Kothaguda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumbers Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Tealangana State

Kothaguda Mandal Batthulapalle Village
Batthulapalle Eesam Kanthamma Sarpanch 9440408816
Batthulapalle eesam Naresh Upa-Sarpanch 7382675176
Batthulapalle Eesam Sammaiah Ward member 0
Batthulapalle Kangala Srinu Ward member 9491203920
Batthulapalle Klathi Anasurya Ward member 9441640972
Batthulapalle Kunja Rama Ward member 0
Batthulapalle Maddela Nirmala Ward member 0
Batthulapalle Sangi Sampath Ward member 7382673054
Batthulapalle Sanpa Samba Ward member 0
Batthulapalle Solam Kusumala Ward member 7382521178
Batthulapalle Thati Nirmala Ward member
Batthulapalle Tursa Krishna Ward member 7382673206
Batthulapalle Vajja Ellaiah Ward member 9491046231
Kothaguda Mandal Gangaram Village
Gangaram Jejjari Vasantha Sarpanch 9493718483
Gangaram Eaka Bixam Upa-Sarpanch 9666792290
Gangaram BACHALA PAPALAXMI Ward member 8008810882
Gangaram Burka Sreeramulu Ward member 8500180201
Gangaram CHINTHA SARAKKA Ward member 0
Gangaram CHINTHA SWARUPA Ward member 9492117188
Gangaram JEJJARI KRISHNA Ward member 9492107665
Gangaram JEJJARI RAMESH Ward member 9492479135
Gangaram JEJJARI SAMMAKKA Ward member 8331929920
Gangaram JEJJARI SAMMAKKA Ward member 9491884595
Gangaram PALLAPU ANJANEYULU Ward member 8500179821
Kothaguda Mandal Gundam Village
Kothaguda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumbers Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Tealangana State
Gundam G Ramesh Sarpanch 8096580811
Gundam B Ramchander Upa-Sarpanch 9490393099
Gundam B Thara Ward member 9010906681
Gundam E Sumalatha Ward member 0
Gundam G Anasurya Ward member 0
Gundam G Laxmikantha Ward member 9441144775
Gundam K Soban Ward member 9603580535
Gundam M Dupna Ward member 0
Gundam P Papamm Ward member 0
Kothaguda Mandal Jangavanigudem Village
Jangavanigudem Eka Srilatha Sarpanch 8790408533
Jangavanigudem Dharam Bhupal Upa-Sarpanch 8008925482
Jangavanigudem Bangari pulamma Ward member 8985226981
Jangavanigudem Bijja Pramela Ward member 8008030613
Jangavanigudem Dhanasari Yakababu Ward member 2
Jangavanigudem Erupa Gawramma Ward member 1
Jangavanigudem Erupa Suguna Ward member 0
Jangavanigudem Kunja Sambaiah Ward member 9441341742
Jangavanigudem Maddel Swarupa Ward member 3
Jangavanigudem Penuka Sammaiah Ward member 8332030561
Jangavanigudem Ramtenki Mallaiah Ward member 8500583545
Kothaguda Mandal Karlai Village
Karlai mankidi sarakka Sarpanch 8985443782
Karlai B Soroja Ward member 0
Karlai E Yemavathi Ward member 0
Karlai K Prasad Ward member 8500313461
Karlai pedaboena verraswamy Ward member 9491751532
Karlai P Laxmi pathi Ward member 7382675087
Karlai P sriramulu Ward member 0
Karlai suvarnnapaka Badramma Ward member 0
Karlai tati yakkamma Ward member 7382675087
Kothaguda Mandal Komatlagudem Village
Komatlagudem E Suresh Sarpanch 9492442459
Komatlagudem B Lingamurthy Upa-Sarpanch 8985026927
Komatlagudem A Lalitha Ward member 9490332059
Komatlagudem D Swaroopa Ward member 9492642821
Komatlagudem E Raghupathi Ward member 8500264954
Komatlagudem E Ravinder Ward member 9492269350
Komatlagudem G Suguna Ward member 9491204389
Komatlagudem K Ashok Ward member 9491117035
Komatlagudem K Saramma Ward member 8500160287
Komatlagudem M Saramma Ward member 8331947739
Komatlagudem M Subhadra Ward member 8985098486
Komatlagudem V Sarangapani Ward member 9444805299
Komatlagudem V Vidhyasagar Ward member 8985097995
Kothaguda Mandal Kothaguda Village
Kothaguda B Thirupathi Sarpanch 9440416638
Kothaguda B Balu Upa-Sarpanch 9492443865
Kothaguda A Mangamma Ward member 0
Kothaguda B Saramma Ward member 9440695458
Kothaguda B Shankar Ward member 0
Kothaguda E Chukkamma Ward member 9676426113
Kothaguda G Laxmi Ward member 9701808503
Kothaguda G Yakaiah Ward member 9553898863
Kothaguda K Venkatamma Ward member 8790387757
Kothaguda MD Safiya Ward member 9490580004
Kothaguda M Mallikamba Ward member 9492644110
Kothaguda M Rambabu Ward member 8985447684
Kothaguda S Boolaxmi Ward member 0
Kothaguda T Ramnarsaiah Ward member 0
Kothaguda T Saramma Ward member 7702244364
Kothaguda Mandal Madagudem Village
Madagudem Yapa Bhadramma Sarpanch 9441671908
Madagudem Chuncha Sammaiah Upa-Sarpanch 8985227023
Madagudem Bijja Koushalya Ward member 9492373827
Madagudem Danasari Saramma Ward member 9441671908
Madagudem Danasari Venkatamma Ward member 9441671908
Madagudem Duggarapu Sambalaxmi Ward member 9440688475
Madagudem Easam Suresh Ward member 9492444597
Madagudem Gogu Suresh Ward member 7382420695
Madagudem Mokalla Sarojana Ward member 7382692340
Kothaguda Mandal Marrigudem Village
Marrigudem pulsam laxmi Sarpanch 9491971964
Marrigudem Esam kantharao Upa-Sarpanch 0
Marrigudem B.Swarupa Ward member 0
Marrigudem E.Saraiah Ward member 0
Marrigudem G.Shantha Ward member 0
Marrigudem K.Amrutha Ward member 0
Marrigudem K.Eswaramma Ward member 0
Marrigudem M.SAMBAIAH Ward member 9493039835
Marrigudem S.Sammakka Ward member 0
Kothaguda Mandal Musimi Village
Musimi Bhukya.Shenkar Sarpanch 9542384817
Musimi Esam Kamalamma Upa-Sarpanch 7658970262
Musimi Ajmera Gangadhar Ward member 9494535046
Musimi Banoth Annapurna Ward member 7036221566
Musimi Banoth Kishan Ward member 7702448061
Musimi Ilaboina Naresh Ward member 9553805699
Musimi Korra Kalyani Ward member 9652879408
Musimi Lunavath Rajender Ward member 9505480640
Musimi Maddela Venkatamma Ward member 9493408475
Musimi Parshika Suramma Ward member 9542304504
Musimi Rasamalla Srinivas Ward member 9951791509
Kothaguda Mandal Ootai Village
Ootai Dharavath .Narsimha Sarpanch 9441672619
Ootai Banoth Gamsi Ward member 0
Ootai Buggala Komuraiah Ward member 9701811541
Ootai Chinta Swarupa Ward member 0
Ootai Dadi Kotilingam Ward member 0
Ootai Dharavath Bhadramma Ward member 0
Ootai Dharavath .kavitha Ward member 0
Ootai Eslavath Laxmi Ward member 0
Ootai Gatti Ramulu Ward member 9542448858
Ootai Minumula Ravi Ward member 8466823461
Ootai Yeshaboina Yellaiah Ward member 0
Kothaguda Mandal Pogallapalli Village
Pogallapalli BANOTHU BHADRAMMA Sarpanch 8500039394
Pogallapalli NAKKA SAMBAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9553595913
Pogallapalli BANGARI VANAMMA Ward member 9963561875
Pogallapalli BANOTHU MUSALAIAH Ward member 9705902516
Pogallapalli BANOTHU THARAMMA Ward member 7702969732
Pogallapalli GATTI MUTHAMMA Ward member 9441957327
Pogallapalli GATTI SUDARSHAN Ward member 9441957327
Pogallapalli KAVATI SADANANDAM Ward member 9553255439
Pogallapalli KUNJA EASHWARAMMA Ward member 9618565591
Pogallapalli NARSINGULA RAMA Ward member 7032591551
Pogallapalli NUNAVATH EARYA Ward member 9492107321
Kothaguda Mandal Ponugondla Village
Ponugondla ESAM KANTARAO Sarpanch 9676088085
Ponugondla Kalthy laxmaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9492413680
Ponugondla Cherukula kantarao Ward member 0
Ponugondla Eeka kamala Ward member 0
Ponugondla Esam poolamma Ward member 0
Ponugondla Penaka swaroopa Ward member 0
Ponugondla Poleboina narsamma Ward member 7893375150
Ponugondla Ramatenki srinu Ward member 0
Ponugondla Suvarnapaka vajjaiah Ward member 9491818548
Kothaguda Mandal Sadireddipalli Village
Sadireddipalli VASAM PRAMEELA Sarpanch 9441957689
Sadireddipalli KUNJA BIXAPATHI Upa-Sarpanch 9000587103
Sadireddipalli ALURI DHARMAIAH Ward member 9618118704
Sadireddipalli BANDI VEERAMMA Ward member 9553577127
Sadireddipalli BIJJA SARAKKA Ward member 9603581774
Sadireddipalli CHALLAMALLA SAIDIREDDY Ward member 9676449584
Sadireddipalli CHIDAM SAMPATH Ward member 9000587103
Sadireddipalli DANASARI KOMMALU Ward member 9666576137
Sadireddipalli JANNU ASHOK Ward member 7702170429
Sadireddipalli METHKU SWARUPA Ward member 9603581774
Sadireddipalli PONAKA KOMMAKKA Ward member 7702090407
Sadireddipalli PONAKA SHANTHAMMA Ward member 9440414471
Kothaguda Mandal Velubelly Village
Velubelly vajja venkatalaxmi Sarpanch 7660017189
Velubelly Daram veeraswammy Upa-Sarpanch 7660017189
Velubelly Amgothu Shnkar Ward member 9701821408
Velubelly Bhukya Sarojana Ward member 8096600573
Velubelly Dhanasari swarupa Ward member 9676895018
Velubelly Erpa neela Ward member 9440163561
Velubelly Esam samaiah Ward member 8985530649
Velubelly Guguiothu sali Ward member 9441635061
Velubelly Kasneboina yakaiha Ward member 9440408139
Velubelly Mokalla poolamma Ward member 9491813486
Velubelly Seengam Radhika Ward member 7893269593
Velubelly Ullengula swapna Ward member 9441638930
Kothaguda Mandal Yedulapalle Village
Yedulapalle Erpa Rajeswar Sarpanch 8897216979
Yedulapalle Sanpa Laxmi Upa-Sarpanch 8179800206
Yedulapalle Bollu Ravi Ward member 9908466176
Yedulapalle Chevva Mallaiah Ward member 9502845804
Yedulapalle Eka Srinivas Ward member 9440483621
Yedulapalle Gatti Santha Ward member 0
Yedulapalle Kusa Anitha Ward member 9505399291
Yedulapalle Penka Venkanna Ward member 8332850424
Yedulapalle Sanpa Kalamma Ward member 9010835012
Yedulapalle Solam Papamma Ward member 0
Yedulapalle Solam Venkanna Ward member 8500877622
Yedulapalle Vajja Ramanaiah Ward member 8985473847
Yedulapalle Yedlapally ramadevi Ward member 8500385053
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