Kodad Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Kodad Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List 
Part II 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State
Kodad Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Ameenabad POILA BHAVANI Sarpanch 9397338780
Ameenabad CHITTALURI PUNNAMMA Upa-Sarpanch 9177410233
Ameenabad AREPUDI MANGMMA Ward member 9866916397
Ameenabad CHALIGANTI NARASIMHARAO Ward member 9502620289
Ameenabad DASARI UPENDER Ward member 9397338780
Ameenabad GOPATHI GURUNADHAM Ward member 9989975259
Ameenabad KUNDAMADUGULA NAGAMANI Ward member 9948661911
Ameenabad MELLAPALI SRINIVASARAO Ward member 9346693422
Ameenabad PUNNAVELI PUSHPA Ward member 9186845069
Ameenabad RAMINENI KALAVATHI Ward member 9652307105
Ameenabad REPALA VENKATESWARLU Ward member 9640985875
Anantha Giri Venepalli Saroja Sarpanch 9490942337
Anantha Giri Pallapu Srinivasarao Upa-Sarpanch 9949176746
Anantha Giri Bottu Nagendra Ward member 9951623398
Anantha Giri Dega Kondaiah Ward member 9701474325
Anantha Giri Dega Srinu Ward member 8106223788
Anantha Giri Gadham Lingaiah Ward member 9959285409
Anantha Giri Kakkireni Rani Ward member 9959068446
Anantha Giri Madasu Venkatesh Ward member 9490942337
Anantha Giri Nakirikanti Savitri Ward member 9533219983
Anantha Giri Pandiri Radhamma Ward member 9849657586
Anantha Giri Venepalli Chandrakala Ward member 9951525329
Bheekya Thanda BANOTH AMBEDKAR Sarpanch 9848412144
Bheekya Thanda BODA MANGAMMA Upa-Sarpanch 9951519556
Bheekya Thanda BANOTH HAMLI Ward member 9959164096
Bheekya Thanda BANOTH KEVLA Ward member 9912521205
Bheekya Thanda BANOTH RANGAMMA Ward member 9912781013
Bheekya Thanda BHUKYA JYOTHI Ward member 9010253451
Bheekya Thanda BHUKYA NAGESWAR RAO Ward member 8897423248
Bheekya Thanda GUGULOTH NAGARAJU Ward member 9550459686
Bheekya Thanda GUGULOTH RAMASWAMY Ward member 0
Bojjagudem Thanda G.pathulu Sarpanch 9585869947
Bojjagudem Thanda B.koteshwarrao Ward member 9705112883
Bojjagudem Thanda B.Ravi Ward member 9701152882
Bojjagudem Thanda B.Yegila Ward member 9705112882
Bojjagudem Thanda D.anuja Ward member 9701152883
Bojjagudem Thanda D.Sushila Ward member 9701152883
Bojjagudem Thanda D.Vijaya Ward member 9701152883
Bojjagudem Thanda G.Ravi Ward member 9705115288
Bojjagudem Thanda M.baabu Ward member 9705112882
Chimiryala g.srikanthrao Sarpanch 9494349125
Chimiryala N.BRAHMAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9912159593
Chimiryala AB USHARANI Ward member 9494349125
Chimiryala A.ESAK Ward member 8106956959
Chimiryala AR.VENKATI Ward member 8106956959
Chimiryala D.BHADRAJI Ward member 9494349125
Chimiryala D.DANAMMA Ward member 9494349125
Chimiryala D.SAVITRI.. Ward member 8106956959
Chimiryala D.SING Ward member 9912159593
Chimiryala K.SHANTAMMA Ward member 8106956959
Chimiryala P.BARATHI Ward member 9494349125
Chimiryala P.SUGNA Ward member 9494349125
Chimiryala SK.MEERASAB Ward member 8106956959
Dorakunta GADDALA PUSHPAMMA Sarpanch 8466020311
Dorakunta BANDLA LAKSHMI Upa-Sarpanch 9490045606
Dorakunta GOVINDA MANGAMMA Ward member 9704731855
Dorakunta JALE SRINIVAS Ward member 9848982901
Dorakunta KASHAMALLA LEELAVATHI Ward member 8499871825
Dorakunta KOKKU KALYANI Ward member 8985686984
Dorakunta MD RAHAMAN Ward member 0
Dorakunta PATHIPAKA LAKSHMI Ward member 8096974340
Dorakunta PATHIPAKA RAMARAO Ward member 9676550547
Dorakunta PATHIPAKA SRINIVASARAO Ward member 9848574472
Dorakunta SK SAJEEDA Ward member 9000106692
Dorakunta SK SANDHANI Ward member 9912035620
Dorakunta VEMA NARAYANAMMA Ward member 9492181317
Ganapa Varam CHITTA VENKATARAVAMMA Sarpanch 9848463810
Ganapa Varam POSHAM PURNAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 8499022728
Ganapa Varam ATHUKURI ACHAMMA Ward member 9912462517
Ganapa Varam BALEBOINA NARSAIAH Ward member 9912459121
Ganapa Varam BORRA MOUNIKA Ward member 9885927540
Ganapa Varam CHITTA RAMI REDDY Ward member 9848463810
Ganapa Varam JANAPATI CHAINDRAIAH Ward member 9705934644
Ganapa Varam JANGAM NARSIMHA RAO Ward member 7729956140
Ganapa Varam PAPPULA KARUNA Ward member 9948750569
Ganapa Varam PIDAMARTHI ROJA Ward member 9951115676
Ganapa Varam POTTA SAIDULU Ward member 9666717019
Ganapa Varam RAPOLU RAMADEVI Ward member 9951129680
Ganapa Varam SHAIK RIHANA BEGUM Ward member 9948322702
Goal Thanda banotu mangli Sarpanch 9948532562
Goal Thanda Banotu rama Upa-Sarpanch 9866417726
Goal Thanda Ajmeera Gouri Ward member 8498900732
Goal Thanda Banotu Kotamma Ward member 9948655794
Goal Thanda Banotu lalita Ward member 9441438508
Goal Thanda banotu laxmi Ward member 9704491683
Goal Thanda Banotu ramu Ward member 9959380380
Goal Thanda Banotu Reddy Ward member 9550825548
Goal Thanda banotu shankar Ward member 9951609974
Goal Thanda bhukya suguna Ward member 7799443909
Goal Thanda gugulotu bhadru Ward member 9676967291
Gondriyala MANDAPALLI PADMA Sarpanch 9704740732
Gondriyala BATTA PUSHPA Upa-Sarpanch 9505018525
Gondriyala BATTA ACHAMMA Ward member 0
Gondriyala BATTA PARVATHAMMA Ward member 9505404121
Gondriyala DHANDAMUDI JHANSI Ward member 7893927627
Gondriyala GANGURI SRINIVASRAO Ward member 8106252548
Gondriyala KALAKONDA NAGESWAR RAO Ward member 9652821023
Gondriyala KALAKONDA SAIDAMMA Ward member 8790298096
Gondriyala MAGI SAROJANAMMA Ward member 9573122702
Gondriyala MANDAPALLI VENKATESWARLU Ward member 9704740732
Gondriyala PULI SUNDER RANI Ward member 8008537570
Gondriyala THALLURI YESU Ward member 9908302571
Gondriyala VELISHALA SUBBA CHARY Ward member 9959485230
Gudibanda Y Ramanamma Sarpanch 9705056967
Gudibanda M Srinu Upa-Sarpanch 9542212850
Gudibanda A mangamma Ward member 9010862971
Gudibanda G Indrasena reddy Ward member 9010731186
Gudibanda G manasa Ward member 9989897097
Gudibanda G Veera nagu Ward member 9000125125
Gudibanda K Bhavani Ward member 9848732242
Gudibanda M saidulu Ward member 9948503687
Gudibanda P Bhavani Ward member 9542092807
Gudibanda P kalavthi Ward member 9666678294
Gudibanda P Sandhya Ward member 9553831234
Gudibanda P Srilatha Ward member 8464948452
Gudibanda Y radha Krishna Ward member 9603340511
Kapugal T.Sateesh kumar Sarpanch 9848429294
Kapugal K.tirumalamma Upa-Sarpanch 9948532566
Kapugal B.Appamma Ward member 9014494980
Kapugal Ch.Guruvulu Ward member 9015621772
Kapugal Ch.Kiran Ward member 7569455496
Kapugal Ch.Seetharmulu Ward member 9010842137
Kapugal J.Jyothi Ward member 9676828263
Kapugal K.Anjamma Ward member 9989520580
Kapugal K.Laxmana Ward member 9951860617
Kapugal M.Muralikrishna Ward member 9603181757
Kapugal M.Satyanarayana Ward member 9848409539
Kapugal M.Tirumalamma Ward member 9912291151
Kapugal N.Goopika Ward member 9959285088
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