Munagala Mandal Sarpanch Wardnumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Munagala Mandal Sarpanch Wardnumber Mobile Numbers List Part II 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State 
Munagala Mandal Sarpanch Wardnumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Akupamula LIKKI NAGESWAR RAO Sarpanch 8341160330
Akupamula P VIJAYALAXMI Upa-Sarpanch 9553667403
Akupamula B MATTAIAH Ward member 9010769785
Akupamula G BIXAM Ward member 9573081886
Akupamula J VEERA VENKAMMA Ward member 9032310248
Akupamula K NARESH Ward member 9948915328
Akupamula K VENKANNA Ward member 9948126996
Akupamula S ARUNA Ward member 9703464941
Akupamula T SAMPOORNA Ward member 9951183108
Akupamula T VENKATA RAMANA Ward member 8497974320
Akupamula V KANAKA DURGA Ward member 9392323229
Akupamula V SATYANARAYANA Ward member 9848514976
Akupamula V VENKAIAH Ward member 9553670952
Barakath Guda Y KRISHNAVENI Sarpanch 8897594414
Barakath Guda V RAMESH BABU Upa-Sarpanch 9951129050
Barakath Guda B ROJANAMMA Ward member 9394152886
Barakath Guda B SHIVAREDDY Ward member 9959285095
Barakath Guda CH NARSAMMA Ward member 9948532928
Barakath Guda G LINGAIAH Ward member 9912193360
Barakath Guda J CHAITANYA Ward member 9848192889
Barakath Guda K SIVILI Ward member 9705162748
Barakath Guda M PRAMEELA Ward member 9701469948
Barakath Guda P SAIDAMMA Ward member 9700808427
Barakath Guda P VEERAIAH Ward member 9505198910
Barakath Guda S BHADRADRI Ward member 9177237822
Barakath Guda SHAIK AFEESA BEGAM Ward member 9030937646
Ganapavaram Chanda Nageswaramma Sarpanch 9010767394
Ganapavaram Gandham Jogaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9951981841
Ganapavaram Karnati Leelavathi Ward member 8019408573
Ganapavaram Ketireddy Janakamma Ward member 8125106878
Ganapavaram Motkuri Swathi Ward member 9866126202
Ganapavaram Pachipala Sreenu Ward member 9948594575
Ganapavaram Pagilla Maibu Ward member 8096081619
Ganapavaram Palle Pichaiah Ward member 8186979547
Ganapavaram Sareddy Narayanareddy Ward member 9291222057
Ganapavaram Surepalli Bhadramma Ward member 9640005546
Ganapavaram Velpula Gopi Ward member 9705146770
Jagannadapuram SHAIK KHAJABHI Sarpanch 9704233083
Jagannadapuram VEMPATI EEDAMMA Upa-Sarpanch 8465084678
Jagannadapuram AMARAGANI SAVITRA Ward member 9618311178
Jagannadapuram BOLLAM LINGARAJU Ward member 9640670687
Jagannadapuram BOLLAM UPENDAR Ward member 9948902018
Jagannadapuram CHEEMA VENKATESWARLU Ward member 9542978591
Jagannadapuram DIDA YELLAMMA Ward member 9652594055
Jagannadapuram NEELARAPU PADMA Ward member 9177700596
Jagannadapuram PERUGU GURAVAMMA Ward member 0
Jagannadapuram SHAIK JANIMIYA Ward member 9553756548
Jagannadapuram YALLAVULA MALLAIAH Ward member 9951078053
Kalakova CH.Srinivas Sarpanch 7702630564
Kalakova P.Balaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9550702264
Kalakova B.Mangamma Ward member 9963455876
Kalakova B.Nagamma Ward member 7702630564
Kalakova D.Appa rao Ward member 9705455943
Kalakova K.Mallaiah Ward member 9848871826
Kalakova K.Venkateswarlu Ward member 9849369828
Kalakova NAGARANI Ward member 9949487009
Kalakova P.Nirmala Ward member 9948133722
Kalakova P.PADMA Ward member 7702630564
Kalakova S.Prabhakar Ward member 7893952543
Kokkireni VAKKAVANTHULA PRABHAKAR RAO Sarpanch 9848181810
Kokkireni PERABOIN SAIDULU Upa-Sarpanch 9701155686
Kokkireni BOORAKOMMULA GOPAMMA Ward member 9705317389
Kokkireni INTURI SARITHA Ward member 9912147375
Kokkireni NANDIGAMA SAIDULU Ward member 9848270142
Kokkireni PILLI BHAGYAMMA Ward member 9948373739
Kokkireni REDDYBOINA SAIDAMMA Ward member 9848181810
Kokkireni REKHA THIRAPAIAH Ward member 9948481101
Kokkireni SHAIK AKTHAR PASHA Ward member 9666017934
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