Narketpalle Mandal Sarpanch Wardnumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Narketpalle Mandal Sarpanch Wardnumber Mobile Numbers List Part I 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State
Narketpalle Mandal Sarpanch Wardnumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Akkene Palle Chirraboina Kumara Swamy Sarpanch 9885304106
Akkene Palle Varkala Parusharamulu Upa-Sarpanch 8374030804
Akkene Palle Bakki Anand Ward member 8096640754
Akkene Palle Depa Srinivas Reddy Ward member 9603479888
Akkene Palle Elka Srishailam Ward member 9666836540
Akkene Palle Godumala Kotamma Ward member 9951017013
Akkene Palle Godumala Mallika Ward member 9553075662
Akkene Palle Godumala Renuka Ward member 9948149040
Akkene Palle Kammampati Vasantha Ward member 9705094755
Akkene Palle Medi Padma Ward member 8986979130
Akkene Palle Mudham Shankaraiah Ward member 9705541470
Akkenepallivarilingotam medi yadaiah Sarpanch 8688950362
Akkenepallivarilingotam G.Venkanna Upa-Sarpanch 9985798533
Akkenepallivarilingotam g.sattaiah Ward member 9849936534
Akkenepallivarilingotam G.Sridevi Ward member 9848495635
Akkenepallivarilingotam md.saidabee Ward member 9640414577
Akkenepallivarilingotam M.Edukondal Ward member 9959925422
Akkenepallivarilingotam M.padmaja Ward member 9948657864
Akkenepallivarilingotam m.yadamma Ward member 9573917958
Akkenepallivarilingotam sham sundar reddy Ward member 9912151783
Akkenepallivarilingotam sk.haidarbee Ward member 9849936534
Akkenepallivarilingotam u.parvatamma Ward member 9701672908
Ammanabole Pailla Vijaya Laxmi Sarpanch 9441364106
Ammanabole Kattangoor Ganesh Goud Upa-Sarpanch 9441305120
Ammanabole Boda Mallesh Ward member 9666583309
Ammanabole Boda Yadamma Ward member 9010937240
Ammanabole Enugula Jalaja Ward member 9704884789
Ammanabole Jatangi Anitha Ward member 8464815988
Ammanabole Kanntangoor Chandraiah Goud Ward member 9701674329
Ammanabole Konda Renuka Ward member 9908630913
Ammanabole Pocham Venkateshwarlu Ward member 9441689909
Ammanabole Ravula Chinna Yadamma Ward member 9951773364
Ammanabole SK.Madar Bhee Ward member 9912907731
Ammanabole Sowlla Suresh Ward member 9849516930
Ammanabole Surugu Ilaiah goud Ward member 9703592758
Auravani Rupani Satyanarayana Sarpanch 8978794149
Auravani Kalam Ravinder Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 7702384248
Auravani Bayiru Padma Ward member 9505914067
Auravani Boppani Sharadha Ward member 9581334692
Auravani Jakkalai Shankaramma Ward member 9866671760
Auravani Kalluri Balaraju Ward member 9848319381
Auravani Kancharakuntla Kalamma Ward member 9441795831
Auravani Muppidi Satyam Ward member 9948478953
Auravani Neerudu Krishnareddy Ward member 7702384248
Auravani Neerudu Parijatha Ward member 7702384248
Auravani Orsu Lingaiah Ward member 9440014624
Bandalapahad Thodsu Janamma Sarpanch 9985425320
Bandalapahad Thodsu Saidulu Upa-Sarpanch 9959570912
Bandalapahad Bobbala Nagesh Ward member 9948677521
Bandalapahad Bobbala Shankaraiah Ward member 9959904398
Bandalapahad Nalla Anjamma Ward member 9959769404
Bandalapahad Thodsu Padma Ward member 9542308714
Bandalapahad Vangala Andalu Ward member 9603904703
Bandalapahad Vangala Laxmi Ward member 9505766364
Bandalapahad Vangala Shekar Ward member 9640818349
Brahmanvellemla Chirumarthi Sunitha Sarpanch 9010944440
Brahmanvellemla Muntha Sathaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9441945881
Brahmanvellemla Bodige Kamalamma Ward member 9441743835
Brahmanvellemla Burrui Pushpalatha Ward member 9948621408
Brahmanvellemla Cherukupally Gopal Ward member 8965826650
Brahmanvellemla Chirumarthi Narsimha Ward member 9553029348
Brahmanvellemla Gutha Anjamma Ward member 9441796250
Brahmanvellemla Kasarapu Kousyamma Ward member 9603160919
Brahmanvellemla Maila Mallesh Ward member 9442135375
Brahmanvellemla Maila Padma Ward member 9490566922
Brahmanvellemla Manda Lingaiah Ward member 9553990707
Brahmanvellemla Medi Muthamma Ward member 9441845448
Brahmanvellemla Meka Venkat Reddy Ward member 9848586647
Cherughat Baddula Ramanamma Sarpanch 9700009069
Cherughat Peddireddy Narayana Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9963557445
Cherughat Adhi Andalu Ward member 9052201844
Cherughat Bandameedi Linga Swamy Ward member 9949901019
Cherughat Dasoju Thirpathamma Ward member 9010019342
Cherughat Gunti Saidamma Ward member 9989838087
Cherughat Kondeti Venu Ward member 9989140147
Cherughat Kukuntla Anuradha Ward member 9885401736
Cherughat Medi Parijatha Ward member 8106575891
Cherughat Regatte Venkat Reddy Ward member 9848273752
Cherughat Vampu Shivashanker Ward member 9885398251
Chinnathummalagudem k ramreddy Sarpanch 9849053091
Chinnathummalagudem v venkanna Upa-Sarpanch 9959134060
Chinnathummalagudem A Nillamma Ward member 9550686559
Chinnathummalagudem A Srinu Ward member 8096186357
Chinnathummalagudem B Narsima Ward member 9010843729
Chinnathummalagudem G Dhanamma Ward member 9912762969
Chinnathummalagudem P Malla Reddy Ward member 9912253361
Chinnathummalagudem P Srinun Ward member 9912249848
Chinnathummalagudem R Yashoda Ward member 7799397278
Chinnathummalagudem S Jayamma Ward member 9848257758
Chinnathummalagudem V Sukanya Ward member 9704849623
Chinnnanaryanpur V Ramulu Sarpanch 9440648913
Chinnnanaryanpur N Lingaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9985700509
Chinnnanaryanpur J Padma Ward member 9441910439
Chinnnanaryanpur K Jyothi Ward member 7893768561
Chinnnanaryanpur K Swathi Ward member 8008548385
Chinnnanaryanpur K Yadaiah Ward member 9705659457
Chinnnanaryanpur P Krishnamma Ward member 9848782592
Chinnnanaryanpur P Krishna Reddy Ward member 9542009038
Chinnnanaryanpur S Anijireddy Ward member 9849892297
Chinnnanaryanpur S Kashamma Ward member 9908988403
Chinnnanaryanpur S Srinu Ward member 9010220612
Choudam Palle D Madavi Sarpanch 9848324865
Choudam Palle G Venkat Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9948630643
Choudam Palle Ch Narsamma Ward member 9848681604
Choudam Palle Ch Padma Ward member 9963729483
Choudam Palle D Krishnaveni Ward member 9440260466
Choudam Palle D Padma Ward member 9912336945
Choudam Palle D Sangeetha Ward member 9603126919
Choudam Palle G Anjaiah Ward member 9959920507
Choudam Palle J Narsimha Ward member 9504895986
Madhayedavally Bokka Bhupal Reddy Sarpanch 9849277404
Madhayedavally Adimalla Lingaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9989782553
Madhayedavally Bimpaka Ellamma Ward member 7569788512
Madhayedavally Jakkali Gopal Ward member 9948524699
Madhayedavally Jala Rani Ward member 8096403809
Madhayedavally Kandakatla Prabhakar Reddy Ward member 9490438319
Madhayedavally Koka Eedamma Ward member 9640589416
Madhayedavally Koppu Bixmamma Ward member 9666541875
Madhayedavally Mrri Katamaih Ward member 9989213563
Madhayedavally Pragnapuram Syamala Ward member 8978737912
Madhayedavally Soma Yugendar Reddy Ward member 9505927771
Mandra Maleboina Dhanalaximi Sarpanch 9866257146
Mandra Tharala Srishelam Upa-Sarpanch 9912428291
Mandra Belli Yadamma Ward member 9912663275
Mandra Boda Srinivas Ward member 9505195736
Mandra Chetharaju Sathaiah Ward member 9505713360
Mandra Donda Sowmya Ward member 9951267356
Mandra Maleboina Ramalingaiah Ward member 9542612394
Mandra Medi Sugunamma Ward member 8498974775
Mandra Medi Sunitha Ward member 8096440801
Mandra Tharala Srinivas Ward member 9866089889
Mandra Yata Dhanamma Ward member 9704066354
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