Chityala Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Chityala Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II
 Nalgonda District in Telangana State
Chityala Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Pedakaparthy Kandimalla.Shishupallreddy Sarpanch 9848196128
Pedakaparthy Rachamalla.Janaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9848442548
Pedakaparthy Avula.Manjula Ward member 9866229489
Pedakaparthy Chintakindi.Kailab Ward member 9640540721
Pedakaparthy Doddi Andalu Ward member 9010879307
Pedakaparthy Doddi.Venkataiah Ward member 9666984519
Pedakaparthy Erpula Muralikrishna Ward member 9848530402
Pedakaparthy Jakkala.Veeramallu Ward member 9848743101
Pedakaparthy Mote KrishnaBai Ward member 9550614443
Pedakaparthy Potlapally.Swamy Ward member 9948489847
Pedakaparthy Siliveru Sathaiah Ward member 9948188082
Pedakaparthy Sirasu Saroojana Ward member 9666865336
Pedakaparthy Yedulla Pushpalatha Ward member 8121355724
Pere Palle Anthati Sailaja Sarpanch 9502494252
Pere Palle Gundamalla Mahankalamma Upa-Sarpanch 9948957726
Pere Palle Anaganti Kiran Ward member 9912025841
Pere Palle Anthati Bavana Ward member 9948338198
Pere Palle Anthati Shiva kumar Ward member 9010912619
Pere Palle Rupani Lingamma Ward member 0
Pere Palle Rupani Pentaiah Ward member 9347893323
Pere Palle Rupani Yadamma Ward member 0
Pere Palle Varikuppala Maraiah Ward member 0
Pittam Palle NARAGONI DURGAIAH Sarpanch 9848630180
Pittam Palle MEDI SHAILAJA Upa-Sarpanch 9676859996
Pittam Palle BATHARAJURAMESH Ward member 8106387811
Pittam Palle DEVARAPALLY NIRMALA Ward member 9912177506
Pittam Palle JAKKALA MADHAVI Ward member 9705778047
Pittam Palle JAKKLA VENKATESH Ward member 8099479080
Pittam Palle MAILA JAYAMMA Ward member 9951742825
Pittam Palle MARRI SATHAMMA Ward member 9553597846
Pittam Palle SINGIREDDY JANGAREDDY Ward member 9848127534
Shivaneni Gudem devanaka Devendar Sarpanch 9000272999
Shivaneni Gudem Rudravaram Padma Upa-Sarpanch 9848380205
Shivaneni Gudem Bobbali Saidi Reddy Ward member
Shivaneni Gudem Devanaka Chittaranjan Ward member 9704731803
Shivaneni Gudem Gundala LAxmamma Ward member 9866858288
Shivaneni Gudem kanneboina Kishtaiah Ward member 9948440573
Shivaneni Gudem Nomula LAvanya Ward member 9848037132
Shivaneni Gudem Nooti Gopamma Ward member 9966299062
Shivaneni Gudem Rudravaram Chanraiah Ward member 9948237768
Sunkene Palle Avulailaiah Sarpanch 9848069372
Sunkene Palle Avula narsimha Upa-Sarpanch 9912519659
Sunkene Palle Balgurisaidulu Ward member 9848961555
Sunkene Palle Baratharaju ravindar Ward member 9848551520
Sunkene Palle Chedurupally saritha Ward member 9848688056
Sunkene Palle Chittipolujayalaxmi Ward member 9912757710
Sunkene Palle chittiprolu naresh Ward member 9848804258
Sunkene Palle Kakkireni Bondaiah Ward member 9705829785
Sunkene Palle Kavali Anjamma Ward member 0
Sunkene Palle Nalla Maheswari Ward member 9848444521
Sunkene Palle Yakari chinnalaxmamma Ward member 9441203261
Talla Yellemla Janagam Sunanda Sarpanch 9000986481
Talla Yellemla Battula Dhanalaxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9963092946
Talla Yellemla Baja Sattamma Ward member 9603212182
Talla Yellemla Battula Padma Ward member 9652128989
Talla Yellemla Boddupalli Venkulu Ward member 7702583716
Talla Yellemla Bodige Andalu Ward member 9705146273
Talla Yellemla Bogari Laxmamma Ward member 9705595098
Talla Yellemla Cherkupalli Mallaiah Ward member 9666741137
Talla Yellemla Gattoju Giribabu Ward member 9959146066
Talla Yellemla Janagam Narsimha Ward member 9948454126
Talla Yellemla Maliga Padma Ward member 9948207628
Talla Yellemla Neelam Yellaiah Ward member 9701485998
Talla Yellemla Orsu Narsamma Ward member 9010247873
Urmadla sri.sunkari.yadagiri Sarpanch 9848242927
Urmadla sri.sunkaraboina.narsimha Upa-Sarpanch 9848435025
Urmadla smt.gundaboina.sugunamma Ward member 9573524829
Urmadla smt.jala.lingamma Ward member 9948781070
Urmadla smt.marri.sugunamma Ward member 9848834446
Urmadla smt.uyyala.shankaramma Ward member 9705952861
Urmadla smt.uyyala.venkatamma Ward member 9963604887
Urmadla smt.vemula.savitra Ward member 9640084119
Urmadla sri.jala.gopal Ward member 8464067057
Urmadla sri.jannapala.yellaiah Ward member 9666591676
Urmadla sri.pakala.linga swamy Ward member 9848752801
Urmadla sri.rupani.yadaiah Ward member 9292702887
Urmadla sri.uyyala.linga swamy Ward member 9848993595
Vanipakala KATTAGURI PADMA Sarpanch 9010682530
Vanipakala KONREDDY MAHIPALREDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9866863976
Vanipakala MALLEBOINA KAVITHA Ward member 9542159915
Vanipakala MALLEBOINA SUGUNAMMA Ward member
Vanipakala MEDI PARVATHAMMA Ward member 9581580951
Vanipakala MEDI PUSPA Ward member 9553228035
Vanipakala MEDI RAVI Ward member
Vanipakala PK ASHOK Ward member 9030814479
Vanipakala POCHABOINA SRISHILAM Ward member 9010003270
Vanipakala RAOLA NARSIREDDY Ward member 9912139282
Vanipakala REMUDALA VENKATAMMA Ward member
Veliminedu Maddela Mallaiah Sarpanch 9948553744
Veliminedu Anugu Madhavi Upa-Sarpanch 9912105830
Veliminedu A Manemma Ward member 9948092681
Veliminedu A Sathyanarayana Ward member 9948242830
Veliminedu A Swapna Ward member 9010165631
Veliminedu B Ramakrishna reddy Ward member 9848442952
Veliminedu CH Kavitha Ward member 9985380307
Veliminedu CH Sathaiah Ward member 9848733427
Veliminedu D Sudhakar Reddy Ward member 9912048494
Veliminedu G Sathamma Ward member 9553259504
Veliminedu K Janaki Ward member 9948780882
Veliminedu K Sathaiah Ward member 9642859251
Veliminedu K Srinivas Ward member 9951255758
Veliminedu MD Jaharabee Ward member 9948357175
Veliminedu M Matchendar Ward member 9948250303
Wattimarthy Burgu Krishnaveni Sarpanch 9848927029
Wattimarthy Kappala Lingaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9441420245
Wattimarthy Amaravadi Alivelu Ward member 9542612422
Wattimarthy Bellapu Laxmamma Ward member
Wattimarthy Dudigama Shanthi Ward member 9490044539
Wattimarthy Jala Muttamma Ward member
Wattimarthy Jala Yadagiri Ward member 9948749348
Wattimarthy Medaboyina Mallikarjun Ward member 9849311528
Wattimarthy Medi Veeraswamy Ward member 9652750478
Wattimarthy Pallapu Manjula Ward member 9493966969
Wattimarthy Sirapangi Naresh Ward member 8143168473
Yelikatta gunde padma Sarpanch 8499893493
Yelikatta uyyala sathaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9441561306
Yelikatta Boddupally Saidulu Ward member 9492926235
Yelikatta golanakonda laxmamma Ward member 8096578300
Yelikatta konda yallaiah Ward member 9912833046
Yelikatta oruganti ramulamma Ward member 9908986510
Yelikatta shiga mallesh Ward member 9951954129
Yelikatta sukka suvarana Ward member 9848062119
Yelikatta uyyala kamalamma Ward member 9010334508
Yelikatta uyyala lingaswamy Ward member 9951711472
Yelikatta veeramalla parvathamma Ward member 9542497286
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