Geesugonda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State

Geesugonda Mandal Anantharam Village
Anantharam d.venkateswarlu Sarpanch 9866639162
Anantharam a.padma Ward member 9640559630
Anantharam g.badramma Ward member 9849468207
Anantharam k.sarojana Ward member 9949339507
Anantharam k.svapna Ward member 9603715226
Anantharam m.suman Ward member 9959320690
Anantharam p.veerayya Ward member 9502386116
Anantharam s.prabakar Ward member 7893590190
Anantharam t.savitri Ward member 9573332881
Geesugonda Mandal Arepally Village
Arepally Thummanapally Srinivas Sarpanch 9989100683
Arepally vadikari jyothi Upa-Sarpanch 9703899410
Arepally allapuram youvaraju Ward member 9908983527
Arepally Kusumbha Uma Ward member 7702964810
Arepally Lade Rajeshwar rao Ward member 9959771908
Arepally Manda Bikshapathi Ward member
Arepally Murige rajamallu Ward member 8008092986
Arepally Nagampelly Sunitha Ward member 9885366797
Arepally Thummanapally Sujatha Ward member 9908764177
Geesugonda Mandal Sarpanch  Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State

Geesugonda Mandal  Bodduchintalapally Village
Bodduchintalapally POGULA.YUGANDER Sarpanch 9848451023
Bodduchintalapally KUNAMALLA.BHASKAR Upa-Sarpanch 9000593683
Bodduchintalapally JANNARAPU.RAJESH Ward member 9704360956
Bodduchintalapally JANNARAPU.RANI Ward member 9848451023
Bodduchintalapally KADASI.PRAMEELA Ward member 9848451023
Bodduchintalapally LAKKA.SAMBAIAH Ward member 9848451023
Bodduchintalapally LAKKA.SAMBAIAH Ward member
Bodduchintalapally MIDDAPAKA.ANNAPURNA Ward member 9963983684
Bodduchintalapally PURAM.RAMA Ward member 9948501376
Bodduchintalapally THUMALAPALLY.
Ward member 9948681455
Geesugonda Mandal Chandraiahpalle  Village
Chandraiahpalle v.ramdevi Sarpanch 9849500330
Chandraiahpalle y.illaiah Upa-Sarpanch 8106582611
Chandraiahpalle b.lalitha Ward member 7702486626
Chandraiahpalle k.kethamma Ward member 9000561805
Chandraiahpalle k.sabaiah Ward member 9866232922
Chandraiahpalle m.jyothi Ward member 9908722800
Chandraiahpalle n.saretha Ward member 9676843475
Chandraiahpalle p.ravi Ward member 9959051905
Chandraiahpalle s.odelu Ward member 9701306088
Geesugonda Mandal Elkurthy Village
Elkurthy Bhimagani Soujanya Sarpanch 9849848626
Elkurthy Manda Ramesh Upa-Sarpanch 9989417094
Elkurthy Bodige Kalavathi Ward member 9676825341
Elkurthy Bollam Rajitha Ward member 9908336074
Elkurthy Dyagala Ramadevi Ward member 9963282647
Elkurthy Garampally Ramesh Ward member 9701956021
Elkurthy Iloni Jamuna Ward member 9885645236
Elkurthy Iloni Sarojana Ward member 9704264545
Elkurthy Kongara Suryanarayana Ward member 9502027660
Elkurthy Manda Laxmi Ward member 9704056673
Elkurthy manda Manmadkumar Ward member 9908926466
Elkurthy Maramreddy Shivareddy Ward member 9704056673
Elkurthy Martha Rajanarsaiah Ward member 9701313100
Geesugonda Mandal Gangadevipally Village
Gangadevipally Itla Shanthi Sarpanch 9703558013
Gangadevipally Sri Kusam Rajamouli Upa-Sarpanch 9849452813
Gangadevipally Smt Gooda Aruna Ward member 9849444677
Gangadevipally smt Gopala Madhuri Ward member 9949426311
Gangadevipally Smt Kadudoori Radha Ward member 9949184345
Gangadevipally Smt Kusam Rajeswari Ward member 9948167326
Gangadevipally smt singireddy jyothi Ward member 7893398924
Gangadevipally Sri challa Komuraiah Ward member 9701097478
Gangadevipally Sri Gadam Srinivas Ward member 8374445912
Geesugonda Mandal Geesugonda Village
Geesugonda K.Kumaraswamy Sarpanch 9963591119
Geesugonda K.Anandam Upa-Sarpanch 9949750314
Geesugonda D.Praveen kumar Ward member 9908210606
Geesugonda D.Raju Ward member 9959669252
Geesugonda D.Sunil Ward member 9618752533
Geesugonda G.Padhma Ward member 9989533782
Geesugonda K.Ashok Ward member 9618181490
Geesugonda K.Savithri Ward member 9908106618
Geesugonda MD.Yakoobi Ward member 9491531815
Geesugonda N.Rani Ward member 9908007660
Geesugonda P.Anitha Ward member 9963591847
Geesugonda V.Raju Ward member 9959289087
Geesugonda Y.Rama Ward member 9848971075
Geesugonda Mandal Kommala Village
Kommala JULURURI SANDHYA Sarpanch 9959915243
Kommala CHINTHALA RAMESH Upa-Sarpanch 9704913915
Kommala BHASKI RAMA Ward member 7702071928
Kommala DEVULLAPALLI LALITHA Ward member 9666409824
Kommala ERULA PADMA Ward member 9959524139
Kommala GULLAPALLI SRINIVAS Ward member 9441334045
Kommala KADHARI PARSHARAMULU Ward member 9989314286
Kommala MUDU SAMBAIAH Ward member 9618460510
Kommala PINNATHI MANJULA Ward member 9963311085
Kommala UNANDRATHI ARUNA Ward member 9908028367
Ward member 9948700664
Geesugonda Mandal Konayamakula Village
Konayamakula DOLE. RADHA Sarpanch 9849609487
Konayamakula MD. JAMAL Upa-Sarpanch 9908369707
Konayamakula D. RAMESH Ward member 9963252825
Konayamakula G. JEMUNA Ward member 9908695191
Konayamakula MD. RAJIYA BEGAM Ward member 9989027895
Konayamakula M. VENKATESWARLU Ward member 9908431781
Konayamakula P.RAJITHA Ward member 9908733877
Konayamakula S. RAMESH Ward member 9949895211
Konayamakula V. VIJAYA Ward member 9618963045
Geesugonda Mandal Machapur Village
Machapur Namidla Manaiah Sarpanch 9876893105
Machapur Aleti Sambhamurthy Ward member 9849544606
Machapur Angothu Veeraiah Ward member 7893040866
Machapur Erukonda Komurelly Ward member 0
Machapur Mittapelly Komuramma Ward member 0
Machapur Namindla Padhma Ward member 0
Machapur Pathipaka Manjula Ward member 0
Machapur Satla Srinivas Ward member 0
Machapur Vannam Sharadha Ward member 9618724506
Geesugonda Mandal Manugonda Village
Manugonda Jakku Murali Sarpanch 7660016060
Manugonda Embadi.Kabir Das Upa-Sarpanch 9989142926
Manugonda Banda Laxmi Ward member 9908390650
Manugonda Chinta Narsamma Ward member 9618599285
Manugonda Madasi Rama Ward member 9866537368
Manugonda Moogala Kavita Ward member 9963571939
Manugonda Panduga Srinivas Ward member 9618598935
Manugonda Pasunoti Yakub Ward member 9550870551
Manugonda Perla Rama Ward member 9704243357
Manugonda Tota Ramesh Ward member 8008794170
Manugonda Tuppari Ranjith kumar Ward member 9550007108
Geesugonda Mandal Mariyapuram Village
Mariyapuram R. Vijaya Sarpanch 9493770550
Mariyapuram G. Joji Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9908227312
Mariyapuram A.Ramanadham Ward member 9704841330
Mariyapuram B.baskar Ward member 9989224690
Mariyapuram B.rajeswari Ward member 9963459934
Mariyapuram K.padma Ward member 9849641001
Mariyapuram R. Ellmma Ward member 8790288498
Mariyapuram T.Anthonimeri Ward member 8125134731
Mariyapuram T. Marreddy Ward member 9949774864
Geesugonda Mandal  Nandanaik Village
Nandanaik Thanda Sriramula
Sarpanch 9989764704
Nandanaik Thanda Badavath Narasaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9618181264
Nandanaik Thanda A Kamalamma Ward member 8897886185
Nandanaik Thanda B Chandru Ward member 9676660370
Nandanaik Thanda B Padhma Ward member 8978929762
Nandanaik Thanda Bukya Bullamma Ward member 9666886025
Nandanaik Thanda B Virender Ward member 9177035248
Nandanaik Thanda K Manjula Ward member 9949989039
Nandanaik Thanda K Saritha Ward member 9908568515
Nandanaik Thanda K Venkateshwarlu Ward member 9908337013
Nandanaik Thanda N Sitha Ward member 9550874205
Geesugonda Mandal Ookal(H) Village
Ookal(H) bonala rajakumari Sarpanch 9908012564
Ookal(H) varkala prasad Upa-Sarpanch 9490362917
Ookal(H) bonala ratramma Ward member 9000434982
Ookal(H) chiluvere yadagiri Ward member 9989415650
Ookal(H) chinnapelli maheshwari Ward member 9989384328
Ookal(H) chinnapelli rajitha Ward member 8106822321
Ookal(H) dakka ramesh Ward member 8985237080
Ookal(H) deulapelli madavi Ward member 9032131942
Ookal(H) dole sujatha Ward member 9704736631
Ookal(H) mogasani nagadevata Ward member 9908459254
Ookal(H) nalagiri yadamma Ward member 9959900560
Geesugonda Mandal Shayampet(H) Village
Shayampet(H) Kongara Chandramouli Sarpanch 9866206647
Shayampet(H) Jula Chendra mohan Upa-Sarpanch 8374591479
Shayampet(H) Allam Ravi Ward member 8897934718
Shayampet(H) Dadi Padma Ward member 8897110186
Shayampet(H) Gali Renuka Ward member 9949056110
Shayampet(H) Goverdhanagiri Nagalaxmi Ward member 9866372825
Shayampet(H) Mamidi Veeraswamy Ward member 9963238772
Shayampet(H) Namindla Saradha Ward member 9701961551
Shayampet(H) Rajaboina Bickshapathi Ward member 9866899809
Shayampet(H) Samudrala Savithree Ward member 9959728915
Shayampet(H) Urugonda Morili Mohan Ward member 9866707832
Geesugonda Mandal   Vanchanagiri Village
Vanchanagiri Kommula vajramma Sarpanch 9963982955
Vanchanagiri kolluri Ravinder Upa-Sarpanch 9849564588
Vanchanagiri Amirishetti Raju Ward member 9949439686
Vanchanagiri Bollam Komurelli Ward member
Vanchanagiri Chukka Sadanandam Ward member 9885946058
Vanchanagiri Gubala Neelamma Ward member 9866010736
Vanchanagiri Jangam Kanakalaxmi Ward member 9703781101
Vanchanagiri Kommula Yakub Ward member 9959176720
Vanchanagiri Kuppala Bavani Ward member
Vanchanagiri Mokide PAdhma Ward member 8978946203
Vanchanagiri Mokide Radhabai Ward member 9963265920
Vanchanagiri Morthala Sushila Ward member 8008987780
Vanchanagiri nagaraboina sarangal Ward member 7893703211
Geesugonda Mandal  Viswanathapur Village
Viswanathapur BHUKYA DWALI Sarpanch 9963899750
Viswanathapur GUGULOTHU LALITHA Upa-Sarpanch 9930223015
Viswanathapur BOJJU KRISHNA Ward member 8790629721
Viswanathapur DOOLA SUJATHA Ward member 9912983722
Viswanathapur MALOTHU BADRU Ward member 9908246960
Viswanathapur MOHMADH YAKUB Ward member 9959284251
Viswanathapur VANAPAKALA SAMBAIAH Ward member 9989584618
Viswanathapur VANAPAKULA SUNITHA Ward member 9550148227
Viswanathapur VANKUDOTHU BUJJI Ward member 8008296323
Viswanathapur VANKUDOTHU LAXMI Ward member 9963023015
Viswanathapur VANKUDOTHU VEERANNA Ward member 9701975525
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