Kodad Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Kodad Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List
 Part I 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State
Kodad Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Khana Puram AJMEERA SAIDI Sarpanch 9701416134
Khana Puram KANAGALA VEERAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9848732846
Khana Puram AJMEERA MANGAMMA Ward member 9701416134
Khana Puram BONAGIRI LINGAMMA Ward member 9912215980
Khana Puram BUKHYA SAIDULU Ward member 9701416134
Khana Puram GADE MADHAVI Ward member 9701416134
Khana Puram GINGAPALLI RAMESH Ward member 9848495665
Khana Puram GUNDLAPALLI VENKATANARAYANA Ward member 9701416134
Khana Puram JONNALAGADDA KOTESHWARAO Ward member 9848878982
Khana Puram PALADASU LAXMI Ward member 8179797730
Khana Puram SOMAPONGU RANI Ward member 9550495446
Kistapuram Sattu sAthyavathi Sarpanch 9640349044
Kistapuram Karisha Mogesh Upa-Sarpanch 9603705838
Kistapuram Chinthakayala Aruna Ward member 9640349044
Kistapuram Darla Anitha Ward member 9640349044
Kistapuram Deshaboina Babu Ward member 9951997416
Kistapuram Deshaboina Venkateshwarlu Ward member 9951997416
Kistapuram Pedapangu Lalithamma Ward member 9951598258
Kistapuram Pedapangu Mariyamma Ward member 9705884479
Kistapuram Rentala Sarangu Ward member 9705884479
Komarbanda Sampeta Ravi Sarpanch 9392520245
Komarbanda Patta Shankuthala Upa-Sarpanch 9885077652
Komarbanda Bollam Upendar Ward member 9848598281
Komarbanda Chattu Nagamma Ward member 9951093623
Komarbanda Chintha China Venkataiah Ward member 9640586890
Komarbanda Devapangu Kotaiah Ward member 9948307079
Komarbanda Gollapally Venkamma Ward member 9848823599
Komarbanda Pallapu Shiva Lingaiah Ward member 9640997754
Komarbanda Patta Paapa Ward member 9350236972
Komarbanda Shaik Balemiya Ward member 9951407470
Komarbanda Shaik Fathima Ward member 8189967248
Komarbanda Udum Papa Rao Ward member 9704367101
Kothagudem Ch. Prasad Sarpanch 9866925830
Kothagudem T. Balakrishna Upa-Sarpanch 9963614865
Kothagudem A.Suguna Ward member 9533263846
Kothagudem b. sOMLA Ward member 9866925830
Kothagudem b. Sunitha Ward member 9963614865
Kothagudem B. Uppi Ward member 9502803619
Kothagudem G.Nageshwar rao Ward member 9963614865
Kothagudem T. Alivelu Ward member 9652291672
Kothagudem V. Lingaiah Ward member 9502276172
Kuchipudi CHINAPANGU SUNDER RAO Sarpanch 9705378685
Kuchipudi CHETULA RAMAKRISHNA Upa-Sarpanch 9603720594
Kuchipudi KASTHALA VIJAYARAO Ward member
Kuchipudi METTU SHANKER RAO Ward member 9848133915
Kuchipudi MUTYALA VEERAIAH Ward member 9618379257
Kuchipudi REDAPANGU SALOMI Ward member 8790055387
Kuchipudi SHAIK BEEBI Ward member
Kuchipudi SHAIK MOULA SAHEB Ward member 9603326945
Kuchipudi SHETTY VENKATRAVAMMA Ward member 8008917655
Kuchipudi SHIRAMSHETTY ANASURYAMMA Ward member 9705982847
Kuchipudi SHIRAMSHETTY VIJAYALAKSHMI Ward member 9346457504
Kuchipudi Thanda B.Dwali Sarpanch 9912135086
Kuchipudi Thanda G.Gori Upa-Sarpanch 9912135086
Kuchipudi Thanda B.Baburao Ward member 9948470974
Kuchipudi Thanda B.Devi Ward member 9963173905
Kuchipudi Thanda B.Laxmi Ward member 9912489738
Kuchipudi Thanda B.Saida Ward member 9000781224
Kuchipudi Thanda B.Sarojini Ward member 9908994167
Kuchipudi Thanda B.Vasu Ward member 9849089758
Kuchipudi Thanda J.Gami Ward member 9676435821
Lakka Varam T.Sakkubai Sarpanch 9676792746
Lakka Varam GNareenderreddy Upa-Sarpanch 8885123123
Lakka Varam K.Savitramma Ward member 9948749419
Lakka Varam M.Laxmi Ward member 9676792746
Lakka Varam M.Nagendra Ward member 9553650798
Lakka Varam P.Nageswarao Ward member 9603549173
Lakka Varam S.Anasurya Ward member 9676792746
Lakka Varam Sk.Madarsaheb Ward member 9963197817
Lakka Varam V.Pullareddy Ward member 9705178664
Mogalaikota Poralla Uma Sarpanch 9440304360
Mogalaikota A shivaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9989013586
Mogalaikota D jaipal reddi Ward member 9705425110
Mogalaikota k vijaya Ward member 9705162649
Mogalaikota linga jayamma Ward member 7382642052
Mogalaikota M srikanth Ward member 9666342980
Mogalaikota p anji Ward member 9705430311
Mogalaikota p nagamani Ward member 9652941388
Mogalaikota P Ramanareddy Ward member 9701444851
Mogalaikota varikuppala padma Ward member 9505570567
Mogalaikota v ramana Ward member 9848269229
Nallabanda Gudem Yeramala Susheela Sarpanch 9440108319
Nallabanda Gudem Nallapati Srinivasa Rao Upa-Sarpanch 8121492619
Nallabanda Gudem B.Arunakumari Ward member 8790005830
Nallabanda Gudem B.Srinu Ward member 8500240086
Nallabanda Gudem CH.Sudhakar Rao Ward member 9030208858
Nallabanda Gudem E.Anusha Ward member 9948846237
Nallabanda Gudem G.Ananthalaxmi Ward member 8143567915
Nallabanda Gudem G.Durgavani Ward member 9966521144
Nallabanda Gudem M.Hariprasad Ward member 7382159410
Nallabanda Gudem M.Sitaravamma Ward member 9885597075
Nallabanda Gudem P.Nagendra Ward member 9581435277
Nallabanda Gudem P.Srinivasa Rao Ward member 9703580148
Nallabanda Gudem Y.Srilaxmi Ward member 9966789441
Ramalaxmipuram Bellamkonda Bhrammam Sarpanch 9848281101
Ramalaxmipuram Gangireddi Kannareddy Upa-Sarpanch 9951889524
Ramalaxmipuram Anantharapu Upendramma Ward member 9705752840
Ramalaxmipuram Annem China venkatareddi Ward member 9640782899
Ramalaxmipuram Bellamkonda Veerababu Ward member 9553252328
Ramalaxmipuram Koppula Kameshwaramma Ward member 9848498975
Ramalaxmipuram Koppula sarita Ward member 9848369526
Ramalaxmipuram Pamula Radhakrishna Ward member 7731956958
Ramalaxmipuram Pamula sunitha Ward member 9951290854
Redla Kunta Polampally Mariyamma Sarpanch 9959063404
Redla Kunta Mettem Sandhya Upa-Sarpanch 9966032020
Redla Kunta Gunde Sathyanarayana Ward member 9959909674
Redla Kunta Ithamraju Nagendra Ward member 9959909841
Redla Kunta Kateboina Nagaiah Ward member 9010063671
Redla Kunta Mallela Pullaiah Ward member 9959909841
Redla Kunta Mende Sreenu Ward member 9949171106
Redla Kunta Pidamarthy Vijaya Rani Ward member 9052504137
Redla Kunta Polampally BhupathiRao Ward member 8179559455
Redla Kunta Polampally Yashoda Ward member 9764731647
Redla Kunta Shaik Khajabee Ward member 9963210096
Shantinagar B.Pullareddy Sarpanch 9948277877
Shantinagar Sk.Madar Upa-Sarpanch 9494150677
Shantinagar G.Pichamma Ward member 9948277877
Shantinagar K.Tirapamma Ward member 9948277877
Shantinagar K.Venkatnarayana Ward member 9010179785
Shantinagar N.Suraiah Ward member 9912079348
Shantinagar R.Buchaiah Ward member 9640713878
Shantinagar R.Uppalmma Ward member 9505478998
Shantinagar S.Anasurya Ward member 9010253259
Shantinagar Sk.Lal Ward member 7032595832
Shantinagar SK.Saidabi Ward member 9948277877
Thamarabandapalem S.KATAIAH Sarpanch 9553252982
Thamarabandapalem B.HANAMANTHA RAO Upa-Sarpanch 9666194455
Thamarabandapalem B.BAGYASREE Ward member 9848812179
Thamarabandapalem B.KARUNA Ward member 7702299190
Thamarabandapalem B.NAGARAJU Ward member 9948750833
Thamarabandapalem B.PULLAMMA Ward member 9705808935
Thamarabandapalem B.VENKATANARAYANA Ward member 8121517655
Thamarabandapalem G.SAIDULU Ward member 9701596567
Thamarabandapalem K.SWAMI Ward member 9705598698
Thamarabandapalem K.VENKATARAMANA Ward member 9494346382
Thamarabandapalem P.SATYANARAYANA Ward member 9848187528
Thamarabandapalem R.JANAMMA Ward member 9948819217
Thamarabandapalem SK.GOUSIA BEGAM Ward member 9494346382
Thamarabandapalem SK.JHAKEER HUSSEN Ward member 9392524137
Thamarabandapalem SK.NURJHAN BEGAM Ward member 8466912012
Thogarrai Palle Srinivasarao Sarpanch 9705119140
Thogarrai LIkki venkataiah Upa-Sarpanch 9948532944
Thogarrai Avulamana pullamma Ward member 9505051027
Thogarrai Baleboina madaramma Ward member 9848236304
Thogarrai baleboina venkatamma Ward member 9505049572
Thogarrai kanneboina satyanarayna Ward member 9542904430
Thogarrai Kati anjamma Ward member 9505077531
Thogarrai liki valaraju Ward member 8096163696
Thogarrai Likki lIngamma Ward member 9010961232
Thogarrai manda laxmamma Ward member 9542566827
Thogarrai Miryala Krishna Ward member 9010728232
Thogarrai Puli sandhya Ward member 9848735263
Thogarrai yalamarti suramma Ward member 9948282851
Venkatrampuram A Vedantha Rao Sarpanch 9848715888
Venkatrampuram T Kishan Upa-Sarpanch 9848050573
Venkatrampuram Ch laxmamma Ward member 8179558667
Venkatrampuram G Bharathamma Ward member 8460910871
Venkatrampuram G Omkarachari Ward member 9505214458
Venkatrampuram G Ramadevi Ward member 9542597785
Venkatrampuram K Laxmamma Ward member 7842390721
Venkatrampuram K Pushpalatha Ward member 9912915771
Venkatrampuram P Padma Ward member 9848524255
Venkatrampuram R Krishna Ward member 8187811482
Venkatrampuram S Veerababu Ward member 9542597785
Yerraram SULTHANI KOTAMMA Sarpanch 9848387563
Yerraram NETTEM NAGENDRA PRASAD Upa-Sarpanch 9912017790
Yerraram BALEBOINA NAGESWAR RAO Ward member 9949373425
Yerraram MERIGA SAIDULU Ward member 9542234495
Yerraram NALAJALA DHANLAKSHMI Ward member 8790193542
Yerraram NALAJALA SRINIVASRAO Ward member 9603947597
Yerraram SHAIK MADAR BEE Ward member 8498979343
Yerraram SULTHANI ANASURYA Ward member 9635388152
Yerraram VALLAPU CHANDRAKALA Ward member 9505136883
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