Devarakonda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Devarakonda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State
Devarakonda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Channamneni Palli Myanampati Shantha Sarpanch 9177885901
Channamneni Palli Jatavath Kaika Upa-Sarpanch 9440866860
Channamneni Palli Butaraju Manjula Ward member 9705176567
Channamneni Palli Devanaboina Venkatamma Ward member 8978420286
Channamneni Palli Jatavath Suresh Ward member 9550009659
Channamneni Palli Maddimadugu Venkatamma Ward member 8498863767
Channamneni Palli Ramavath Seetya Ward member 8186939305
Channamneni Palli Ramvath Madavi Ward member 9666884639
Channamneni Palli Sannaila Srinaiah Ward member 9701624019
Chennaram R.Sreenu Naik Sarpanch 9441814606
Chennaram A.Laxman Ward member 9989088744
Chennaram A.SUGINI Ward member 9908439369
Chennaram A.Sunitha Ward member 9000422240
Chennaram j.sAILU Ward member 9177723092
Chennaram R.Chitti Ward member 9963246970
Chennaram r.jagannaik Ward member 9866727032
Chennaram R.Ramulu Ward member 9440992212
Chennaram R.Vijaya Ward member 9989528341
Chennaram R.Vinod Ward member 9908050823
Chinthakuntla S.Yadamma Sarpanch 8374277625
Chinthakuntla A.Meenamma Ward member 9666110608
Chinthakuntla A.Radha Ward member 8179924532
Chinthakuntla B.Iddaiah Ward member 9705986801
Chinthakuntla D.Venkataiah Ward member 9553064893
Chinthakuntla K.Bamini Ward member 9704043983
Chinthakuntla K.Chitti Ward member 9618018240
Chinthakuntla K.Lakshmi Ward member 8466019238
Chinthakuntla P.Srinu Ward member 9553003026
Chinthakuntla P.Venkulu Ward member 9640992010
Chinthakuntla S.Madaar Ward member 8096763227
Chinthakuntla S.Yadamma Ward member 9848692738
Chinthakuntla Y.Anad Ward member 9866042533
Doniyala G.VENKATAMMA Sarpanch 9440768421
Doniyala V.VENKATAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 7730888230
Doniyala A.ALLAIAH Ward member 9553335755
Doniyala A.YASAIAH Ward member 8790439520
Doniyala E.ANJAMMA Ward member 9440768421
Doniyala E.YADAMMA Ward member 9440768421
Doniyala N.ANJANEYULU Ward member 9676870846
Doniyala N.BUCHAMMA Ward member 8498066099
Doniyala P.SAMINI Ward member 9440768421
Gazinagar N.Satram Sarpanch 7660964070
Gazinagar V.Ushamma Upa-Sarpanch 9959721727
Gazinagar B.Buchhaiah Ward member 9948328766
Gazinagar N.Aruna Ward member 0
Gazinagar N.Badri Ward member 0
Gazinagar N.Bicchi Ward member 0
Gazinagar N.Deva Ward member 8466080834
Gazinagar N.Hemlanaik Ward member 0
Gazinagar N.Ramsingh Ward member 9492237810
Gazinagar R.Ramu Ward member 8186820950
Gazinagar V.Achhi Ward member 9912579705
Gazinagar V.Bhamini Ward member 0
Gazinagar V.Shamkar Ward member 9951122479
Gottimukkala k anitha Sarpanch 9808400454
Gottimukkala J NARESH Upa-Sarpanch 8186822114
Gottimukkala A RAJI Ward member 9912482356
Gottimukkala G PEDAAMMA Ward member 9505892720
Gottimukkala I VENKATAMMA Ward member 8179642968
Gottimukkala J JANGU Ward member 9959272737
Gottimukkala J LILAVATHI Ward member 9505102096
Gottimukkala J SARITHA Ward member 9908319112
Gottimukkala K LALITHA Ward member 9177649086
Gottimukkala K MUTHYALU Ward member 8500919733
Gottimukkala T SHANKAR Ward member 9704774675
Gummada Vally A.RAMULU Sarpanch 9908878163
Gummada Vally SK.JAHANGEER Upa-Sarpanch 9441992786
Gummada Vally B.MALLAIAH Ward member 9676297856
Gummada Vally B.MUTHAMMA Ward member 9441165511
Gummada Vally B.RAMULU Ward member 9959734408
Gummada Vally E.MOTHILAL Ward member 9866826559
Gummada Vally E.SUGUNA Ward member 9177142414
Gummada Vally M.RAJALINGAM Ward member 7702408666
Gummada Vally M.YELLAMMA Ward member 9701695208
Gummada Vally P.KONDAMMA Ward member 9441582603
Gummada Vally R.CHANDI Ward member 9177142414
Gummada Vally SK.JAHANGEER Ward member 9441992786
Iddam Palli Neerikanti Anitha Sarpanch 9676176628
Iddam Palli Nuthanaganti Raghu Upa-Sarpanch 9441163437
Iddam Palli Chukka Iddamma Ward member 9701234733
Iddam Palli Jenthika Visnu Ward member 9493699505
Iddam Palli Neerukanti Yellamma Ward member 0
Iddam Palli Perla Yadaiah Ward member 9550455998
Iddam Palli Pinnapureddy Jayanthi Ward member 9989783839
Iddam Palli Potharaju Jangamma Ward member 9000590479
Iddam Palli Sankepalli Shyamalamma Ward member 0
Iddam Palli Varikuppala Pentamma Ward member 0
Iddam Palli Yeramoni Nagaraju Ward member 9652221657
Kolmunthalapahad Ramavath Jyothi Sarpanch 9441582616
Kolmunthalapahad Ramavath Chandru Upa-Sarpanch 9705098092
Kolmunthalapahad Boddupally Padma Ward member 9705661459
Kolmunthalapahad B.Yadigiri Ward member 9949881810
Kolmunthalapahad K.Yadaiah Ward member 9490582593
Kolmunthalapahad Ramavath Deepla Ward member 9581460154
Kolmunthalapahad Ramavath Jyothi Ward member 9505093522
Kolmunthalapahad Ramavath Kavitha Ward member 9989823807
Kolmunthalapahad Ramavath Mangi Ward member 9701251023
Kolmunthalapahad Ramavath Santhosha Ward member 9963819087
Kolmunthalapahad Ramavath Saritha Ward member 7763459573
Kolmunthalapahad Sunamoni Chandramma Ward member 9542968136
Kolmunthalapahad V Srinivas Ward member 9550008093
Komme Palli Ch Shubash Sarpanch 9701103030
Komme Palli K Yellaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9701575691
Komme Palli D Manjula Ward member 9440959007
Komme Palli D Mutyalamma Ward member 8374739557
Komme Palli G Sreenu Ward member 9652464760
Komme Palli K Jangamma Ward member 9676087797
Komme Palli P Bharathamma Ward member 9440839960
Komme Palli P Jagadeeshwara Chary Ward member 9951099085
Komme Palli V Anjaiah Ward member 8374765037
Kondabheemana Palli Mattipally Venkataiah Sarpanch 9704216369
Kondabheemana Palli Mudigonda Sanjiva Upa-Sarpanch 9849461297
Kondabheemana Palli Batka Thirupataiah Ward member 9666188223
Kondabheemana Palli Damera Salomi Ward member 9550455578
Kondabheemana Palli Kadari Buchaiah Ward member 8465989117
Kondabheemana Palli Kadari Mallamma Ward member 9640371612
Kondabheemana Palli Mandan Darmendhar Ward member 9848396230
Kondabheemana Palli Mudavath Janshi Ward member 9652293367
Kondabheemana Palli Nenavath Barathi Ward member 9908620868
Kondabheemana Palli Nenavath Kalyan Ward member 9912647534
Kondabheemana Palli Nenavath Ravi Ward member 9848688397
Kondabheemana Palli Nenavath Vanitha Ward member 9848943073
Kondabheemana Palli Pandla Chandrakala Ward member 9553932851
Kondabheemana Palli Sharavath Balu Ward member 9705457787
Kondabheemana Palli Vankadavath Surtha Ward member 9912384078
Kondamalla Palli Andugula Muthyalu Sarpanch 9959722725
Kondamalla Palli Kumbham Srinivas Upa-Sarpanch 9963941862
Kondamalla Palli A.Balamani Ward member 8500240468
Kondamalla Palli A.Saidulu Ward member 9553055577
Kondamalla Palli A.Venkataiah Ward member 9502793381
Kondamalla Palli B.Rajuiddamma Ward member 9892994664
Kondamalla Palli B.Shyamala Ward member 9676624609
Kondamalla Palli E.Chavali Ward member 8008652838
Kondamalla Palli G.Raju Ward member 9493607442
Kondamalla Palli K.Venkataiah Ward member 9440594548
Kondamalla Palli MA.Kaisar Khan Ward member 9505337722
Kondamalla Palli M.Bhavani Ward member 9640964015
Kondamalla Palli M.Mangya Ward member 9989787008
Kondamalla Palli R.Chandi Ward member 7702900793
Kondamalla Palli R.Neela Ward member 9963818544
Madmadka K Ramulamma Sarpanch 9542983390
Madmadka M Padma Upa-Sarpanch 9848489688
Madmadka Ch Lachamma Ward member 0
Madmadka E Hemi Ward member 9908029319
Madmadka K Ushaiah Ward member 9505627166
Madmadka K Venkataiah Ward member 9959721699
Madmadka N Amru Ward member 9505806088
Madmadka N Harilal Ward member 8498067284
Madmadka n parvathi Ward member 9963764402
Madmadka N Udayasri Ward member 9912833029
Madmadka N Vijayalakshmi Ward member 9949123658
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