Ghanapur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State

Ghanapur Mandal Baswarajpalle  Village
Baswarajpalle Gandu Srilatha Sarpanch 9849529404
Baswarajpalle Vodapelli Bhaskar Upa-Sarpanch 8184956032
Baswarajpalle Banoth Laxmi Ward member 9652895187
Baswarajpalle Bhura Rama Ward member 8497965784
Baswarajpalle Bhura Srinivas Ward member 9963940560
Baswarajpalle Cheruku Rama Ward member 7799123393
Baswarajpalle Gangaveni Narender Ward member 9542226375
Baswarajpalle Guguloth Sunitha Ward member 9666362776
Baswarajpalle Katkam Kumaraswamy Ward member 9704042813
Baswarajpalle Mittapalli Rajamma Ward member 8087846697
Baswarajpalle Udige Arunkumar Ward member 9505206363
Ghanapur Mandal Budharam  Village
Budharam Munukuntla swaroopa Sarpanch 9989149813
Budharam Gandra Madhava Rao Upa-Sarpanch 9959876418
Budharam Arshanapelli Rajeshwar Rao Ward member 9949857980
Budharam Bochu Swapna Ward member 9553623374
Budharam Gaddam Veera swamy Ward member 8096359180
Budharam Gula Badhraiah Ward member 7702370558
Budharam Katla Sujatha Ward member 9676605594
Budharam Kedam Rajitha Ward member 7893637051
Budharam Kurri Swaroopa Ward member 9505611813
Budharam Mallveni Kavitha Ward member 9912761487
Budharam Salendra Radhama Ward member 9640887092
Budharam Waddepally Kondal Ward member 9866574764
Budharam Waddepally Shankar Ward member 9505968618

Ghanapur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State

Ghanapur Mandal Chelpur  Village
Chelpur Kotha Padma Sarpanch 9660091177
Chelpur Ch.Mahender reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9010143551
Chelpur Adapa Sammaiah Ward member 8330964104
Chelpur Ch.Ramadevi Ward member 9849276703
Chelpur D.Shankar Ward member 9640494177
Chelpur G.Rajeshwar rao Ward member 9848042647
Chelpur G.Rajitha Ward member 9912092350
Chelpur Kallepu Raguna Ward member 9866426863
Chelpur Mekala Swaroopa Ward member 8464826045
Chelpur M.Sumalatha Ward member 9676536104
Chelpur M.Urmila Ward member 9014401068
Chelpur M.Vijaya Ward member 9951837582
Chelpur N.Ashok Ward member 9948408982
Chelpur V.sathish Ward member 9948627873
Chelpur V.Srinivas Ward member 9912199197
Ghanapur Mandal Dharmaraopet Village
Dharmaraopet Gampala Ravinder Sarpanch 7730855439
Dharmaraopet Veeragoni Shanker Upa-Sarpanch 8978824208
Dharmaraopet Bakkathatla Aruna Ward member 9640035729
Dharmaraopet Bokka Sunitha Ward member 9505860053
Dharmaraopet Edla Lingamma Ward member 9912886660
Dharmaraopet Gampala Kumaraswamy Ward member 9989734574
Dharmaraopet Gandu Srinuvas Ward member 9951156157
Dharmaraopet Keshetti Prakhash Ward member 9912034849
Dharmaraopet Madde Bhadraiah Ward member 9989585402
Dharmaraopet Manuka Venkanna Ward member 8499993001
Dharmaraopet Nakka Venkata Laxmi Ward member 9989586147
Dharmaraopet Panikala Vasantha Ward member 9704791161
Dharmaraopet Udutha Aruna Ward member 8897441329
Ghanapur Mandal Gandhinagar  Village
Gandhinagar Maragani Srinivas Sarpanch 9573388397
Gandhinagar Enugu Ravinder Ward member 8897321116
Gandhinagar Injapelli Laxmi Ward member 7675840597
Gandhinagar Kondaparthi Shankaramurthy Ward member 9949638513
Gandhinagar Manku Ravi Ward member 9912218478
Gandhinagar Martha Mogili Ward member 8374536773
Gandhinagar Mekala Aruna Ward member 9866932791
Gandhinagar Palleveni Sampath Ward member 9959379543
Gandhinagar Pendala Prameela Ward member 7893269119
Gandhinagar penta Laxmi Ward member 9990826870
Gandhinagar Repaka Poshamma Ward member 8008819558
Ghanapur Mandal Ghanpur  Village
Ghanpur K PRASHNTHI Sarpanch 9989041826
Ghanpur R RAJENDAR Upa-Sarpanch 8886444182
Ghanpur G Binna Komuramma Ward member 8886444182
Ghanpur K Anil Ward member 9618752772
Ghanpur K NARENDAR REDDY Ward member 9441318865
Ghanpur M Sambaiah Ward member 9603454893
Ghanpur M Vijaya Ward member 8886444182
Ghanpur N Jaya Ward member 8886444182
Ghanpur N Mohan Ward member 7842414156
Ghanpur P Parameshwar Ward member 9704317211
Ghanpur T Rani Ward member 8886444182
Ghanpur T Rosha Ward member 8886444182
Ghanpur T Sadanandam Ward member 8886444182
Ghanpur V Suguna Ward member 8886444182
Ghanpur V Vanamala Ward member 8886444182
Ghanapur Mandal Karkapalle  Village
Karkapalle kasthuri padma Sarpanch 9618297831
Karkapalle MOGILISRINIVAS Upa-Sarpanch 9963271544
Karkapalle burra venkanna Ward member 9573128189
Karkapalle duppati sambaiah Ward member 9848631022
Karkapalle duppati sunanda Ward member 9010803405
Karkapalle eaga kumaraswamy Ward member 9502988825
Karkapalle Gudapati chandrareddy Ward member 9912406746
Karkapalle Mudigonda sukanya Ward member 7893039308
Karkapalle Sukka swarupa Ward member 9000415382
Karkapalle Thurpunori anitha Ward member 9949279059
Karkapalle thurpunuri padma Ward member 9948408951
Ghanapur Mandal Kondapur Village
Kondapur Gandham Odhakar Sarpanch 9963514421
Kondapur Narala Devaiah Upa-Sarpanch 7893734696
Kondapur Enagandula Laxmi Ward member 7893734696
Kondapur Gaje Rajitha Ward member 9666221131
Kondapur Kota Venkatamma Ward member 9963514421
Kondapur Kummari Rajender Ward member 9842229141
Kondapur Kuntla Ranadeer Ward member 9989585996
Kondapur Maddela Srilatha Ward member 9866963092
Kondapur Manda Manohar Reddy Ward member 9705514878
Kondapur Manda Rama Ward member 7702309541
Kondapur Pasham Ramdas Ward member 9553844894
Kondapur Peerala Ramesh Ward member 8179686997
Kondapur Pidishetti Vijaya Ward member 9989595869
Ghanapur Mandal Mylaram Village
Mylaram BUKYA.VIJAYA. Sarpanch 9963418561
Mylaram NALLANI.SAMMARAO Upa-Sarpanch 9652301355
Mylaram BANDI.PADMA. Ward member 8106778937
Mylaram BODDU.KOMURAIAH Ward member 9542357191
Mylaram DASARAPU.SAMBAIAH. Ward member 8008837840
Mylaram MOTAPOTHULA.RAJAMMA Ward member 9177717645
Mylaram OLAGI.LAXMI Ward member 9652300925
Mylaram TALLAPELI.LAXMI Ward member 9177711064
Mylaram THOTA.VENAKKNA Ward member 9948437054
Ghanapur Mandal Nagarampalle  Village
Nagarampalle Madati Sathya Laxmi Sarpanch 9959347008
Nagarampalle bashaboina Sammakka Upa-Sarpanch 9989292504
Nagarampalle Aluri Rajitha Ward member 9948447071
Nagarampalle Bhukya Rama Ward member 9640481127
Nagarampalle Chittari Devender Ward member 9989545297
Nagarampalle Chittari Mahender Ward member 9908351132
Nagarampalle Goda Bhagya Ward member 8499940615
Nagarampalle Konduri Kanukaraju Ward member 8897260087
Nagarampalle Pashula Bhaskar Ward member 7658911160
Nagarampalle Peddi Mallesh Ward member 9989414127
Nagarampalle Velgam Radhika Ward member 9959202962
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