8096748563
Moinabad Sriramnagar M.RAJU Ward member SC 8008084846
Moinabad Sriramnagar A.KRISHNA Ward member BC 9963682521
Moinabad Sriramnagar E.SHOBA Ward member BC 9866285305
Moinabad Sriramnagar A.LALITHA Ward member OC 9849061025
Moinabad Sriramnagar M.YADAMMA Ward member SC 9949121611
Moinabad Sriramnagar J.VEERESHAM Ward member BC 9866817960
Moinabad Sriramnagar E.JANGAIAH Ward member BC 9949958900
Moinabad Sriramnagar K.RAJITHA Ward member OC 9505884112
Moinabad Venkatapur C Ravindar Ward member BC 9849575155
Moinabad Venkatapur P Malesh Ward member SC 9849986561
Moinabad Venkatapur P Mallikarjuna Ward member BC 9848888406
Moinabad Venkatapur M Shankar Ward member BC 9908786730
Moinabad Venkatapur D Sunitha Ward member BC 9848015994
Moinabad Venkatapur P Amrutha Ward member OC 9949239225
Moinabad Venkatapur A Lakshmamma Ward member BC 9908885781
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