Marri Guda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Marri Guda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I
 Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Marri Guda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Ajalapuram M Lalu Naik Sarpanch 9441514654
Ajalapuram A Yadaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9177502994
Ajalapuram A Sathamma Ward member 8696987298
Ajalapuram B Pushpa Ward member 9652248912
Ajalapuram Ch Laxmi Ward member 9701497333
Ajalapuram K Yadagiri Ward member 7893800256
Ajalapuram M Somla Ward member 9959158870
Ajalapuram R Palavi Ward member 9959165748
Ajalapuram V Bhaskar Ward member 8978005108
Anthampet R.Narendar reddy Sarpanch 9666332729
Anthampet A Lachaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9866217524
Anthampet A. Bheeram Ward member 9866747143
Anthampet B Chandramma Ward member 9963568232
Anthampet B.Mangamma Ward member 9640042414
Anthampet I Hanumanthu Ward member 8978755371
Anthampet I Puspalatha Ward member 9704257567
Anthampet J Koushalya Ward member 9701914157
Anthampet N. Sona Ward member 9618260464
Anthampet N Yadaiah Ward member 9959860412
Anthampet N. Yadamma Ward member 9652177195
Damera Bheeman Palle Munagala Anthireddy Sarpanch 9652986535
Damera Bheeman Palle V Ramulu Upa-Sarpanch 8978570655
Damera Bheeman Palle D Venkataiah Ward member 9505061573
Damera Bheeman Palle M Amruthamma Ward member 9491187735
Damera Bheeman Palle M Balthroju Ward member 9441659140
Damera Bheeman Palle M Ramulamma Ward member 9491127768
Damera Bheeman Palle M Vinodha Ward member 9959745923
Damera Bheeman Palle N Padma Ward member 7893049422
Damera Bheeman Palle N Thirupathaiah Ward member 9490849706
Damera Bheeman Palle P Bhrama Chary Ward member 9440467413
Damera Bheeman Palle S Jaakob Ward member 9390718377
Damera Bheeman Palle S Vishnu Ward member 9959745923
Damera Bheeman Palle V Alivelu Ward member 9573193452
Khudabaksh Palle p.surendhar reddy Sarpanch 9440346569
Khudabaksh Palle K.yadamma Upa-Sarpanch 9573061507
Khudabaksh Palle A.suvarna Ward member 9908509545
Khudabaksh Palle b.anasuya Ward member 9000192215
Khudabaksh Palle G.chinaramulu Ward member 9494808196
Khudabaksh Palle j.vijaya Ward member 9908509545
Khudabaksh Palle k.laxman Ward member 8106062862
Khudabaksh Palle k.laxmi Ward member 9494948483
Khudabaksh Palle k.narsimha Ward member 9573880444
Khudabaksh Palle md.shabeer Ward member 9989382768
Khudabaksh Palle P.Yadamma Ward member 9505061431
Khudabaksh Palle s.narendar Ward member 9949426502
Khudabaksh Palle U.jangaiah Ward member 9866261554
Kondur Udgu Anjamma Sarpanch 9573718322
Kondur Vallapu Laxmaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9491369896
Kondur Ambothu Shanthi Ward member 9959159033
Kondur Badeti Jangaiah Ward member 9666597564
Kondur Baikadi Kalamma Ward member 9573718322
Kondur B Jangaiah Ward member 9959996094
Kondur Dubba Buggamma Ward member 9473992534
Kondur Jarpula Pathi Ward member 9573718322
Kondur Jarpula Ramani Ward member 9573718322
Lenkala Palle Paka Nagesh Sarpanch 9989977592
Lenkala Palle Pagilla Ramana Upa-Sarpanch 9879269658
Lenkala Palle Boda Anjaiah Ward member 9959893042
Lenkala Palle Chapal Srini Ward member 9618509759
Lenkala Palle Erupula Muthamma Ward member 9652152890
Lenkala Palle Erupula Narsihma Ward member 7893040995
Lenkala Palle Katagoni Padma Ward member 9000736913
Lenkala Palle Kommu Bhagyamma Ward member 9959002398
Lenkala Palle Kplluri Krishnaiah Ward member 9492361799
Lenkala Palle Pemblla Indramma Ward member 9704413265
Lenkala Palle Thirumani Mallesh Ward member 9959424514
Marriguda Masa Neelima Sarpanch 9849495497
Marriguda Bandi Maramma Upa-Sarpanch 9440849235
Marriguda Gyara Lingaiah Ward member 9490895708
Marriguda Gyara Yadaiah Ward member 9490022843
Marriguda Kattkuri Chandrakala Ward member 8500092662
Marriguda Md Ashwak Ward member 9441854773
Marriguda Pathangi Bharathamma Ward member 9440260881
Marriguda Polepally Alivelu Ward member 9493967892
Marriguda Ponugoti Bhaskar Ward member 9492181864
Marriguda Pothulothu Pulli Ward member 9701996686
Marriguda SiliveruChandraiah Ward member 9848384063
Marriguda Siluveru Maramma Ward member 9010802761
Marriguda venkatampeta chandraiah Ward member 9490571968
Metichandapur Burra Ramulamma Sarpanch 9963732233
Metichandapur Ithagoni Narsimha Upa-Sarpanch 7893338364
Metichandapur Chepuri Mamatha Ward member 9866012799
Metichandapur Erpula Durgamma Ward member 9542796671
Metichandapur Gantta Shanthi Ward member 9440561240
Metichandapur kakunoori Shankar Ward member 9505302207
Metichandapur kaletla Yadaiag Ward member 9666934492
Metichandapur Kommu Shivaji Ward member 9701425052
Metichandapur Ubbu Sravanthi Ward member 9177178268
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