Nalgonda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Nalgonda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Nalgonda Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
G.K.Annaram PERLA ESWRAIAH Sarpanch 8499086854
G.K.Annaram SOMANABOINA RAMESH Upa-Sarpanch 9676178008
G.K.Annaram BONGARALA NAGAMANI Ward member 9010572659
G.K.Annaram BONGARALA SAIDULU Ward member 9866296500
G.K.Annaram CHIRRA GOVARDAN REDDY Ward member 9951496988
G.K.Annaram CHIRRA SHANKAR REDDY Ward member 9966290809
G.K.Annaram KONDA NAGAMMA Ward member 8185860952
G.K.Annaram K. REVATHAMMA Ward member 9550906504
G.K.Annaram SOMANABOINA PARVATHAMMA Ward member 9505432132
Gundla Palle Panasa shankar Sarpanch 9666466656
Gundla Palle Valki Chandraiah Upa-Sarpanch 8125247375
Gundla Palle Ande Mangamma Ward member 9666466656
Gundla Palle Boddupalli Chandraiah Ward member 7893245078
Gundla Palle Irigi Sahadeva Ward member 9000808268
Gundla Palle Katteboina Sathish Ward member 9030400102
Gundla Palle Somagoni Savitramma Ward member 9550206629
Gundla Palle Vanguri Mamatha Ward member 9963678135
Gundla Palle Vanguri Parvathamma Ward member 9666466656
Kanchanppalle K.Vijayareddy Sarpanch 9704973330
Kanchanppalle V.Saidulu Upa-Sarpanch 8790367738
Kanchanppalle B.Laxmi Ward member
Kanchanppalle Ch.Radhamma Ward member 9866611565
Kanchanppalle D.Laxmamma Ward member 9848029296
Kanchanppalle D.Yadamma Ward member 9966038514
Kanchanppalle G.Venkatreddy Ward member 9951637157
Kanchanppalle MD.Yasmeen Ward member 9908784836
Kanchanppalle M.Saidulu Ward member 8106445225
Kanchanppalle M.Saidulu Ward member 9666604672
Kanchanppalle V.Varalaxmi Ward member 9032801388
K.Kondaram V.Krishanamma Sarpanch 9542017800
K.Kondaram Ch.Swaminadh Upa-Sarpanch 9989838183
K.Kondaram A.Saidamma Ward member 9951010551
K.Kondaram K.Maraiah Ward member 9177947228
K.Kondaram K.Venkanna Ward member 9652349843
K.Kondaram M.Anjamma Ward member 9505972201
K.Kondaram M.Madhusudan Reddy Ward member 8008308108
K.Kondaram S.Rangamma Ward member
K.Kondaram T.Ravi Ward member 9704790283
K.Kondaram V.Yadamma Ward member 9000130249
K.Kondaram V.Yallamma Ward member
M.Domalapalle Kambampati Amrutha Sarpanch 9885488694
M.Domalapalle Madagoni Narsimha Upa-Sarpanch 8008649902
M.Domalapalle Cholleti Bhixamamma Ward member 9441912070
M.Domalapalle Depa Amrutha Reddy Ward member 9989629498
M.Domalapalle Gade Mamatha Ward member 8106455484
M.Domalapalle Kasani Pavani Ward member 9441340230
M.Domalapalle Medaboina Rajeshwari Ward member 9553874993
M.Domalapalle MEdaboina Saidulu Ward member 9573089287
M.Domalapalle Medi Venkatamma Ward member 9989629498
M.Domalapalle Naraboina Narsimha Ward member 9010894641
M.Domalapalle Pakkiru Sunanda Ward member 9396620559
M.Domalapalle Singam Andalu Ward member 9951073649
M.Domalapalle Singapanga Maisaiah Ward member 9505703419
Mella Duppala Palle Chinthala Kalamma Sarpanch 9848542172
Mella Duppala Palle Manimadde Umarani Upa-Sarpanch 9912967113
Mella Duppala Palle Alakuntla Iddaiah Ward member 9573933961
Mella Duppala Palle Chevuroju Jayamma Ward member 9494352641
Mella Duppala Palle Chinthala Venkata Ramana Ward member 9951628684
Mella Duppala Palle Gunda Ravinder Reddy Ward member 9985165734
Mella Duppala Palle Manimadde Madhusudhan Ward member 9010720449
Mella Duppala Palle Manimadde Rajamma Ward member 9959602370
Mella Duppala Palle Muthyala Santhosha Ward member 9640744907
Musham Palle NOMULA BHAVANI Sarpanch 0
Musham Palle BAIREDDY VENKATREDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9912215249
Musham Palle BEEMANABOINA RAVALI Ward member 0
Musham Palle IRUGU YADAIAH Ward member 0
Musham Palle KARRA VENKATREDDY Ward member 9948238191
Musham Palle MAILA RAJESHWARI Ward member 9848242102
Musham Palle MAREPALLY VENKANNA Ward member 0
Musham Palle PUTTALA THIRUPATHAMMA Ward member 0
Musham Palle RAVULA VASANTHA Ward member 9922180371
Musham Palle UPPALA SHOBARANI Ward member 9705872027
Musham Palle VARIKUPPALA POOLAMMA Ward member 0
Narsing Batla Md.jakeera Sarpanch 9394701613
Narsing Batla Yedla Sujatha Upa-Sarpanch 9676510432
Narsing Batla Avula Yadamma Ward member 8978377816
Narsing Batla Bommagoni Sravan Kumar Ward member 9603234010
Narsing Batla Dubbaka Saritha Ward member 9908290210
Narsing Batla Gadagoti Lingaiah Ward member 9010573789
Narsing Batla Madagoni Dhanamma Ward member 9704352352
Narsing Batla Madagoni Maheshwari Ward member 9908970912
Narsing Batla Marri Kishan Ward member 8499066650
Narsing Batla Pollepally Shankar Ward member 8801090301
Narsing Batla Rachamalla Venkanna Ward member 9652867540
Narsing Batla Sriramula Alivelu Ward member 9652355846
Narsing Batla Tirula Suryanarayana Ward member 9394701613
Velugu Palle Julakanti Venkatreddy Sarpanch 9948264155
Velugu Palle Gunde Boina Salamma Upa-Sarpanch 9848724106
Velugu Palle Appala Srilatha Ward member 9848724106
Velugu Palle Bachalakuri janaiah Ward member 9848724106
Velugu Palle Dasari Nagesh Ward member 9848724106
Velugu Palle Devulaplly Ramachary Ward member 9505433912
Velugu Palle Gunde Boina Chendrakala Ward member 9912671769
Velugu Palle Masana Chendra Reddy Ward member 9951190706
Velugu Palle Nalaparaju Saidulu Ward member 9948580080
Velugu Palle Potepaka Anjamma Ward member 9912406058
Velugu Palle Rudrakshi Rajitha Ward member 9848724106
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