Kangal Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Kangal Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List 
Part I 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State
Kangal Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Bachannaguda Jadigala Swaminad Sarpanch 8466075751
Bachannaguda M Damodarao Upa-Sarpanch 9553749063
Bachannaguda Burri Ravi Ward member 9959668384
Bachannaguda Ch Parvatamma Ward member 9912400669
Bachannaguda G Saidulu Ward member 7732020627
Bachannaguda K Jayasuda Ward member 7730806761
Bachannaguda k Narayana Ward member 9701460724
Bachannaguda K Yadamma Ward member 9010119301
Bachannaguda T Suvarna Ward member 9618233319
Boinapalle Karingu Janaiah Sarpanch 9908899694
Boinapalle Pagilla Yadaiaha Upa-Sarpanch 9396669777
Boinapalle Bixala Yadaiah Ward member 9676199490
Boinapalle Chilukala Parvatamma Ward member 9704376715
Boinapalle Chtram Yallamma Ward member 9502910250
Boinapalle Jetti Bixam Ward member 8497933737
Boinapalle Kandula Ramesh Ward member 9010170414
Boinapalle Nilakantam Punnaiah Ward member 9177146266
Boinapalle Pantangi Laxmamma Ward member 9959665749
Boinapalle Pantangi Renuka Ward member 9640970090
Boinapalle VAmpu Laxmamma Ward member 9959668215
Chennaram Mailapaka Bakkaiah Sarpanch 9505599505
Chennaram Mukkamula Kalpana Upa-Sarpanch 9000793941
Chennaram Aitagoni Swami Ward member 9490790741
Chennaram Bollam Yadamma Ward member 9885095754
Chennaram Dra chennammaa Ward member 7893270037
Chennaram Dubbaka Padma Ward member 9177519486
Chennaram Jillepalli Venkateshwarlu Ward member 9948751792
Chennaram Maragoni Vijaya Ward member 9000807334
Chennaram Pagilla Ravi Ward member 9849465361
Cherla Gouraram Chilukaraju Sunitha Sarpanch 9949398933
Cherla Gouraram Sk Badesab Upa-Sarpanch 8096230881
Cherla Gouraram Chilkaraju Srinivas Ward member 9704222249
Cherla Gouraram Doddi Vigneshwari Ward member 8790005733
Cherla Gouraram Islavath Hanumanthu Ward member 9701188017
Cherla Gouraram Komaraju Suryakala Ward member 9963044508
Cherla Gouraram Kondeti Vasumathi Ward member 8978737579
Cherla Gouraram Narsing Shankaramma Ward member 9441881521
Cherla Gouraram Nimmla Pushpa Ward member 9704446194
Cherla Gouraram Ramavth Bujamma Ward member 9701188017
Cherla Gouraram Shivarathri Dhashratha Ward member 9963661227
Chetla Chennaram G RAMADEVI Sarpanch 9912428267
Chetla Chennaram S VASUMATHI Upa-Sarpanch 9010516214
Chetla Chennaram B YELLAMMA Ward member 9985326971
Chetla Chennaram D SUHDAKAR REDDY Ward member 9640042258
Chetla Chennaram G VENKANNA Ward member 9705756685
Chetla Chennaram K SUDHAKAR REDDY Ward member 9848179341
Chetla Chennaram N SUNITHA Ward member 9959574713
Chetla Chennaram P BHARATHAMMA Ward member 7730936575
Chetla Chennaram P LINGAMMA Ward member 9912428267
Chetla Chennaram S RAVINDAR REDDY Ward member 9912428267
Chetla Chennaram T KONDAL Ward member 9848892429
Chinna Madharam P BHAGYAMMA Sarpanch 9848540724
Chinna Madharam M VEERAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9848431249
Chinna Madharam A SNTHOSHIA Ward member 8106211880
Chinna Madharam G SHARMILA Ward member 9849460717
Chinna Madharam G VENKAT REDDY Ward member 9948405802
Chinna Madharam M PADMA Ward member 9951735771
Chinna Madharam P JANAKI RAMULU Ward member 9848983775
Chinna Madharam P NAGALAXMI Ward member 9603388367
Chinna Madharam T SURENDAR Ward member 9505071845
Chinna Madharam V PADMA Ward member 8106906599
Chinna Madharam V SRINU Ward member 9951751220
Derveshpur Ch. Venkatreddy Sarpanch 9441562155
Derveshpur J. Sunitha Upa-Sarpanch 9908784588
Derveshpur Ch. Chandrakala Ward member 9701163966
Derveshpur G. Giriprasad Ward member 9052990873
Derveshpur J. Nagesh Ward member 9553799977
Derveshpur K. Yallamma Ward member 9959668295
Derveshpur M . Mohanreddy Ward member 9985451751
Derveshpur M. Parvathamma Ward member 9959668624
Derveshpur R. Anjaiah Ward member 9490561057
Derveshpur S. Yadamma Ward member 9177515225
Derveshpur V. Venkanna Ward member 9652939129
Dorepalle Madagani sayamma Sarpanch 9396632299
Dorepalle Kadari saritha Upa-Sarpanch 9908784265
Dorepalle Adimala Punamma Ward member 7893208054
Dorepalle Dasari saiulu Ward member 8096104273
Dorepalle Dasari yalamam Ward member 9848386893
Dorepalle Ieathagoni china amulu Ward member 9959222358
Dorepalle Kadari lingaiah Ward member 9959079963
Dorepalle Kadari saidulu Ward member 9603238560
Dorepalle Madagani venkanna Ward member 9000219437
Dorepalle Samdrala dhanamam Ward member 9603047124
Dorepalle Sunkireddy kavitha Ward member 9949097634
Gaddamvari Yadavally Parsanaboina Husen Sarpanch 9963500360
Gaddamvari Yadavally Kanugu Lingaswami Upa-Sarpanch 7702641739
Gaddamvari Yadavally BAshapaka Narendar Ward member 9652405419
Gaddamvari Yadavally Chamala Ramadevi Ward member 9441168919
Gaddamvari Yadavally Chinnapaka NAgamani Ward member 9666770911
Gaddamvari Yadavally Gaddam Shankaraiah Ward member 8978630803
Gaddamvari Yadavally Kadingu Saidulu Ward member 9951704523
Gaddamvari Yadavally Karnati Rudramma Ward member 9908806040
Gaddamvari Yadavally Kore Durgamma Ward member 8790235504
Gaddamvari Yadavally Korivi Shankaramma Ward member 9502447107
Gaddamvari Yadavally Nilakantam Saidulu Ward member 9573396949
Gaddamvari Yadavally Parsanaboina sWpna Ward member 9676145949
Gaddamvari Yadavally Vanam Parvatamma Ward member 9705682258
Kanagal Uppari Peddulu Sarpanch 9441658441
Kanagal Vemula Puspalatha Upa-Sarpanch 9959304998
Kanagal Bongarala Renuka Ward member 9949430855
Kanagal Chennagoni Narsimha Ward member 9441439140
Kanagal Koppolu Madhavi` Ward member 9959860334
Kanagal Mandali Ganesh Ward member 9000737113
Kanagal Mattapalli Padma Ward member 9989004281
Kanagal Naragani Peddulu Ward member 9701992915
Kanagal Narsing Suresh Ward member 9989343578
Kanagal Peddagoni Ramesh Ward member 8618024926
Kanagal Perika Venkatesham Ward member 9949698751
Kanagal Tarala Kavita Ward member 9393513953
Kanagal Velugu Indiramma Ward member 7702668305
Kurmapally Orsu Pentamma Sarpanch 9440364430
Kurmapally Narabothoju Dhanalaxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9949145848
Kurmapally Amaroju. Shailaja Ward member 9989024589
Kurmapally Chapali Dhurgamma Ward member 9949709185
Kurmapally Doti Andalu Ward member 9701302793
Kurmapally Gundala. LIngaiah Ward member 8179850490
Kurmapally Kavali Linga Swamy Ward member 9640894755
Kurmapally Talari.Pitchamma Ward member 9502334142
Kurmapally talari .Ramulamma Ward member 8790106938
Kurmapally Valki.Kiran Kumar Ward member 9985133385
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