Khanapur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumbers Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State

Khanapur Mandal Ashoknagar Village
Ashoknagar M Sailu Sarpanch 9908460043
Ashoknagar M Yadhagiri Rao Upa-Sarpanch 9705000526
Ashoknagar Ch Sammakka Ward member 7702602219
Ashoknagar D Vijaya Ward member 9177455879
Ashoknagar E Lingaiah Ward member 9441065908
Ashoknagar E Srinivas Ward member 9346831065
Ashoknagar G Kumaraswamy Ward member 9440429953
Ashoknagar G Vijaya Ward member 9666771908
Ashoknagar K Mallikamba Ward member 9963459632
Ashoknagar K Neela Ward member 9493766946
Ashoknagar K Yadagiri Ward member 7569395743
Ashoknagar R Uma Ward member 9676827002
Ashoknagar S Ramesh Ward member 9553566074
Ashoknagar U Swaroopa Ward member 9908940702 

Khanapur Mandal Budharaopet Village
Budharaopet Sk Subhan bi Sarpanch 9912790937
Budharaopet G Ramnarsaiah Upa-Sarpanch 8099422605
Budharaopet A Ramakka Ward member 9951237707
Budharaopet B Manjula Ward member 9490454084
Budharaopet G Laxmi Ward member 9705066551
Budharaopet G Pilli Ward member 0
Budharaopet K Ramulu Ward member 9441690010
Budharaopet K Somalingam Ward member 9505937743
Budharaopet N Jyothi Ward member 9445192840
Budharaopet N Kavitha Ward member 9542914677
Budharaopet Sk Latheef Shebu Ward member 9912716505
Budharaopet Sk Ramjan bi Ward member 9441689986
Budharaopet Sk Thajoddin Sha Ward member 9492441445
Budharaopet S Murali Ward member 9948490300
Khanapur Mandal Dabeerpet Village
Dabeerpet B Raju Sarpanch 9441903164
Dabeerpet A Komuramma Upa-Sarpanch 8008032197
Dabeerpet B Bhadru Ward member 9490586534
Dabeerpet B Radha Ward member 8985875350
Dabeerpet D Raj Kumar Ward member 9704831583
Dabeerpet D Shankar Ward member 8500117630
Dabeerpet E Anitha Ward member 9603798860
Dabeerpet V Shankar Ward member 7569542050
Dabeerpet Y Kalamma Ward member 8187022770
Khanapur Mandal Dharmaraopeta Village
Dharmaraopeta Arranagula achi Sarpanch 9963308194
Dharmaraopeta Mekala kumaraswamy Upa-Sarpanch 9849464548
Dharmaraopeta balguri saraswathi Ward member 8096184743
Dharmaraopeta Banoth balakrishna Ward member 9440789471
Dharmaraopeta bukya veeranna Ward member 9573329040
Dharmaraopeta kanneboina nagaraju Ward member 9640763885
Dharmaraopeta KODIMALA SURESH Ward member 9441526763
Dharmaraopeta konukati sudakar Ward member 9908762682
Dharmaraopeta Lingala vijaya Ward member 9959275141
Dharmaraopeta medi sathyavani Ward member 8978316337
Dharmaraopeta nunavath manjula Ward member 9866676196
Dharmaraopeta sourapu yakaiah Ward member 9010691225
Dharmaraopeta Thalla sarojana Ward member 9704893247
Khanapur Mandal Khanapur Village
Khanapur Thakkallapelli Ramesh Sarpanch 9493040540
Khanapur Elagandhula Sambha laxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9640188428
Khanapur A. Sujatha Ward member
Khanapur B. Srilatha Ward member 9490117589
Khanapur D. Venkata Prasad Ward member 9951229827
Khanapur G. Sulochana Ward member 9603604949
Khanapur J. Sridhevi Ward member 8500185258
Khanapur K. Rajitha Ward member 9014427877
Khanapur K. Swamy Ward member 9000375368
Khanapur K. Veeresh Ward member 9505596093
Khanapur M. Pavani Ward member 9441771310
Khanapur N. Sambaiah Ward member 8688993170
Khanapur T. Swamy Ward member 9491318345
Khanapur U. Kumara swamy Ward member 9912194169
Khanapur U. Raja Ramaiah Ward member 9014537097
Khanapur Mandal Kothuru Village
Khanapur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumbers Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telang
Kothuru j venkateshwarlu Sarpanch 9866808114
Kothuru kasubhada ramprasad Upa-Sarpanch 9866973630
Kothuru b eelamma Ward member 9945672181
Kothuru d bhuvaneshwari Ward member 9705097929
Kothuru j kalyani Ward member 9652163153
Kothuru j veeraswami Ward member 9533213608
Kothuru m ranuka Ward member
Kothuru m ravi Ward member 9705273837
Kothuru m ravi Ward member 9705273837
Kothuru m ravi Ward member 9705273837
Kothuru n hyma Ward member 9866808114
Kothuru s bixapathi Ward member 9177128417
Khanapur Mandal Mangalavaripet Village
Mangalavaripet j manjula Sarpanch 9505695240
Mangalavaripet Bollu Dudaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9618278332
Mangalavaripet Bhukya Bujji Ward member 8978173040
Mangalavaripet Bommagani Rekha Ward member 9502103405
Mangalavaripet Gondi Sujatha Ward member 9490117707
Mangalavaripet Guguloth Balu Ward member 9705100593
Mangalavaripet Guguloth Lalsingh Ward member 9989481976
Mangalavaripet Guguloth Tharamma Ward member 9949071904
Mangalavaripet Islavath Vagya Ward member 9676534043
Mangalavaripet Lakavath Suramma Ward member 9676778577
Mangalavaripet Lavudya Kanthi Ward member 9989280785
Mangalavaripet Moodu Devendar Ward member 8500583349
Mangalavaripet Moodu Hasli Ward member 9959400814
Khanapur Mandal Manubothulagaddathanda Village
Manubothulagaddathanda Bhukya Narsimha Sarpanch 9573530943
Manubothulagaddathanda Banoth Sunitha Upa-Sarpanch 9550818649
Manubothulagaddathanda Banoth Raju Ward member 8008821221
Manubothulagaddathanda Manche Saritha Ward member 8801666708
Manubothulagaddathanda Marri Venkanna Ward member 9652947325
Manubothulagaddathanda Orsu Prameela Ward member 9542346552
Manubothulagaddathanda Shek Usman Pasha Ward member 9989970982
Manubothulagaddathanda Shivaratri Yakaiah Ward member 9542346552
Manubothulagaddathanda Sura Uppalaiah Ward member 9399088678
Manubothulagaddathanda Tejavath Rajeshwari Ward member 8008976611
Manubothulagaddathanda Yeshaboina Indira Ward member 9676011237
Khanapur Mandal Rangapur Village
Rangapur Takkalapalli Baburao Sarpanch 9963443300
Rangapur kandhula mallamma Upa-Sarpanch 9951998807
Rangapur bhukya sujatha Ward member 9908317828
Rangapur degala suguna Ward member 9908762559
Rangapur gadhula jaggaiah Ward member 9948506151
Rangapur gandamala babu Ward member
Rangapur karimindla dhevender Ward member 9177283822
Rangapur rajaram venu Ward member 9000124863
Rangapur velpula rajitha Ward member
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