Miryalaguda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Miryalaguda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State 
Miryalaguda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Mulkal Kalva Daram Saidulu Sarpanch 9618528960
Mulkal Kalva Amararapu Kavitha Upa-Sarpanch 9010465369
Mulkal Kalva Abhimalla Lakshmamma Ward member 9989137757
Mulkal Kalva Chinthalachervu Venkanna Ward member 9701334482
Mulkal Kalva Gurram Dayakar Ward member 9652407404
Mulkal Kalva Kurra Venkanna Ward member 8008359638
Mulkal Kalva Nukapanga Nagamani Ward member 7729827757
Mulkal Kalva Podila Shailaja Ward member 8897986921
Mulkal Kalva Sriloju Sithamma Ward member 9908053869
Nandi Pahad Dhanavath Badyanaik Sarpanch 8897689857
Nandi Pahad Dhanavath Ashok Upa-Sarpanch 9666788608
Nandi Pahad Azmira Laxmi Ward member 8106632042
Nandi Pahad Azmira Sakri Ward member 8501888212
Nandi Pahad Banavath Narsimha Ward member 9848819149
Nandi Pahad Dhanavath Bibi Ward member 7702208406
Nandi Pahad Dhanavath Masru Ward member 9010606601
Nandi Pahad Dhanavath Rama Ward member 9948732167
Nandi Pahad Dhanavath Saidamma Ward member 9985106135
Nandi Pahad Dhanavath Saroja Ward member 7702214328
Nandi Pahad Gugulothu Devoji Ward member 9849136290
Rayan Palem Manda Nagaiah Sarpanch 7569389189
Rayan Palem B.Lalitha Upa-Sarpanch 9652734939
Rayan Palem B.Lakshmi Ward member 8897523018
Rayan Palem B.Nagendar Ward member 9949918235
Rayan Palem B.Saida Ward member 8008240846
Rayan Palem B.Venkanna Ward member 8179551332
Rayan Palem Ch.Sreenu Ward member 9908381379
Rayan Palem P.Bodaiah Ward member 9000975540
Rayan Palem P.Saritha Ward member 8099595516
Rayan Palem R.Indiramma Ward member 8897865573
Rayan Palem V.Sujatha Ward member 9908893928
Rudraram PATHAKOTI VIJAYALAXMI Sarpanch 9989454198
Rudraram AVULA DEVENDER REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9989897276
Rudraram CHINTHOJU BRAHMACHARY Ward member 7702150165
Rudraram CHITRALA RAMESH Ward member 9989945038
Rudraram GUGULOTHU CHINNI Ward member 9963556276
Rudraram LOKA SRINIVAS Ward member 9963246879
Rudraram MANDA DAVID Ward member 9618715873
Rudraram MATTAPALLY SAIDAMMA Ward member 9866970826
Rudraram MENDI CHENDRAKALA Ward member 9948860972
Rudraram SUREPALLY SUGUNA Ward member 9989596125
Rudraram SURE PICHAMMA Ward member 9866671515
Takkellapahad Gundu Narender Sarpanch 9951265480
Takkellapahad Donthagani venkanna Upa-Sarpanch 9177169756
Takkellapahad aittiboina Vishalakshi Ward member 9490536755
Takkellapahad Bhukya Rambabu Ward member 9177468892
Takkellapahad Donthagani jankiramulu Ward member 9010380749
Takkellapahad Edurugatla Veeramma Ward member 9490536755
Takkellapahad Gundu Shobha Ward member 9490536755
Takkellapahad Karingula janamma Ward member 9490536755
Takkellapahad Karingula sumalatha Ward member 9912983612
Takkellapahad Macha Kotaiah Ward member 9553345568
Takkellapahad Mekala Saidulu Ward member 9912983612
Takkellapahad paladugu saidamma Ward member 9010380749
Takkellapahad Panugothu Masru Ward member 9490536755
Thadakamalla D PICHAMMA Sarpanch 9505718181
Thadakamalla B SRINIVASREDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9618092929
Thadakamalla A JANAMMA Ward member 8096060668
Thadakamalla B APPAREDDY Ward member 9652217720
Thadakamalla B JANAIAH Ward member 9505871535
Thadakamalla B KAMALA Ward member 9949715359
Thadakamalla B NAGAMMA Ward member 9705782535
Thadakamalla D ANNAMERI Ward member 9959278067
Thadakamalla K BALAIAH Ward member 8106663797
Thadakamalla K PRAMEELA Ward member 8374448562
Thadakamalla K SUDARSHANREDDY Ward member 8008762011
Thadakamalla P LAKSHMI Ward member 9010055784
Thadakamalla P VENKANNA Ward member 9948764507
Thungapahad SAJJALA SHASIKALA Sarpanch 8464834496
Thungapahad BACHU SRINIVAS REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 8096543658
Thungapahad CH MARTHA Ward member 9848996901
Thungapahad L AMBALI Ward member 8142434699
Thungapahad LAUDI LINGA Ward member 9908235289
Thungapahad LAUDI SAMI Ward member 9704323550
Thungapahad L SUNITHA Ward member 9703879841
Thungapahad MACHHA GURUVAIAH Ward member 8297799800
Thungapahad MAHESHVARAM VIJAYA Ward member 9963005969
Thungapahad M HARI Ward member 9989120184
Thungapahad M SRINU Ward member 9966946721
Thungapahad NENAVATH GASYA Ward member 8186484460
Thungapahad P KOMA Ward member 7799269770
Thungapahad P PICHAMMA Ward member 8106817009
Thungapahad VEMAVARAPU VENKATESHWARLU Ward member 9704709145
Venkatadri Palem chinthala manjula Sarpanch 9866820640
Venkatadri Palem malavath Rukka Upa-Sarpanch 8522886380
Venkatadri Palem Dhanavath Laxmi Ward member 9949004802
Venkatadri Palem Dhanavath Laxmi Ward member 9959923869
Venkatadri Palem D. Ravindar Naik Ward member 7569121813
Venkatadri Palem G.Rambabu Ward member 9573120244
Venkatadri Palem Kamishetty Srinu Ward member 9441016781
Venkatadri Palem K Nagalaxmi Ward member 8374062709
Venkatadri Palem Kommu Saidamma Ward member 9949060464
Venkatadri Palem Mekala Saidi reddy Ward member 9985157989
Venkatadri Palem Mora Mangamma Ward member 8464856884
Venkatadri Palem Nallagonda Srinu Ward member 9885363244
Venkatadri Palem . Ramachandru Ward member 9885513923
Venkatadri Palem Yerpula Venkatamma Ward member 9550463132
Vootla Palli RUDRASHI LAXMAIAH Sarpanch 8186099403
Vootla Palli BONGARALA VENKATAMMA Upa-Sarpanch 9704359077
Vootla Palli B BUJJAMMA Ward member 9849875667
Vootla Palli B CHANDRAMMA Ward member 7702154596
Vootla Palli CH SHEKAR Ward member 9177355717
Vootla Palli D GURUVAIAH Ward member 9966614152
Vootla Palli K CHANDRASHEKAR RAO Ward member 9908894030
Vootla Palli M LALITHA Ward member 9177551595
Vootla Palli NAKIREKANTI VENKANNA Ward member 9490895893
Vootla Palli N BHAGYAMMA Ward member 8978071172
Vootla Palli RAI VENKANNA Ward member 9985735230
Yadgarpalli R. Shirisha Sarpanch 9705145114
Yadgarpalli M. Suguna Upa-Sarpanch 9985729132
Yadgarpalli B. Kavitha Ward member 9985729132
Yadgarpalli Ch. Bharani Ward member 9908235159
Yadgarpalli D. Venkatamma Ward member 9908525112
Yadgarpalli E. Laxmamma Ward member 9618565935
Yadgarpalli G. Giri prasad Ward member 9000050694
Yadgarpalli K. Nagaraju Ward member 9573447156
Yadgarpalli K. Ravi Ward member 9010159516
Yadgarpalli M. Pullaiah Ward member 9908525112
Yadgarpalli M. Rajender prasad Ward member 9848283690
Yadgarpalli R. Saidulu Ward member 9848570288
Yadgarpalli v. Chandarakal Ward member 9000635016
Zaptiveerappa Guda Andugula Venkataiah Sarpanch 9908235125
Zaptiveerappa Guda Dhanavath Nehru Upa-Sarpanch 9505474092
Zaptiveerappa Guda Arutla Shanthamma Ward member 8106420272
Zaptiveerappa Guda Dhanavath Sali Ward member 9866634965
Zaptiveerappa Guda Dongari Saidaiah Ward member 8186099499
Zaptiveerappa Guda Jatavath Bamini Ward member 9866634965
Zaptiveerappa Guda Jatavath Madhu Ward member 7670964816
Zaptiveerappa Guda Jatavath Padma Ward member 9866634965
Zaptiveerappa Guda Muddangula Krishna Ward member 9866634965
Zaptiveerappa Guda Ruupavath Balupavath Harichand Ward member 9866634965
Zaptiveerappa Guda Shaik Nurjahan Ward member 9908235638
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