Eturnagaram Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumbers Mobile Numbers List Warangal District In Telangana

Eturnagaram Mandal Ailapur Village
Ailapur Allam Chayadevi Sarpanch 8500493537
Ailapur Kurusam Adakka Upa-Sarpanch 0
Ailapur Allam Nagalaxmi Ward member 0
Ailapur Dharamsodhu Balu Ward member 0
Ailapur Gummadi Narsamma Ward member 0
Ailapur Mallela Laxmi Ward member 0
Ailapur Mallela Satyam Ward member 0
Ailapur Mandhapelli Anuradha Ward member 8985793722
Ailapur Yallam Sudakar Ward member 0
Eturnagaram Mandal Buttaigudem Village
Buttaigudem Kaviri Laxmi Sarpanch 9490454044
Buttaigudem Bairaveni Narsimhulu Upa-Sarpanch 8985461283
Buttaigudem Gavidi Lacham Ward member 0
Buttaigudem Janagam Gagalaxmi Ward member 8985235990
Buttaigudem Kummari Narsaiah Ward member 0
Buttaigudem Kummsri Swarupa Ward member 9494970581
Buttaigudem Sunarkani Ramdevi Ward member 8985642695
Buttaigudem Sunarkani Ramesh Ward member 9441273637
Buttaigudem Sunarkani Sridevi Ward member 0
Buttaigudem Sunarkani Sujatha Ward member 9491445862
Buttaigudem Thati Saritha Ward member 9491618793
Eturnagaram Mandal Chalpaka Village
Chalpaka Cherukula Laxmi Sarpanch 7893669702
Chalpaka Anthati Nagarani Upa-Sarpanch 9959671958
Chalpaka Attam Akkemma Ward member 0
Chalpaka Boda Sathyam Ward member 9491828166
Chalpaka Chatla Rammurthi Ward member 0
Chalpaka Chatla Suramma Ward member 0
Chalpaka Dabbagatla Ramesh Ward member 9963204609
Chalpaka Erraboina Nagalaxmi Ward member 0
Chalpaka Mandapu Saramma Ward member 7893668110
Chalpaka Pusam Babu Ward member 9502339608
Chalpaka Thati Sammaiah Ward member 9502838043

Eturnagaram Mandal Chinnaboinapally Village

Chinnaboinapally N.Nagarujun Sarpanch 8331894276
Chinnaboinapally K.Ramadevi Upa-Sarpanch 0
Chinnaboinapally Ch.Narsingarao Ward member 0
Chinnaboinapally D.Janardhan Ward member 0
Chinnaboinapally D.sammakka Ward member 0
Chinnaboinapally G.Papaiah Ward member 0
Chinnaboinapally K.Gangi Ward member 0
Chinnaboinapally K.Ramulu Ward member 0
Chinnaboinapally L.Vijaya Ward member 0
Chinnaboinapally P.Dhanalaxmi Ward member 0
Chinnaboinapally P.Kowsalya Ward member 0

Eturnagaram Mandal Etur Village
Etur D.Srinivas Sarpanch 8500182936
Etur Allam Laxmi Upa-Sarpanch 8985365869
Etur Chintha Devi Ward member 8500999127
Etur D.Narsingharao Ward member 9493718196
Etur Kampelli Shanmukarao Ward member 7382547124
Etur Kokkarekkala Kavitha Ward member 0
Etur Madapa Jyothirani Ward member 0
Etur Matti Mangamma Ward member 0
Etur Pirela Krishnaveni Ward member 0
Etur S.Murali Ward member 8985792860
Etur Sriram Srinivas Ward member 9492106812
Eturnagaram Mandal Eturnagaram Village
Eturnagaram Ersavadla Jhansi Rani Sarpanch 9441164409
Eturnagaram Peyyala Sharadha Upa-Sarpanch 9490382121
Eturnagaram Afzal pasha Ward member 9490692360
Eturnagaram Baba Ward member 9441671546
Eturnagaram Banothu Lalitha Ward member 8500890891
Eturnagaram Endla Erraiah Ward member 8330952214
Eturnagaram Errakatla Sammaiah Ward member 9440187243
Eturnagaram Gavidi Saramma Ward member 9441881979
Eturnagaram katha Yadagiri Ward member 9493318540
Eturnagaram Kondai Lavanya Ward member 8500315874
Eturnagaram Marri Prameela Ward member 9493825705
Eturnagaram Paga Nagaraju Ward member 8501884913
Eturnagaram Pendyala Sujatha Ward member 8008066303
Eturnagaram Santhosha Pinagani Ward member 8500584787
Eturnagaram Somandapu Narshimulu Ward member 8185069489
Eturnagaram Soyam Sathamma Ward member 8985218904
Eturnagaram Suleman Ward member 9494277547
Eturnagaram Mandal Gurrevula Village
Gurrevula K.Uma maheshwari Sarpanch 8985114719
Gurrevula D.Venkataiah Upa-Sarpanch 8332929970
Gurrevula B.Rajitha Ward member 9494279155
Gurrevula B.Ramesh Ward member 9493040155
Gurrevula B.Swaroopa Ward member 8500580127
Gurrevula B.Vasantha Ward member 9491379210
Gurrevula K.Mallikarju Ward member 9441795800
Gurrevula Md.Yakub Pasha Ward member 8332807040
Gurrevula P.Satyanarayana Ward member 9492243974
Gurrevula T.Sarswathi Ward member 9441989760
Gurrevula V.Roshamma Ward member 9490524451
Eturnagaram Mandal Kondai Village
Kondai Poonam Sarveshwar Rao Sarpanch 9441164409
Kondai MD Raseed Khan Upa-Sarpanch 9492037877
Kondai Ambala Samakka Ward member 0
Kondai Azmeera Tulasiram Ward member 0
Kondai Dabbakatla Bayakka Ward member 0
Kondai Dabbakatla Satyanarayaa Ward member 0
Kondai Gummadi Nagamani Ward member 0
Kondai Payam Aruna Ward member 0
Kondai Payam Bhasakar Ward member 0
Kondai Payam Kamala Ward member 0
Kondai Vasam Nagamani Ward member 0
Eturnagaram Mandal Koyaguda Village
Koyaguda P. Sharadha Sarpanch 7382239642
Koyaguda D. Venkataramana Upa-Sarpanch 9494594328
Koyaguda A.Styavathi Ward member 9491024146
Koyaguda G. Devamma Ward member 8332837254
Koyaguda G. Venkatesh Ward member 8500285570
Koyaguda G. Venkateshwarlu Ward member 8332050685
Koyaguda J. Komari Ward member 9441164409
Koyaguda P. Srinu Ward member 8333863800
Koyaguda T. Muthaiah Ward member 9440227297
Eturnagaram Mandal Mullakatta Village
Mullakatta Made Chilukamma Sarpanch 7730975793
Mullakatta Chintha Ravi Upa-Sarpanch 9908487371
Mullakatta Chintha Jagapathirao Ward member 9441671540
Mullakatta Esam Ramesh Ward member 9491821843
Mullakatta Sonapa Nagamani Ward member 0
Mullakatta Sonapa Padma Ward member 0
Mullakatta Thaladi Satyamma Ward member 8500318062
Mullakatta tholem Kantha Ward member 0
Mullakatta Vavilala Narsingarao Ward member 0
Eturnagaram Mandal Muppanapalle Village
Muppanapalle M.Venkatesh Sarpanch 7382556719
Muppanapalle P.Mahankali Upa-Sarpanch 0
Muppanapalle A.Ramesh Ward member 9441631386
Muppanapalle D.Sujatha Ward member 9441219765
Muppanapalle K.Mallaiah Ward member 9494808025
Muppanapalle Md.Shayak Ward member 9492380983
Muppanapalle M.Vijaya Ward member 0
Muppanapalle T.Buchaiah Ward member 8008565168
Muppanapalle T.Madunamma Ward member 0
Eturnagaram Mandal Rajannapeta Village
Rajannapeta Allem Prabhakar Sarpanch 9502503765
Rajannapeta Perila Santhosh Upa-Sarpanch 9492139257
Rajannapeta G.Narsingarao Ward member 9494097606
Rajannapeta K.Bagyalaxmi Ward member 8500582776
Rajannapeta M.Sharada Ward member 0
Rajannapeta P.Kumaraswamy Ward member 0
Rajannapeta T.Bathukamma Ward member 0
Rajannapeta V.Bathukaiah Ward member 9492781703
Rajannapeta V.thirumala Ward member 7675810518
Eturnagaram Mandal Ramannagudem Village
Ramannagudem Bolle Jyothi Sarpanch 9490627928
Ramannagudem Sriram Shenkar Upa-Sarpanch 8500884938
Ramannagudem Chennuri Narsamma Ward member 8985225980
Ramannagudem Errusawadla Baskar Ward member 9490340757
Ramannagudem Gaddala Bannaiah Ward member 9494637207
Ramannagudem Gaddala Sammaiah Ward member 8500178460
Ramannagudem Palla Jyothi Ward member 9441067089
Ramannagudem Peddi Venkatnarsu Ward member 8333905867
Ramannagudem Sangoju Sammaiah Ward member 9490625381
Ramannagudem Shethamshetti Annapurna Ward member 9492445896
Ramannagudem Yempelli Sharada Ward member 9492446006
Eturnagaram Mandal Roheer Village
Roheer Kaviri Arjun Sarpanch 7382176271
Roheer Kuruma Srinu Upa-Sarpanch 9441628885
Roheer Akudari Ramadevi Ward member 0
Roheer Dayyapu Rajitha Ward member 0
Roheer Dongari Salama Ward member 0
Roheer Durgam Ramesh Ward member 0
Roheer Gajjala Sumalatha Ward member 0
Roheer Jadi Ramaiah Ward member 0
Roheer Kannaboina Shailoja Ward member 0
Roheer Kaviri Mallamma Ward member 0
Roheer Kurma Srinu Ward member 0
Eturnagaram Mandal Sarvai Village
Sarvai Charpa Kamala Sarpanch 8331857595
Sarvai Nallaboina Suguna Upa-Sarpanch 7382521350
Sarvai Bandam Ragavulu Ward member 9440612940
Sarvai Bochu Rajababu Ward member 9440119523
Sarvai Chidam Nagarathanam Ward member 0
Sarvai Irpa Krishna Rao Ward member 9440643577
Sarvai Kursam Venkatamma Ward member 0
Sarvai Nallaboina Laxmi Ward member 0
Sarvai Punem Renuka Ward member 0
Eturnagaram Mandal Shankarajpalle Village
Shankarajpalle thatipalli Pochamma Sarpanch 9177000553
Shankarajpalle Valsa Bikshapathi Upa-Sarpanch 9502193382
Shankarajpalle athukuri swarupa Ward member 0
Shankarajpalle Durgam Raju Ward member 0
Shankarajpalle Kodipe Punnamma Ward member 9490454226
Shankarajpalle Kumari Sammaiah Ward member 0
Shankarajpalle Mantha Saraiah Ward member 9494281398
Shankarajpalle saini Nirmala Ward member 8985462923
Shankarajpalle Sapiddi Sadavali Ward member 0
Shankarajpalle thandra Karunadevi Ward member 8897322779
Shankarajpalle thara Rammurthi Ward member 9502193382
Eturnagaram Mandal Shapalle Village
Shapalle Yalam Paparao Sarpanch 8331963495
Shapalle Madiri Bhaskar Upa-Sarpanch 9542813928
Shapalle Jerupula Amrutha Ward member 8500579875
Shapalle Komire Rani Ward member 0
Shapalle Koragatla Bujanga Rao Ward member 9492724410
Shapalle Ooneni Ashok Ward member 0
Shapalle Palakurthy Kotamma Ward member 0
Shapalle Raadeni Samakka Ward member 8985098690
Shapalle Singa Samma Rao Ward member 0
Eturnagaram Mandal Shivapur Village
Shivapur vasam suguna Sarpanch 9440672073
Shivapur siddaboina sambalaxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9493831407
Shivapur Eesam Lami Ward member 8500182928
Shivapur esam santhosh Ward member 9494276201
Shivapur kanukula Rani Ward member 9440743239
Shivapur kothapalli venkanna Ward member 9494038946
Shivapur punem Lamxi Ward member 7382542742
Shivapur Yalam Ramesh Ward member 8500175968
Shivapur yetti ramadevi Ward member 0
Eturnagaram Mandal Thupakulagudem Village
Thupakulagudem Halam Santhosh rao Sarpanch 9493545330
Thupakulagudem Koram Laxman Rao Upa-Sarpanch 9491533105
Thupakulagudem Aalam suguna Ward member 8333058960
Thupakulagudem Kalvacherla Muthya Rao Ward member 0
Thupakulagudem Koram Ramadevi Ward member 0
Thupakulagudem Peerilla Pushpa Ward member 8500580018
Thupakulagudem Pulsa Suryanarayana Ward member 8331861580
Thupakulagudem Pulse Ganesh Ward member 9492645306
Thupakulagudem Pusam Laxmi Ward member 0
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