Marri Guda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Marri Guda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State
Marri Guda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Namapur kanchukata Vasntha Laxmi Sampath Sarpanch 9666017558
Namapur Bemanpally Ramulu Upa-Sarpanch 8096164421
Namapur Bemanpally suguna Ward member 9963889884
Namapur Boda Sailamma Ward member
Namapur Itharaju Shenkar Ward member 9542172332
Namapur jajula Bal Raju Ward member 9701775652
Namapur jangam Andalu Ward member 9640042466
Namapur kanchukata Anjamma Ward member
Namapur Vemula Santhosha Ward member 9573946749
Ramreddi Palle Pamula Yadaiah Sarpanch 9441006280
Ramreddi Palle Abbanagoni Krishnaiah Ward member 9490951254
Ramreddi Palle Balusula Somaiah Ward member 9491609844
Ramreddi Palle Beemanagoni Mallamma Ward member 9441364808
Ramreddi Palle Dabbu Kalamma Ward member 9000848576
Ramreddi Palle Karengu Ramya Ward member 9491609844
Ramreddi Palle Madagoni Srinu Ward member 9963119149
Ramreddi Palle Madagoni Yeshamma Ward member 9603923208
Ramreddi Palle Mantri Mallamma Ward member 9705668494
Ramreddi Palle Pagilla Satyanarayana Ward member 9550955353
Ramreddi Palle Vadde Lalitha Ward member 9493966698
Sarampet Katrothu Raju Sarpanch 9441363443
Sarampet Mendu Narsimha Upa-Sarpanch 9866258363
Sarampet Alakuntla Sarada Ward member 9000986283
Sarampet Dasari Sugunama Ward member 9505284092
Sarampet Gantakampu Anjamma Ward member 8374415567
Sarampet Nakka Mariah Ward member 9912446640
Sarampet Ramavath Rajibai Ward member 9490310165
Sarampet Ravula Murali Ward member 8008378784
Sarampet Yenammala Madhukar Ward member 8096295015
Sivannagudem desidi Srilatha Sarpanch 9989735789
Sivannagudem Boyapalli Kavitha Upa-Sarpanch 9949144219
Sivannagudem Amanaganti Nagamani Ward member 9490257105
Sivannagudem Arukonda Laxmaiah Ward member 9908387525
Sivannagudem Bandi Krishnaiah Ward member 9000748839
Sivannagudem Dasari Laxamamma Ward member 0
Sivannagudem Itharaju Rama Ward member 9550130531
Sivannagudem Lapangi Andalu Ward member 9989635511
Sivannagudem Lapangi yadaiah Ward member 9989319747
Sivannagudem Manupati Shankar Ward member 7893553906
Sivannagudem Munugala Venkat reddy Ward member 9959576093
Sivannagudem Pogakku Narsimhma Ward member 0
Sivannagudem V Shankaramma Ward member 7674974246
Tammad Palle Aili laxmamma Sarpanch 9446880694
Tammad Palle jilla ramesh Ward member 9966226726
Tammad Palle kottam anjamma Ward member 9963339906
Tammad Palle kottam aruna Ward member 9966226726
Tammad Palle kottam mallesh Ward member 9966226726
Tammad Palle kottam venkataiah Ward member 9581821287
Tammad Palle mogili narsimha Ward member 9966226726
Tammad Palle nagilla santhosha Ward member 9948887298
Tammad Palle vadlakonda yadamma Ward member 9959468515
Tirgandla Palle N. Gnaneshwari Sarpanch 9949293909
Tirgandla Palle Chellam Bramhaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9160966031
Tirgandla Palle Chellam Laxmamma Ward member 9550115091
Tirgandla Palle Iythapaka Parvatamma Ward member 7702192489
Tirgandla Palle Janegala Jangaiah Ward member 7702455037
Tirgandla Palle Kolukulapalli Laxmamma Ward member 8186839090
Tirgandla Palle Naroju Sreenu chary Ward member 9490002475
Tirgandla Palle Neelakantam Jayamma Ward member 9032684058
Tirgandla Palle Shegoju Suvarna Ward member 9676105286
Tirgandla Palle Uduthala Krishnaiah Ward member 9550115061
Tirgandla Palle Vallapu Krishnaiah Ward member 9676115080
Vatti Palle Pandula Yadaiah Sarpanch 9441703538
Vatti Palle Pandula Yadaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9441703538
Vatti Palle Avvari Yadagiri Ward member 9492363405
Vatti Palle Gandikota Venkataiah Ward member 9441338505
Vatti Palle Jale Laxmamma Ward member 9494350119
Vatti Palle Jampala Swaroopa Ward member 9490703697
Vatti Palle Jinkala Jayamma Ward member 8008524546
Vatti Palle Medipally Yadaiah Ward member 9603313500
Vatti Palle Nunsavath Gopi Ward member 9441583134
Vatti Palle Ramavath Suguna Ward member 9490266741
Vatti Palle Vampu Chandramma Ward member 8008594938
Yergandla Palle dantu jagadeesh Sarpanch 9000966508
Yergandla Palle garlapati yadaiah Upa-Sarpanch 8184905539
Yergandla Palle gade yadamma Ward member 8978313043
Yergandla Palle kanugala shankaraiah Ward member 9989734693
Yergandla Palle mamidi yadaiah Ward member 9550011764
Yergandla Palle siliveru yadaiah Ward member 9866573902
Yergandla Palle thodeti alluru Ward member 9989334277
Yergandla Palle uppunuthala saidamma Ward member 9573504603
Yergandla Palle vallamula anjamma Ward member 9959155534
Yergandla Palle vallamula jangamma Ward member 9502260900
Yergandla Palle vanaparthi yadamma Ward member 7702447123
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