Dornakal Mandal Sarpanch WardNumber Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State

Dornakal Mandal   Adanalapadu Village

Adanalapadu Darvath Laxmi Sarpanch 9989193801
Adanalapadu Angothu Lalu Upa-Sarpanch 7702072097
Adanalapadu A.HEMLA Ward member 9441835985
Adanalapadu A.SUJATHA Ward member 9848038788
Adanalapadu B.UPENDER Ward member 9603183621
Adanalapadu B.VIJAYA Ward member 0
Adanalapadu D.UMA Ward member 9949349850
Adanalapadu D.USHA Ward member 9989856643
Adanalapadu D.VALI Ward member 9701182602
Adanalapadu K.HARINADHARAO Ward member 9701616697
Adanalapadu S.RAJU Ward member 9704574541
Dornakal Mandal  Ammapalem Village
Ammapalem Darmasothu Rambai Sarpanch 9963731728
Ammapalem Cherra Srinu Upa-Sarpanch 9908028308
Ammapalem B SHANTHI Ward member 8790855240
Ammapalem D BIKSHAM Ward member 9705714674
Ammapalem D SATISH Ward member 9908151917
Ammapalem G GOUTHAMI Ward member 0
Ammapalem K LAKSHMI Ward member 9059634749
Ammapalem K NAGAMANI Ward member 0
Ammapalem P VENKANNA Ward member 9989691219
Ammapalem R SAYAMMA Ward member 9963147037
Ammapalem V ASHOK Ward member 0

Dornakal Mandal Banjara Village
Banjara Anakanti Padma Sarpanch 9885454681
Banjara Jakkula Ilaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9912165752
Banjara GUNDU RAJITHA Ward member 8341854856
Banjara KADALI LINGAMMA Ward member 9963830757
Banjara KOLIPAKA SUBBAMMA Ward member 0
Banjara MalIREDDY VISHNUVARDHAN REDDY Ward member 8008331548
Banjara PUTTALA RAMANA Ward member 8008326872
Banjara VELPULA RAMMURTHY Ward member 8008326872
Dornakal Mandal Burgupahad Village
Burgupahad Eslavath Ramji Sarpanch 9866125920
Burgupahad Banoth Ravi Upa-Sarpanch 9948108260
Burgupahad AJMEERA RAVI Ward member 7702151718
Burgupahad CHIRRA MUTTAMMA Ward member 3351155398
Burgupahad DABBA ARUNA Ward member 0
Burgupahad PAGILLA VEERIAH Ward member 0
Burgupahad podetu srinu Ward member 9912508277
Burgupahad RAYABARAPU SUNITHA Ward member 3312508277
Burgupahad VELPULA UMA Ward member 9951574674
Dornakal Mandal Chilkodu Village
Chilkodu Guguloth Kishan Sarpanch 9553359060
Chilkodu Deshini Upender Upa-Sarpanch 9848533312
Chilkodu A.RAMASWAMY Ward member 9912896590
Chilkodu GADY.LAXMIAH Ward member 9948787443
Chilkodu GUGULOTHU.RAJARAM Ward member 7569042730
Chilkodu GUGULOTHU .SAKUMA Ward member 9948475404
Chilkodu JARKULA LALITHA Ward member 9505095215
Chilkodu JARPULA.ERAMMA Ward member 0
Chilkodu MALOTHU.CHANDU Ward member 9676785930
Chilkodu M.LALU Ward member 9640746524
Chilkodu POTHUMARTHI.SUJATHA Ward member 9951633608
Chilkodu RAGAM.SARITHA Ward member 9912117790
Chilkodu shik.vajera Ward member 9948211201
Dornakal Mandal Chilukoyala Padu Village
Chilukoyala Padu Bandla Venkaiah Sarpanch 9553359535
Chilukoyala Padu Mekala Upendra Upa-Sarpanch 9959402337
Chilukoyala Padu B. Srinu Ward member 9666419171
Chilukoyala Padu B. Sudhakar Ward member 8179748478
Chilukoyala Padu G. Chinna Venkanna Ward member 8688612541
Chilukoyala Padu G. Veeranna Ward member 9640595078
Chilukoyala Padu Jogi Padma Ward member 8374160469
Chilukoyala Padu J. Seethamma Ward member 9603511497
Chilukoyala Padu J. Sunitha Ward member 9912198001
Chilukoyala Padu P. Neorhsha Ward member 9989488357
Chilukoyala Padu P. Sugunamma Ward member 9912803734
Dornakal Mandal Dornakal Village
Dornakal Mada Lavanya Sarpanch 9849664274
Dornakal Pachipala Gopi Upa-Sarpanch 9989795368
Dornakal B. Amala Ward member 9676137571
Dornakal B. Ashok Ward member 9440324983
Dornakal B. Kavitha Ward member 9959691518
Dornakal B. Padma Ward member 8125819625
Dornakal B. Sarala Ward member 9959508755
Dornakal B. Shankar Ward member 9030496596
Dornakal B. Suvartha Ward member 9618605169
Dornakal G. Sarala Ward member 9490517485
Dornakal Kotha Veeranna Ward member 9885536599
Dornakal K. Surender Kumar Jain Ward member 9032915968
Dornakal Md. Farzana Ward member 9908908863
Dornakal Md. Rahmathunnisa Ward member 9441526624
Dornakal Md. Yakub Pasha Ward member 9985954159
Dornakal R. Ramadevi Ward member 9885955276
Dornakal T.Vinoda Ward member 9963646950
Dornakal Mandal Gollacherla Village
Gollacherla Gandasiri Upender Sarpanch 9866922090
Gollacherla A LAXMAN Upa-Sarpanch 9849538857
Gollacherla B BALU Ward member 9959375243
Gollacherla B BUJII Ward member 0
Gollacherla b dawavli Ward member 9989339357
Gollacherla B LAXMI Ward member 0
Gollacherla B MEENA Ward member 9866607135
Gollacherla B NANKU Ward member 8008326872
Gollacherla b sujatha Ward member 9949425619
Gollacherla B VEERANNA Ward member 0
Gollacherla E SHANKAR Ward member 9676113655
Gollacherla G SRINU Ward member 9542190922
Gollacherla M RAMU Ward member 0
Gollacherla P UPAAMMA Ward member 9676827984
Gollacherla V MOTILAL Ward member 9032933956
Dornakal Mandal Kannegundla Village
Kannegundla Boddu Parvathamma Sarpanch 9494987974
Kannegundla G VENKANNA Upa-Sarpanch 8978100796
Kannegundla BHUMA RAMESH Ward member 9949498421
Kannegundla B VENKATESHWARLU Ward member 8374163090
Kannegundla CH KAVITHA Ward member 0
Kannegundla G UPENDHRA Ward member 0
Kannegundla M SHAILAJA Ward member 8790761807
Kannegundla P HYMAVATHI Ward member 9640757945
Kannegundla SK LAL MIYA Ward member 9394526926
Kannegundla S MAHESHWARI Ward member 9912185911
Kannegundla S PAWAN KUMAR Ward member 9959928419
Kannegundla S SANDHYA Ward member 8008584772
Dornakal Mandal Manneegudm Village
Manneegudm Tejavath Barathi Sarpanch 9949423503
Manneegudm k.vijaypal reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9666919039
Manneegudm B.Ammi Ward member 8897757473
Manneegudm B.Babu Ward member 9951864890
Manneegudm d.s.bujji Ward member 9684060591
Manneegudm L.Lakshalu Ward member 9912163810
Manneegudm N.Anasurya Ward member 8179240341
Manneegudm P.Ramana Ward member 9701559265
Manneegudm P.Veeraiah Ward member 9705460840
Manneegudm T.Lakya Ward member 9949775097
Manneegudm T.Mutamma Ward member 7702072106
Dornakal Mandal Mulkalapalli Village
Mulkalapalli Thodeti Venkateshwarlu Sarpanch 9989309113
Mulkalapalli J. Ramprasad Upa-Sarpanch 9849750649
Mulkalapalli B. Kishan Ward member 9951816020
Mulkalapalli B. Padma Ward member 9676101073
Mulkalapalli B. Tulasi Ward member 9908339038
Mulkalapalli Ch. Laxmikanthamma Ward member 9866408047
Mulkalapalli D. Rukkamma Ward member 0
Mulkalapalli N. Sailaja Ward member 9666888129
Mulkalapalli P. Veerababu Ward member 9949835698
Mulkalapalli S. Upender Ward member 9010338479
Mulkalapalli V. Venkanna Ward member 9912561420
Dornakal Mandal Perumandlasankeesa Village
Perumandlasankeesa Shetti Venkanna Sarpanch 9441569904
Perumandlasankeesa Angothu Dansingh Upa-Sarpanch 9705427350
Perumandlasankeesa Chandavath Bujjiw Ward member 9948714773
Perumandlasankeesa E.Venkamma Ward member 0
Perumandlasankeesa G ravi Ward member 9666060370
Perumandlasankeesa G.Srinu Ward member 9951212582
Perumandlasankeesa K.Padma Ward member 9912472963
Perumandlasankeesa R.Yashoda Ward member 0
Perumandlasankeesa S.Ravi Ward member 9640039574
Perumandlasankeesa S.Shobha Rani Ward member 9553818599
Perumandlasankeesa T.Bhasha Ward member 8179197122
Perumandlasankeesa T.Rukamma Ward member 0
Dornakal Mandal Revigudem Village
Revigudem Azimeera Jayaram Sarpanch 9949250595
Revigudem MADALA UMA Upa-Sarpanch 8008417008
Revigudem BADAVATH BUJJI Ward member 8096080517
Revigudem BANOTHU CHANDU Ward member 9177643170
Revigudem CHANDU BANOTHU Ward member 9951993353
Revigudem DANIYAKULA NARAYANA Ward member 9963387885
Revigudem ERU BANOTHU Ward member 9963387008
Revigudem KOTTAPALLI RAVI Ward member 9618633645
Revigudem MANDA VENKATARAMANA Ward member 8978475320
Revigudem TEJAVAT VIJAYA Ward member 9951210092
Revigudem TEJAVAT VIJAYA Ward member 9553537804
Dornakal Mandal Uyyalawada  Village
Uyyalawada Bhukya Kanthi Sarpanch 9492158968
Uyyalawada M NAGARAJU Upa-Sarpanch 9618416284
Uyyalawada B BHARATHI Ward member 9866498756
Uyyalawada B BHARATHI Ward member 9866498756
Uyyalawada B SATHEMMA Ward member 8465804404
Uyyalawada D SHARADHA Ward member 8374382927
Uyyalawada G GATTAIAH Ward member 9550697598
Uyyalawada G VALI Ward member 9440107922
Uyyalawada K MALLAMMA Ward member 9705406191
Uyyalawada K UPENDRA Ward member 8142177161
Uyyalawada L RAMULU Ward member 8106546855
Uyyalawada L RAMULU Ward member 8106546855
Uyyalawada M RADHA Ward member 0
Uyyalawada S VENKANNA Ward member 9640624064
Uyyalawada V BALAJI Ward member 9966594825
Dornakal Mandal Vennaram  Village
Vennaram Guguloth Savitri Sarpanch 9440871181
Vennaram kampati anruthamma Upa-Sarpanch 7730978339
Vennaram anaparthi saidulu Ward member 9989919617
Vennaram battu sharadha Ward member 0
Vennaram bukya setramu Ward member 0
Vennaram chintala sathyam Ward member 0
Vennaram guguloth kanthi Ward member 9866444548
Vennaram guguloth sailaja Ward member 9553077146
Vennaram kampelli anasurya Ward member 9640496650
Vennaram lakavath bheema Ward member 9959804581
Vennaram manepu kotaiah Ward member 9177900957
Vennaram shaik baji Ward member 8008327267
Vennaram tajavath lakshmi Ward member 8106664285
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