Govindaraopet Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State

Govindaraopet Mandal  Bussapur Village
Bussapur Palem Shobha Rani Sarpanch 7730073533
Bussapur Kurusam Muthaiah Upa-Sarpanch 8978056128
Bussapur Bethi Devender Reddy Ward member 9989483670
Bussapur Kandela Laxmi Ward member 9581652415
Bussapur Mogulagani Nagaraju Ward member 9866033019
Bussapur Palem Swarupa Ward member 7730073533
Bussapur Payam Rajashekar Ward member 8978056128
Bussapur Poloju Kalavathi Ward member 9701172577
Bussapur Vanga Sujatha Ward member 7702071502

Govindaraopet Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State

Govindaraopet Mandal Chalvai Village
Chalvai Thati.Ramana Sarpanch 9441411073
Chalvai Modem.Ramesh Upa-Sarpanch 9440028258
Chalvai A.Krishnaveni Ward member 9492644524
Chalvai A.Laxmi Ward member 9441685392
Chalvai A.Mallikamba Ward member 9441623168
Chalvai B.Pavani Ward member 8501972725
Chalvai G.Baburao Ward member 9052037805
Chalvai K.Ramaiah Ward member 8500580219
Chalvai M.Ellaiah Ward member 8179163082
Chalvai R.Srinivas Ward member 9441002425
Chalvai T.Hariprasad Ward member 9492444297
Chalvai T.Malleshwari Ward member 9491891103
Chalvai T.Sambalaxmi Ward member 7382021029
Chalvai T.Suguna Ward member 8978796884
Chalvai U.Saritha Ward member 9959530334
Govindaraopet Mandal  Govindaraopeta Village
Govindaraopeta Thati Sambasiva Rao Sarpanch 9492409183
Govindaraopeta Paladugu Venkata Krishna Upa-Sarpanch 9441142519
Govindaraopeta Badavath Sony Ward member 9494970548
Govindaraopeta Banoth Sharada Ward member 9492048001
Govindaraopeta Cherpa Laxminarayana Ward member 8185980195
Govindaraopeta Eesam Sunitha Ward member 9440946079
Govindaraopeta Kanakam Swarupa Ward member 8790462858
Govindaraopeta Kogila Sayamma Ward member 8096052621
Govindaraopeta Kolluri Vijaya Laxmi Ward member 8500315640
Govindaraopeta Mandati Pushpa Ward member 9989714447
Govindaraopeta Narra Shivaprasad Ward member 9908920980
Govindaraopeta Sangi Nirmala Ward member 9666200224
Govindaraopeta Vanka Laxminarayana Ward member 8897211210
Govindaraopeta Vanka Nageshwar Rao Ward member 8331929160
Govindaraopeta Vemuri Nagachary Ward member 9652222057
Govindaraopet Mandal  Karlapalle Village
Karlapalle Lavudya Sammakka Sarpanch 8790468122
Karlapalle Gandharla Krishna Kumari Upa-Sarpanch 7382586522
Karlapalle Bhhukya Vijaya Ward member 9441603373
Karlapalle Bhukya Lalitha Ward member 8297827339
Karlapalle Bhukya Mirali Ward member 8500390912
Karlapalle Bhukya Venkatram Ward member 8501027491
Karlapalle Eeka Rambabu Ward member 9959021696
Karlapalle Laakavath Raju Ward member 9490379955
Karlapalle Lakavath Mangamma Ward member 9505422915
Karlapalle Pendakatla Balaraju Ward member 9642115230
Karlapalle Thanda Krishna Ward member 9492644727
Govindaraopet Mandal Laknavaram Village
Laknavaram Bijja Nagendram Sarpanch 8985234899
Laknavaram Basraboina Ilaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9502342831
Laknavaram Aloth Kishan Ward member 9441220862
Laknavaram Banoth Padma Ward member 9441331975
Laknavaram Banoth Rajitha Ward member 9492439345
Laknavaram Belli Rani Ward member 9492644204
Laknavaram Bhukya Amrutha Ward member 9492644495
Laknavaram Bijja Buchaiah Ward member 8985234899
Laknavaram Bijja Swaroopa Ward member 8985234899
Laknavaram Jannu Ilaiah Ward member 9492027526
Laknavaram Porika Rajamma Ward member 9494922980
Govindaraopet Mandal Machapur Village
Machapur Pinninti.Kavitha Sarpanch 9505760947
Machapur Kummarikuntla.Indira Upa-Sarpanch 9490395232
Machapur Burgula.Chandramouli Ward member 9440720739
Machapur Gangula.Sambaiah Ward member 9493258810
Machapur Jampala.Saritha Ward member 9440898278
Machapur Saripalle.Rajitha Ward member 9701634114
Machapur Saripalle.Rajitha Ward member 9701634114
Machapur Utla.Rama Ward member 8978774382
Machapur Vangar.Prabakar Ward member 9493258810
Machapur Vengala.Raju Ward member 9705048873
Govindaraopet Mandal Motlagudem Village
Motlagudem Naali Sambalaxmi Sarpanch 9492681164
Motlagudem Vuke Mallakka Upa-Sarpanch 7382735399
Motlagudem Kalthi Krishna Ward member 8500735912
Motlagudem Kotem Amrutha Ward member 0
Motlagudem Mankidi Susheela Ward member 8985638946
Motlagudem Pulsam Mamatha Ward member 9494037827
Motlagudem Ragam Pushpa Ward member 9494452895
Motlagudem Soram Papakka Ward member 0
Motlagudem Vuke Anand Ward member 9441195027
Govindaraopet Mandal Pasra(Nagaram) Village
Pasra(Nagaram) Jimma Varalaxmi Sarpanch 9052324601
Pasra(Nagaram) Mopidevi Venkanna Upa-Sarpanch 9491159002
Pasra(Nagaram) Agaboina Nagalaxmi Ward member 9010979474
Pasra(Nagaram) Banoth Rajamma Ward member 9160153228
Pasra(Nagaram) Bhukya Bhadramma Ward member 9550885262
Pasra(Nagaram) Bhukya Ravi Ward member 8801602096
Pasra(Nagaram) Bhukya Saraiah Ward member 9494785602
Pasra(Nagaram) Dharavath Annapurna Ward member 9492447193
Pasra(Nagaram) Enugu Ravinder Reddy Ward member 9441136873
Pasra(Nagaram) Karra Sambashiva Reddy Ward member 9440792108
Pasra(Nagaram) Ooke Sammakka Ward member 9494922649
Pasra(Nagaram) Pannala Vajramma Ward member 7382078615
Pasra(Nagaram) Pasula Radha Ward member 8985236087
Pasra(Nagaram) Pittala Jayamma Ward member 9492644292
Pasra(Nagaram) Thati Chandraiah Ward member 9492439337
Pasra(Nagaram) Thati Sumalatha Ward member 9493771227
Pasra(Nagaram) Vasam Saramma Ward member 9440792108
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