Mattampalle Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Mattampalle Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State 
Mattampalle Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Manchyagani Thanda Rupavath Kishan Sarpanch 9550456141
Manchyagani Thanda Sapavat Hussain Upa-Sarpanch 9177496069
Manchyagani Thanda Malothu Balu Ward member 9550456141
Manchyagani Thanda Malothu Bujji Ward member 9676093543
Manchyagani Thanda Malothu Janaki Ward member 9550456141
Manchyagani Thanda Malothu Juni Ward member 9866370592
Manchyagani Thanda Malothu Saraswathi Ward member 9652233060
Manchyagani Thanda Mittakolu Srinivas Ward member 9550456141
Manchyagani Thanda Rupavathu Kalo Ward member 9550456141
Mattam Palli Aaduri Sravanthi Sarpanch 9666566051
Mattam Palli Chinthala Balaguravaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9989787139
Mattam Palli aarala Nagaraj Ward member 9666566051
Mattam Palli Basham Veera babu Ward member 9640434647
Mattam Palli Gopu Balasowri Reddy Ward member 9666566051
Mattam Palli Kasu Neelima Ward member 9666566051
Mattam Palli Kothapalli Dhanaiah Ward member 7893396101
Mattam Palli Malleboyina mangamma Ward member 9666566051
Mattam Palli Mamidi Sirisha Ward member 9666566051
Mattam Palli Nandipati Chandraiah Ward member 9550753910
Mattam Palli Pateti saidamma Ward member 9951161255
Mattam Palli Sk.John Pasha Ward member 9948751783
Mattam Palli Thowadaboyina venkata lakshmi Ward member 9666566051
Mattam Palli Veta Maheswari Ward member 7799907071
Mattam Palli Yeduru Nagandra Ward member 9951017724
Mattapalli Kanagaala sreenivasarao Sarpanch 9440261387
Mattapalli Kavuri Bhagavannarayana Upa-Sarpanch 9573107006
Mattapalli Bhupatiraju Suryanarayanaraju Ward member 9440477613
Mattapalli Dasari Ramaiah Ward member 8466000332
Mattapalli Dasari Sandya Ward member 9491654878
Mattapalli Kottapalli ramemma Ward member 8500241755
Mattapalli Nalamothu Udayalaxmi Ward member
Mattapalli Orsu Vijayalaxmi Ward member 9912491449
Mattapalli Penumatsa janardanaraju Ward member 9704836367
Mattapalli Usa Mallikharjunarao Ward member 9492884252
Mattapalli Vemula Ramanamma Ward member 9581264038
Pedda Veedu Ch Seethamma Sarpanch 9492869678
Pedda Veedu O Rammurthi Upa-Sarpanch 8688553434
Pedda Veedu B Balaji Ward member 9603055433
Pedda Veedu B Mangamma Ward member 9491594090
Pedda Veedu B Maroni Ward member 8500697189
Pedda Veedu B Suvali Ward member 9959509288
Pedda Veedu B Veeramma Ward member 9912304388
Pedda Veedu C Siva Ward member 9492922284
Pedda Veedu G Lingamma Ward member 9505165270
Pedda Veedu M Ramarao Ward member 8885486553
Pedda Veedu M Venkataswarlu Ward member 9493484147
Pedda Veedu P Narasimha Ward member 9542798423
Pedda Veedu R Sakru Ward member 9492869678
Pedda Veedu R Venkatramana Ward member 8096636953
Pedda Veedu S Obulamma Ward member 9908995086
Raghunadha Palem Salvadi Kalyani Sarpanch 8978314566
Raghunadha Palem Devapangu Veeramma Upa-Sarpanch 9703326687
Raghunadha Palem Bandaru Meramma Ward member 9703326687
Raghunadha Palem Kondeti Subhani Ward member 9963387104
Raghunadha Palem Magham Kotamma Ward member 9701681427
Raghunadha Palem Nayidu Lakshmaiah Ward member 9959135287
Raghunadha Palem Orsu Bhagyamma Ward member 8978314566
Raghunadha Palem Pasupuleti Triveni Ward member 9963224050
Raghunadha Palem Peraboyina Lakshmi Narsamma Ward member 9676077369
Raghunadha Palem Saik Sharifa Ward member 9908995392
Raghunadha Palem Shaik Gouse Ward member 9949599086
Raghunadha Palem Sk. Zareena Begum Ward member 9959285381
Raghunadha Palem Venna Bhadra Reddy Ward member 9866264956
Raghunadha Palem Venna Susheela Ward member 9866994178
Raghunadha Palem Yerreddu Saidi Reddy Ward member 9908765601
Ramachandrapuram maloth bujji Sarpanch 9441365219
Ramachandrapuram BANOTH MANGLI Upa-Sarpanch 9490371698
Ramachandrapuram AAMGOTHU RANGANAIK Ward member 9542381149
Ramachandrapuram AJMIRA DEVI Ward member 9573173723
Ramachandrapuram GUGULOTH BALU NAIK Ward member 8106779077
Ramachandrapuram MALOTH KOTESWARANAIK Ward member 8008651776
Ramachandrapuram MALOTH NANUK RAVI NAIK Ward member 8106779077
Ramachandrapuram MALOTH SUBBI Ward member 9542381149
Ramachandrapuram PANUGOTH NILAVENI Ward member 8466958863
Ramachandrapuram RUPAVATH SANKAR NAIK Ward member 8790341496
Ramachandrapuram SODHASOTHU BHOJYA NAIK Ward member 9492580687
Vardha Puram Dondapati Saritha Sarpanch 9704232895
Vardha Puram Soudasothu Srinunayak Upa-Sarpanch 9618370265
Vardha Puram Amararapu Venkataiah Ward member 9704232895
Vardha Puram Dida Sarojana Ward member 9908456472
Vardha Puram Gugulothu Vijaya Ward member 7790236659
Vardha Puram Keethavath Bichalu Ward member 8790756700
Vardha Puram Moodu Bujji Ward member 8897521240
Vardha Puram Palley Chandhar Rao Ward member 8498972252
Vardha Puram Rachakonda Nirmala Ward member 9573056439
Vardha Puram Shaik Moulana Ward member 9010939033
Vardha Puram Soudasothu Vijaya Ward member 9704232895
Yatavakilla Budega Kasamma Sarpanch 9908787092
Yatavakilla R. Saidulu Upa-Sarpanch 9989900626
Yatavakilla A.Laxmaiah Ward member 8106244109
Yatavakilla A.Sukanya Ward member 9177045845
Yatavakilla Budiga Nagaiah Ward member 9505924035
Yatavakilla Ch.Saidamma Ward member 9848194416
Yatavakilla K.Lakshminarasimha Raju Ward member 8688554486
Yatavakilla S.Anjamma Ward member 9704311840
Yatavakilla U.Nagabushanam Ward member 9542622155
Yatavakilla Yallavula Nagaiah Ward member 9949782663
Yatavakilla Y.Kalyani Ward member 9652534975
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