Anumula Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Anumula Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers
 List Part I 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State
Anumula Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Alwala nallabothu jayamma Sarpanch 9951258061
Alwala dubba nagamma Upa-Sarpanch 9603155041
Alwala CHINTALA SIRISHA Ward member 9908222612
Alwala DORAPALLY CHINAKASHAIAH Ward member 9505931180
Alwala GUNDEBOINA RAMESH Ward member 9912336373
Alwala JATAVATH SANTHOSHI Ward member 9866537361
Alwala KANCHARLA GOVINDU Ward member 9866698037
Alwala MITTAPALLY PANDARAIAH Ward member 9542595396
Alwala NALLABOTHU ANUSHA Ward member 9959893431
Alwala PAVANAGUNDLA SRINU Ward member 8121878417
Alwala REDDIMALLA RAMULAMMA Ward member 8179973004
Annaram GONA PADMA Sarpanch 9848945418
Annaram BOMMAPALA YELLAMMA Upa-Sarpanch 9963574047
Annaram AKARAPU EADAMMA Ward member 9640203637
Annaram BUSHIPAKA LAXMAIAH Ward member 9948257249
Annaram GIRI RAVI Ward member 9908462669
Annaram GONE PRASHANTHI Ward member 9951927963
Annaram KUKKALA VENKATAMMA Ward member 9705172088
Annaram MALE NARSIREDDY Ward member 9985461142
Annaram MEKA PRABHAKAR REDDY Ward member 9052504699
Annaram PAGADALA NAGAMMA Ward member 9704889908
Annaram SOMAGANI SATYANARAYANA Ward member 8897913689
Anumula Jupally Srinivasulu Sarpanch 9441561908
Anumula Annepaka Srinivasulu Ward member 9666235184
Anumula Bollepally Mallishwari Ward member 9502546749
Anumula Chittipolu Sridhar Ward member 9030200092
Anumula Kukkadala Manjulatha Ward member 9948292454
Anumula Kunduru Deepthi Ward member 9550575767
Anumula Kunduru Lalitha Ward member 9885410847
Anumula Kunduru Venkatreddy Ward member 9440481689
Anumula Munavath Lakshmi Ward member 9642430768
Anumula Pampati Srinivasulu Ward member 9440039590
Anumula Pilly Anjaneylu Ward member 8885444989
Anumula Podilla Vishalaxmi Ward member 9440336035
Anumula Ravula Laxmamma Ward member 9642403043
Anumula Shaik Vaheeda Ward member 9703874694
Anumula Sunkara Hanumanth Rao Ward member 9573501202
Anumula Takkellapally Sujatha Ward member 9912375521
Anumula Varkala Mallareddy Ward member 9441742770
Boya Guda Vanguri Krishna prashad Sarpanch 9912184706
Boya Guda Maila Vemala Upa-Sarpanch 9705947676
Boya Guda Basham Nelamma Ward member 9912084948
Boya Guda Boddupalli Govindamma Ward member 9705277019
Boya Guda Nemali Lakshma Reddy Ward member 9573459723
Boya Guda Nemali Lingamma Ward member 1111111111
Boya Guda Nemali Satyanrayan Reddy Ward member 9666164185
Boya Guda pagadala Satyanrayana Ward member 9505899598
Boya Guda Pagidimarri Ramulamma Ward member 1111111111
Boya Guda Tenali chandrashekar reddy Ward member 9948593696
Boya Guda Vanguri Venkanna Ward member 9912084948
Chelmareddy Guda N MUTHAMMA Sarpanch 7658969054
Chelmareddy Guda T VENKATESHWARLU Upa-Sarpanch 9912812475
Chelmareddy Guda B ADHAMMA Ward member 9948205569
Chelmareddy Guda D KASHAMMA Ward member 0
Chelmareddy Guda G DURGAMMA Ward member 0
Chelmareddy Guda K CHENNAIAH Ward member 0
Chelmareddy Guda K VENKANNA Ward member 9912605935
Chelmareddy Guda M PARVATHAMMA Ward member 0
Chelmareddy Guda N LAKSHMI Ward member 0
Chelmareddy Guda SD YASIN Ward member 0
Chelmareddy Guda SK MOULALI Ward member 0
Garkanattuthanda sapavat rangasai Sarpanch 9052619655
Garkanattuthanda banavath kaika Ward member 9705096342
Garkanattuthanda banavath veerasingh Ward member 9705130565
Garkanattuthanda sapavat amru Ward member 9640634534
Garkanattuthanda sapavat dwali Ward member 9849701330
Garkanattuthanda sapavath rakesh Ward member 9705737420
Garkanattuthanda sapavat padma Ward member 9959825860
Garkanattuthanda sapavat rangi Ward member 9705307227
Garkanattuthanda sapavat swami Ward member 9010905754
Garkanattuthanda vankudoth amar singh Ward member 9951732986
Garkanattuthanda vankudoth eeswari Ward member 9705053098
Hazariguda y.kiran Sarpanch 9885979623
Hazariguda m.anjanelu Upa-Sarpanch 9502064897
Hazariguda a. kondal Ward member 8465065864
Hazariguda b. venkatama Ward member 9010148257
Hazariguda ch.nagaya Ward member 9912463048
Hazariguda o. ramalakshmi Ward member 9885954812
Hazariguda p. venkatama Ward member 9666362473
Hazariguda sk jachin Ward member 9705441728
Hazariguda sk. rabiya begum Ward member 8142985050
Hazariguda sk. shabir Ward member 9703048588
Hazariguda s.ramiah Ward member 9666253326
Ibrahim Peta AVula Pushpamma Upa-Sarpanch 9959528769
Ibrahim Peta Adepu China Saidulu Ward member 9705196860
Ibrahim Peta Chinali Renuka Ward member 9948033043
Ibrahim Peta Gopanaboina Sujatha Ward member 8143249439
Ibrahim Peta Kadamanchi Eedamma Ward member 9573722161
Ibrahim Peta Karnati Saidi Reddy Ward member 9949849547
Ibrahim Peta Kathula Lingamma Ward member 0
Ibrahim Peta Keesari Rajavarthan Ward member 9948202480
Ibrahim Peta Nadendla Kondal Ward member 9949844231
Ibrahim Peta Reka Venkataiah Ward member 8464822195
Ibrahim Peta Sk.Iqbal Ward member 9441192459
Ibrahim Peta Varkala Saritha Ward member 8096215105
Kompalli B.Salamma Sarpanch 9912249378
Kompalli K.Srinivasreddy Upa-Sarpanch 9948079138
Kompalli D.Lakshmamma Ward member
Kompalli J.Yadaiah Ward member 9666731203
Kompalli K.Venkateshwarlu Ward member 9912831220
Kompalli M.Saidulu Ward member 9989562553
Kompalli P.Lakshmamma Ward member 9705092876
Kompalli P.Marubiksham Ward member 9010898419
Kompalli SK.Husseni Ward member
Kompalli SK.Mougalabi Ward member 9618186202
Kompalli S.Nagamani Ward member
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