Nallabelly Mandal Sarpanch Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State

Nallabelly Mandal Sarpanch Mobile Numbers List 
Warangal District in Telangana State
Nallabelly Mandal Sarpanch Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State
Arshanpalle P.Neelima Sarpanch 9963023285
Arshanpalle B.Ravindar Upa-Sarpanch 9963545492
Arshanpalle B.Savithri Ward member 7396485396
Arshanpalle B.Sumathi Ward member 9848747936
Arshanpalle H.Shobha Ward member 9948718274
Arshanpalle J.Odelu Ward member 7895295427
Arshanpalle K.Sudhakar Ward member 9642317971
Arshanpalle M.Vijaya Ward member 9959743295
Arshanpalle P.Jyothi Ward member 9866413608
Arshanpalle P.Srinivas Ward member 9000246182
Arshanpalle S.Santhosh Ward member 8341281597
Govindapuram Banothu Laxman Sarpanch 9704050508
Govindapuram Lavudya Ramesh Upa-Sarpanch 8097334248
Govindapuram Agaboina Vijaya Ward member 9492585835
Govindapuram Banoth Jampaiah Ward member 9701179155
Govindapuram Banothu Sunitha Ward member 9704050505
Govindapuram Bnaothu Sakru Ward member 9963315717
Govindapuram Lunavath Jyothi Ward member 9705180262
Govindapuram Mohd Sarvar Miya Ward member 9440686601
Govindapuram Padya Rajitha Ward member 9949079511
Govindapuram Pendota Yakantha Chary Ward member 9704050508
Govindapuram Sheik Parveen Ward member 8008791674
Gundlapahad p.bhagyalaxmi Sarpanch 9010689978
Gundlapahad k.rajireddy Upa-Sarpanch 9963560234
Gundlapahad a.raju Ward member 9949995268
Gundlapahad B.padma Ward member 9963202494
Gundlapahad b.sunitha Ward member 9704449959
Gundlapahad ch.komurelly Ward member 9441065550
Gundlapahad J.Jyothi Ward member 8096183379
Gundlapahad k.lalitha Ward member 9676978935
Gundlapahad l.ramsingh Ward member 9490665133
Gundlapahad m.pulamma Ward member 9441735098
Gundlapahad T.Valya Ward member 9963932979
Kannaraopet Lunavath Venkanna Sarpanch 9160537033
Kannaraopet Tangella Ravinder Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9160174675
Kannaraopet Badavath Baloji Ward member 9848919351
Kannaraopet Badavath Devsingh Ward member 9963591185
Kannaraopet Banothu Sadu Ward member 9010222441
Kannaraopet Danasari Sammakka Ward member 7382373194
Kannaraopet Madishetti Padma Ward member 9492115148
Kannaraopet Tanda Raju Ward member 9948149522
Kannaraopet Tanda Uma Ward member 9704056126
Kondapur Vasam Bayamm Sarpanch 8985781968
Kondapur Bommidi Manmohan Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9959196268
Kondapur Abbaraboina Rama Ward member 9505236103
Kondapur Banoth Eerya Ward member 8985781968
Kondapur Eesam Vijaya Ward member 8985781968
Kondapur Kalthi Narsakka Ward member 8985781968
Kondapur Kalthi Sadanandam Ward member 7036213116
Kondapur Kalthi Sambamma Ward member 8985781968
Lenkalpalle Ganneboina Cheralu Sarpanch 9849590050
Lenkalpalle Komandla Sudhakar Upa-Sarpanch 9989615390
Lenkalpalle Anumula Rajitha Ward member 0
Lenkalpalle Boini Poshalu Ward member 0
Lenkalpalle Jannnu Sujatha Ward member 9652511317
Lenkalpalle Jannu Ravi Ward member 9704831971
Lenkalpalle Keesari Kavitha Ward member 8096036625
Lenkalpalle Mamindla Kattamma Ward member 0
Lenkalpalle Mekala Venkatesh Ward member 9701046202
Lenkalpalle Nanaboina Rajamma Ward member 0
Lenkalpalle Yadandla Veeraiah Ward member 0
Mamindlaveeraiah Palli Erukala Ravinder Sarpanch 9963449056
Mamindlaveeraiah Palli Musuku Rajireddy Upa-Sarpanch 9966595846
Mamindlaveeraiah Palli GotukulaKavitha Ward member 9703421044
Mamindlaveeraiah Palli Kadiri Pugitha Ward member 9177473779
Mamindlaveeraiah Palli Konkari Yellamma Ward member 9942514692
Mamindlaveeraiah Palli Musuku Rama Ward member 9963116293
Mamindlaveeraiah Palli Parati Amarender Ward member 9885112779
Mamindlaveeraiah Palli Pendi Govardhan Ward member 9000750609
Mamindlaveeraiah Palli Yara Ravi Ward member 9989005255
Medapalle B Ravi Sarpanch 9440137574
Medapalle K Surender Upa-Sarpanch 9492441161
Medapalle A Kmala Ward member 8096354822
Medapalle A Sudhakar Ward member 9010623995
Medapalle B Mangilal Ward member 9494805551
Medapalle B Nelamma Ward member 9704861202
Medapalle B Roja Ward member 8500313094
Medapalle D Rama Ward member 8008820900
Medapalle E Ramesh Ward member 9490315867
Medapalle K Ravi Ward member 8500184012
Medapalle V Padma Ward member 9640872383
Muchimpula P.Sunitha Sarpanch 9849610274
Muchimpula K.Saritha Upa-Sarpanch 9553094292
Muchimpula A.Vishwa kumar Ward member 9492908401
Muchimpula B.Babu Ward member 9492443958
Muchimpula B.Sambaiah Ward member 9640314431
Muchimpula P.padma Ward member 9963837798
Muchimpula P.Srinu Ward member 9959196124
Muchimpula RAJU.G Ward member 8106338793
Muchimpula S.Farida Ward member 9052858273
Muchimpula S.Laxmi Ward member 7702799587
Muchimpula V.Rama Ward member 9652972937
Nallabelli Kothapalli Kotilingachary Sarpanch 8106086727
Nallabelli Borra Varamma Ward member 9989761470
Nallabelli Eddu Ilaiah Ward member 0
Nallabelli Gaju Bixapathi Ward member 8500172960
Nallabelli Jannu Mariya Ward member 9618654249
Nallabelli kanakam Mahender Ward member 9652879214
Nallabelli Kothagattu Prabhakar Ward member 9666752077
Nallabelli Md Shameem Ward member 9866823121
Nallabelli Motem Vasantha Ward member 9866792142
Nallabelli Muthyala Manasa Ward member 9963308614
Nallabelli Nukalamarri Uma Ward member 8106494758
Nallabelli Pariki Rathnam Ward member 9849195789
Nallabelli Pendota Chandra Reddy Ward member 9949858013
Nallabelli Pendota Rajanna Ward member 8897675204
Nallabelli Rapala Laxmi Ward member 9502859242
Nandigama Dudala Suman Sarpanch 8374312977
Nandigama Gandu Ramkomuru Upa-Sarpanch 9989324672
Nandigama Bhooma Laxmi Ward member 9542963149
Nandigama Bhukya Ravi Ward member 9866645524
Nandigama Chitte Ravi Ward member 9908492071
Nandigama Dudala Badramma Ward member 7893486193
Nandigama Gugulothu Jyothi Ward member 9963282125
Nandigama Ingoli Uma Ward member 9893305920
Nandigama Jangili Raju Ward member 9989324967
Nandigama Medapalli Rajitha Ward member 9959490583
Nandigama Moodu Linga Ward member 8374925225
Narakkapeta M.Ramarao Sarpanch 9704294621
Narakkapeta K.Rajendar Upa-Sarpanch 9849302165
Narakkapeta A.Devendramma Ward member 9676340715
Narakkapeta B.Rajitha Ward member 9908762339
Narakkapeta E.Veeranna Ward member 9502920445
Narakkapeta M.Kalpana Ward member 9550587231
Narakkapeta M.Vijaya Ward member 9959196071
Narakkapeta S.Ayyodya Ward member 9849531404
Narakkapeta S.Rajendar Ward member 9676340715
Narakkapeta Y.Rama Ward member 9908429974
Ramatheertham manda.sunitha Sarpanch 9959291672
Ramatheertham molothu.beenu Upa-Sarpanch 8096435194
Ramatheertham akkapellyy.swarupa Ward member 9618004126
Ramatheertham baddi.naresh Ward member 9505888565
Ramatheertham bukya.balaraju Ward member 9177926559
Ramatheertham gottamukkala.mallachary Ward member 9959291672
Ramatheertham gudarapu.anitha Ward member 9949811895
Ramatheertham jarpula.swarupa Ward member 7661019455
Ramatheertham podila.shoban Ward member 9490004139
Rampuram V revathi Sarpanch 9949226164
Rampuram CH jyothi Upa-Sarpanch 9705866038
Rampuram K ravi Ward member 9494280643
Rampuram L venkatesh warlu Ward member 9502803830
Rampuram M sumalatha Ward member 0
Rampuram N kamala Ward member 9550475900
Rampuram O veeralaxmi Ward member 0
Rampuram P sudhakar rao Ward member 7386757930
Rampuram P sukanya Ward member 9553677872
Rampuram S sareshwar rao Ward member 9705814349
Rampuram T mallaih Ward member 9542572826
Rangapuram Kasu Kumara Swamy Upa-Sarpanch 9701767713
Rangapuram Baikani Bixpathi Ward member 9959491987
Rangapuram Bandari Rajamouli Ward member 9948226296
Rangapuram Dhurushetti Rajamogili Ward member 9949537673
Rangapuram Gurukuntla Radha Ward member 9912266949
Rangapuram Kandhakatla Rajitha Ward member 8978746682
Rangapuram Kolguri Padma Ward member 9959669494
Rangapuram Muduthanapally Rajitha Ward member 9908476240
Rangapuram Puli Muthyalu Ward member 9391646664
Rangapuram Uppula Kumara Swamy Ward member 9908762699
Relakunta Bookya Sammakka Sarpanch 9989583167
Relakunta Rasaputhra Raju Upa-Sarpanch 9849339321
Relakunta Ellaboina Sunitha Ward member 9000750633
Relakunta Gugulothu Rama Ward member 9908711707
Relakunta Kolluri Kishan Ward member 9652087582
Relakunta Kolluri Sujatha Ward member 8179156840
Relakunta Kommu Kondaiah Ward member 8978045181
Relakunta Mididoddi Jaya Ward member 9963311541
Relakunta Neerati Nirmala Ward member 9849701397
Relakunta Pappu Sampath Ward member 9502610303
Relakunta Vaankudothu Jampaiah Ward member 9059163093
Rudragudem N Mangtha Sarpanch 9603083113
Rudragudem E Ravindher Upa-Sarpanch 9989853325
Rudragudem A Manjula Ward member 9948111934
Rudragudem CH.Kavitha Ward member 9866976180
Rudragudem CH Swarupaa Ward member 9963560043
Rudragudem G Kaivtha Ward member 9948917884
Rudragudem G Kala Ward member 9581695197
Rudragudem K Uma Ward member 9959669720
Rudragudem M Ramesh Ward member 9010177296
Rudragudem N Ramchndra Reddy Ward member 9989705180
Rudragudem N Ramesh Ward member 9505925150
Rudragudem N Sambaiah Ward member 9989011663
Rudragudem P Ugendher Ward member 9989944820
Shanigaram ananthula revathi Sarpanch 9666561819
Shanigaram thatuka rajender Upa-Sarpanch 9949746781
Shanigaram avunuri ravi Ward member 9989107393
Shanigaram basvaraju bhasker Ward member 9849467370
Shanigaram kolagani suguna Ward member 9550979243
Shanigaram mamidipally sarojana Ward member 9949746781
Shanigaram manugonda surender Ward member 9849521095
Shanigaram neelam swarupa Ward member 9849607278
Shanigaram utukuri sunitha Ward member 9177165826
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