Hasanparthy Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumbers Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State

Hasanparthy Mandal Ananthasagar Village
Ananthasagar BANDA RATHNAKAR REDDY Sarpanch 9849063847
Ananthasagar BANDA CHANTI REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9866518615
Ananthasagar DULAM RAJITHA Ward member 9908753675
Ananthasagar GADDAM BATHUKAMMA Ward member 9177577443
Ananthasagar GINNARAPU POULU Ward member 9849891363
Ananthasagar JAKKULA LAXMI Ward member 9959770581
Ananthasagar METTE RAJU Ward member 9908417810
Ananthasagar MIDIDODDI RAJU Ward member 8886181719
Ananthasagar PONNALA SHIROMANI Ward member 9652388294
Ananthasagar THANGALLAPALLI RAMESH Ward member 9912329911
Ananthasagar VANCHANAGIRI RAJAMMA Ward member 9908753602
Hasanparthy Mandal Arvapally Village
Arvapally bairagani Venkulu Sarpanch 9010886898
Arvapally Thagaram Chiranjeevi Upa-Sarpanch 9948446703
Arvapally Aakula Sujatha Ward member 8897872531
Arvapally Kadari Maheshwari Ward member 8008534288
Arvapally Kadari Nagesh Ward member 9948225530
Arvapally Kadari Rajyalaxmi Ward member 9948022550
Arvapally Medipally Raju Ward member 9912787254
Arvapally Medipally Satyanarayana Ward member 9912432295
Arvapally Sayyad Hussain bee Ward member 9848322750
Hasanparthy Mandal Baironpally Village
Baironpally JATTI KIRAN KUMAR Sarpanch 9989234979
Baironpally NUNAVATH MOGILI Upa-Sarpanch 9951821268
Baironpally BUKYA GANGAMMA Ward member 9618473328
Baironpally JATTI GEETHANJALI Ward member 9177364903
Baironpally JATTI RENUKA Ward member 9010749682
Baironpally KALLEBOINA ASHOK Ward member 9666508023
Baironpally KALLEBOINA KUMARASWAMY Ward member 9989987753
Baironpally MULKALAPELLI KUMARASWAMY Ward member 9912983303
Baironpally MULKALPALLI PAVANI Ward member 9951845745
Baironpally NUNAVATH DULAMMA Ward member 9912692232
Baironpally SADIKA BEGAM Ward member 9849308071
Hasanparthy Mandal Ganturpally Village 
Hasanparthy Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumbers Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State
Ganturpally sunkari Ramadevi Sarpanch 9949286809
Ganturpally Ukanti Rajender Upa-Sarpanch 8978527073
Ganturpally Davu Kalpana Ward member 9985696287
Ganturpally Inugala Rajitha Ward member 9701338119
Ganturpally Lokaboina Jaya Ward member 9290926428
Ganturpally Madipally Rajeshwari Ward member 9866337468
Ganturpally Pappu Srikanth Reddy Ward member 9959508954
Ganturpally Peddi Laxma Reddy Ward member 9908765263
Hasanparthy Mandal Jaigiri Village
Jaigiri K.Kavitha Sarpanch 9848880938
Jaigiri K.Karunakar Upa-Sarpanch 9949540802
Jaigiri A.Ramesh Ward member 9848870677
Jaigiri B.Jyothi bai Ward member 7893733981
Jaigiri Ch.Srinivas Ward member 8790275136
Jaigiri K.Krishnamraju Ward member 9908925452
Jaigiri P.Vijaya Ward member 9848004815
Jaigiri R.Jaya Ward member 9704114748
Jaigiri R.Komala Ward member 8374006981
Jaigiri R.Prasad Ward member 9704114610
Jaigiri T.Bhagyalaxmi Ward member 8008061581
Hasanparthy Mandal Madipally Village
Madipally Kandari Bhagya Sarpanch 9989292051
Madipally Merugu Ilumallu Upa-Sarpanch 9989918908
Madipally Burra Ranjith Kumar Ward member 7732061309
Madipally Burra Uma Devi Ward member 9652231294
Madipally Chirra Pushpaleela Ward member 9989416277
Madipally Elagonda Thirupathi Ward member 9989734439
Madipally Gaddam Paramjyothi Ward member 9849121887
Madipally Jakkula Srinivas Ward member 8790651719
Madipally Kandari Praveen Chander Ward member 9010871753
Madipally Sambaraju Nirmala Ward member 9989139381
Madipally Sandra Sumalatha Ward member 8466017461
Hasanparthy Mandal Mallareddypalle Village
Mallareddypalle BAYYAGONI SUJATHA Sarpanch 9989292849
Mallareddypalle THOGARU KUMARA SWAMY Upa-Sarpanch 9959886897
Mallareddypalle ALLA BHADRAIAH Ward member 9704786225
Mallareddypalle ALLA RADHA Ward member 9666025994
Mallareddypalle BOLLA KAVITHA Ward member 8978758857
Mallareddypalle KETHAPAKA BHARATHI Ward member 9000132369
Mallareddypalle KETHAPAKA SAMPURNA Ward member 8978511756
Mallareddypalle KOTHURU JOSNA DEVI Ward member 9505916364
Mallareddypalle MEDIPALLY SRINIVAS Ward member 9652653360
Mallareddypalle PANJALA BHAGYAMMA Ward member 9704969965
Mallareddypalle PUNNAM ILAIAH Ward member 9963048510
Mallareddypalle VAKKALA RAMESH Ward member 9704969965
Mallareddypalle VEMULA SRILATHA Ward member 9912134197
Hasanparthy Mandal Nagaram Village
Nagaram Ch.Pandurangam Sarpanch 9059986447
Nagaram Ch.Ashok Upa-Sarpanch 9000801151
Nagaram B.Prabhakar Ward member 9106131731
Nagaram B.Sarojana Ward member 9573275449
Nagaram B.Sreelatha Ward member 9676716191
Nagaram Ch.Narsaiah Ward member 9550892762
Nagaram Ch.Rama Ward member 7702260662
Nagaram G.Sumathi Ward member 9502169931
Nagaram K.Vasu Ward member 9676149990
Nagaram M.Arun Ward member 9704025091
Nagaram P.Bhagya Ward member 9177303119
Nagaram T.Kumaraswami Ward member 9618229570
Nagaram T.Swaroopa Ward member 8179419446
Hasanparthy Mandal Pembarthy Village
Pembarthy Utkuri Saraiah Sarpanch 9959176152
Pembarthy Souram Sudhakar Upa-Sarpanch 9985276832
Pembarthy Burra Ashok Ward member 9949750356
Pembarthy Chandragiri Laxmi Ward member 9618776094
Pembarthy Inugala Rajireddy Ward member 9908134975
Pembarthy Kadari Srinivas Ward member 9949437837
Pembarthy Koyyada Komala Ward member 8374002628
Pembarthy Koyyada Surekha Ward member 9704643326
Pembarthy Merugu Vanamala Ward member 9959726317
Pembarthy Thalla Jyothi Ward member 8185083707
Pembarthy Theegala Thirupathi Ward member 9948701891
Hasanparthy Mandal Seethampeta Village
Seethampeta Chirra Swapna Sarpanch 9441990755
Seethampeta chirra Thirupathi Upa-Sarpanch 9704113835
Seethampeta Bokka Dhanalaxmi Ward member 9908225954
Seethampeta Godela Ramesh Ward member 9989679506
Seethampeta Gone Rama Ward member 9553028842
Seethampeta Goparaju Laxmi Ward member 9963001870
Seethampeta Goparaju Ramesh Ward member 9676735421
Seethampeta Naddunuri Chiranjeevi Ward member 9701907146
Seethampeta Naddunuri sowndarya Ward member 9701912686
Seethampeta Sarvu Hemanth Ward member 9949216877
Seethampeta Vallala Jyothi Ward member 9912112820
Hasanparthy Mandal Seethanagaram Village
Seethanagaram Dava Ravi Sarpanch 9573332015
Seethanagaram Kukatla Ramesh Upa-Sarpanch 9177631337
Seethanagaram Baigani Lingamma Ward member 9542852134
Seethanagaram Boini Komuramma Ward member 9550924046
Seethanagaram Godugu Rajitha Ward member 9676808441
Seethanagaram Govindula Pulamma Ward member 8096682778
Seethanagaram Sudhula Sampathreddy Ward member 9390518485
Seethanagaram Sudhula Sudhakar Reddy Ward member 9701654455
Seethanagaram Valasa Vikram Ward member 9849343762
Hasanparthy Mandal Siddapur Village
Siddapur Gaddam Eshwara Sarpanch 9866426963
Siddapur Tabeti Mahesh Upa-Sarpanch 9705036722
Siddapur Bokka Janardhan Ward member 9652573886
Siddapur Bokka Sammaiah Ward member 9866426963
Siddapur Bokka Swarupa Ward member 9959426205
Siddapur Bolla Raju Ward member 9347847748
Siddapur kokkisa Bhagyalaxmi Ward member 8106562100
Siddapur Kokkisa Hyma Ward member 9700720900
Siddapur Motam Ravi Ward member 9989766721
Siddapur Musku Narsamma Ward member 8464804715
Siddapur Ponnam Sandhya Rani Ward member 9010329304
Hasanparthy Mandal Sudanpally Village
Sudanpally AALLA RAVINDER Sarpanch 9912289031
Sudanpally PESARU SHARATH REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9390120852
Sudanpally Aalla Lalitha Ward member 9948518540
Sudanpally Aalla Laxmi Ward member 9573335447
Sudanpally AALLA RAVINDER Ward member 7702612981
Sudanpally Akarapu Sammakka Ward member 8978395529
Sudanpally kodepaka chilukamma Ward member 9618672884
Sudanpally Kodepaka Padma Ward member 9573100828
Sudanpally ravula rajyalaxmi Ward member 9618672884
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