Narmetta Mandal Sarpanch Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State

Narmetta Mandal Sarpanch Mobile Numbers List 
Warangal District in Telangana State
Narmetta Mandal Sarpanch Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State

Abdulnagaram Biragoni Sarojana Sarpanch 9394862945
Abdulnagaram Edunuri Kankarathanam Upa-Sarpanch 9989758102
Abdulnagaram Arjula Mukundareddy Ward member 9989544942
Abdulnagaram Banothu Prameela Ward member 9848624514
Abdulnagaram Bashaboina Raju Ward member 9010584465
Abdulnagaram Bashaboina Renuka Ward member 9010912456
Abdulnagaram Biragoni Jayamma Ward member 9010579678
Abdulnagaram Biragoni Venkatanarsamma Ward member 9704899723
Abdulnagaram Chinthala Annamma Ward member 9542386494
Akkarajupalle Bogam Usha Sarpanch 8331849878
Akkarajupalle Ankam Venkatesh Upa-Sarpanch 9989560308
Akkarajupalle Banda Prasad Ward member 9705429025
Akkarajupalle Golusula Swapna Ward member 8500578763
Akkarajupalle Jangidi Srinivas Ward member 8099994249
Akkarajupalle Manchinela Kavitha Ward member 8331849878
Akkarajupalle Manchinela Raju Ward member 9701534480
Akkarajupalle Midlapuram Upendra Ward member 9494037311
Akkarajupalle Paluchani Narmada Ward member 9603812352
Ammapur Pittala Balakistaiah Sarpanch 7729983782
Ammapur Chekkilla Balaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9948182681
Ammapur Avula Renuka Ward member 9553889466
Ammapur Biragoni Raju Ward member 9542488005
Ammapur Ch. Yellamma Ward member 9951684420
Ammapur Kunti Kamalakar Ward member 8886866398
Ammapur M Renuka Ward member 9972338932
Ammapur Pandla Bhagya Ward member 9676929172
Ammapur pittala Upendar Ward member 9666180770
Ammapur Putta Krishnamraju Ward member 9948900944
Ammapur Vangapalli Padma Ward member 9912990072
Ankushapur Arroju Bikshapahti Sarpanch 9849122387
Ankushapur Mukkera Buchiraju Upa-Sarpanch 9704987174
Ankushapur Banothu Amarsingh Ward member 9948997239
Ankushapur Banothu Ravi Ward member 9441355049
Ankushapur Battu Sarojana Ward member 9505304071
Ankushapur Bhukya Namku Ward member 9010938409
Ankushapur Bhukya Sankili Ward member 9949830413
Ankushapur Mudavath Gori Ward member 9704934891
Ankushapur Nunavath Lalu Ward member 9533021550
Ankushapur Orpu Rajaiah Ward member 9177260318
Ankushapur Paisa Esthera Ward member 9010763392
Ankushapur Pilli Pushpa Ward member 9491024649
Ankushapur Pogula Mallesh Ward member 9959533491
Bommakur P Lalitha Sarpanch 9505968695
Bommakur Angothu Laxman Upa-Sarpanch 9490394128
Bommakur Anogthu Padma Ward member 9948385464
Bommakur Battini Baskar Ward member 9603639675
Bommakur Bhukya Hussan Ward member 9553863701
Bommakur Kasu Narsamma Ward member 9963389182
Bommakur M Neelamma Ward member 9948640632
Bommakur Polaboina Padma Ward member 9441991584
Bommakur Polapaka Laxmaiah Ward member 9963644130
Bonthaghattunagaram Nam Sarpanch 9550501522
Bonthaghattunagaram Doki Anitha Upa-Sarpanch 9550373458
Bonthaghattunagaram Edunuri Sujatha Ward member 9908957487
Bonthaghattunagaram Irmalla Venkatamma Ward member 9573882070
Bonthaghattunagaram Kalakuntla Nagaraju Ward member 9652179492
Bonthaghattunagaram Kurre Mallaiah Ward member 9441821528
Bonthaghattunagaram Marri Sreenivas Ward member 9490455755
Bonthaghattunagaram Pilli Bapuraju Ward member 9553481307
Bonthaghattunagaram Ponna Swapna Ward member 8096184460
Bonthaghattunagaram Showti Devika Ward member 9848321746
Bothala Parre M Sampath yadav Sarpanch 9948943984
Bothala Parre L.Lalitha Upa-Sarpanch 9441635436
Bothala Parre Bhukya Rukkamma Ward member 9705243340
Bothala Parre Jarupula Mobilal Ward member 9494842556
Bothala Parre Jatohu Deva Ward member 9652079578
Bothala Parre Lavudya Vijayalaxmi Ward member 9603414604
Bothala Parre Mudavath Rukkamma Ward member 9704975462
Bothala Parre Mudeke mallesh Ward member 9948402235
Bothala Parre Mundavar Annamma Ward member 9848768220
Bothala Parre Mundavar Rangamma Ward member 8106097135
Bothala Parre Sabhavat Raju Ward member 9912080473
Gandiramavaram B Bhumatha Sarpanch 9441602568
Gandiramavaram B Yellaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9177468372
Gandiramavaram B Mallamma Ward member 9652303219
Gandiramavaram B Raju Ward member 8008106003
Gandiramavaram G. Bangari Ward member 9502491363
Gandiramavaram G Yadaiah Ward member 9494842280
Gandiramavaram J Aparna Ward member 9705771615
Gandiramavaram K Anitha Ward member 9959214266
Gandiramavaram M Balaraju Ward member 9441546861
Gandiramavaram M Ravi Ward member 8978754330
Gandiramavaram N Manemma Ward member 0
Hanmanthapur Errgi Nagamma Sarpanch 9951021216
Hanmanthapur Panduga Ramesh Upa-Sarpanch 9441603655
Hanmanthapur Dasari Renuka Ward member 9848314964
Hanmanthapur Dusari Upender Ward member 9010591557
Hanmanthapur Errgi Kumar Ward member 9573170276
Hanmanthapur Kalva Ashok Ward member 9542413978
Hanmanthapur Kasarla Yadamma Ward member 9951616039
Hanmanthapur Korra Homsingh Ward member 7382237973
Hanmanthapur Lonka Andalu Ward member 6490380037
Hanmanthapur Ramadundam Anitha Ward member 9010532154
Hanmanthapur Tejavath laxmi Ward member 9441678626
Kanneboinagudem K.Rjalingam Sarpanch 9603688076
Kanneboinagudem R.Aileni Upa-Sarpanch 9848218813
Kanneboinagudem B. Kamalamma Ward member 9603158706
Kanneboinagudem D.Bikhapathi Ward member 9553395119
Kanneboinagudem D.Jethya Ward member 9951620282
Kanneboinagudem G.Ramulu Ward member 9640260345
Kanneboinagudem G.Shoba Ward member 9866733247
Kanneboinagudem Teroja Ward member 9948748598
Kanneboinagudem U.Venkatanarsamma Ward member 9701573267
Machupahad P. Rajitha Sarpanch 9866302032
Machupahad B. Ramulu Upa-Sarpanch 9441680396
Machupahad B. Anitha Ward member 8179972500
Machupahad B. Emsi Ward member 9704965003
Machupahad B. Hachamma Ward member 8106198570
Machupahad B. Lalu Ward member 9505556356
Machupahad B. puni Ward member 9010119357
Machupahad B. Yadamma Ward member 9652823699
Machupahad Ch. Venkatrajam Ward member 9878583272
Machupahad J. Laxmi Ward member 9359058236
Machupahad K. Kumar Ward member 8978151727
Machupahad R.Srinivas Ward member 9542922982
Machupahad V. Ramakka Ward member 9951650517
Malakpeta A. Bhramhachary Sarpanch 9951788136
Malakpeta G. Kishan Upa-Sarpanch 9705189959
Malakpeta B. Baggunaik Ward member 9908456227
Malakpeta B. Kishan Ward member 9603414616
Malakpeta B. Rajitha Ward member 9603636658
Malakpeta B. Shanthi Ward member 9948019581
Malakpeta B. vijaya Ward member 9705174839
Malakpeta D. Padma Ward member 9676242246
Malakpeta T. Mohan Ward member 9912977504
Narasapur Devarajula Murali Sarpanch 9640309383
Narasapur Thupakula Sattaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9866234616
Narasapur Allibilli Ramulu Ward member 8790127302
Narasapur Allibilli Sharada Ward member 9014669653
Narasapur Bellam Bhgyalaxmi Ward member 9492444362
Narasapur Errabelli Ravi Ward member 9866160314
Narasapur Erumalla Narsaiah Ward member 8099303531
Narasapur Gunti Yadamma Ward member 9490454562
Narasapur Tharala Laxmi Ward member 8985101451
Narmetta S Gopamma Sarpanch 9441305506
Narmetta Chepyala Mahipal Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9542845868
Narmetta Anugula lalitha Ward member 7306465770
Narmetta Banothu Anitha Ward member 9542386624
Narmetta Boddu Bhagya Ward member 9000745713
Narmetta Bolla Srinivas Ward member 9492114169
Narmetta B Ramesh Ward member 9490103268
Narmetta Eslavath Ramakriashna Ward member 9440654348
Narmetta Gaddam Mahesh Ward member 9490454607
Narmetta Jatothu Rajamani Ward member 9441071132
Narmetta Kasani PeddaLaxmi Ward member 9542845928
Narmetta Medipalli Sambaiah Ward member 9671010433
Narmetta Mukkera Yadamma Ward member 9490454604
Narmetta Polishetti Jasvanthamma Ward member 9959728609
Narmetta Rajaboina Mukundam Ward member 9441142579
Potharam Vagalaboina Rajitha Sarpanch 9441142669
Potharam Malyala Ravi Upa-Sarpanch 9492911178
Potharam Bejjam Ravi Ward member 9640481840
Potharam Bommera Mallesham Ward member 9542149467
Potharam Bommera Venkatalaxmi Ward member 8790828880
Potharam Enamalla Mamatha Ward member 7702775124
Potharam Gandam Anitha Ward member 9666576220
Potharam Pakala Venkatalaxmi Ward member 9603416992
Potharam Vangapelli Balamma Ward member 8106242793
Solipur m.padmaja Sarpanch 9490381206
Solipur ch balanarsu Upa-Sarpanch 9705319044
Solipur Ch. Venkatamma Ward member 8985644270
Solipur d swaropa Ward member 9704186390
Solipur d yellaiah Ward member 9550437120
Solipur p narsihulu Ward member 9492440347
Solipur P. Rajitha Ward member 9542656123
Solipur R. Lavanya Ward member 8978587557
Solipur U. Poshaiah Ward member 9849763927
Solipur V. Aruna Ward member 9701274185
Solipur V. Yadagiri Ward member 9553970584
Tarigoppula S Mahipal Sarpanch 9652079586
Tarigoppula T Raju Upa-Sarpanch 9704298908
Tarigoppula CH Anil Ward member 9441157220
Tarigoppula CH Komuramma Ward member 9963375223
Tarigoppula CH Roshamma Ward member 9849110276
Tarigoppula CH Sudarshanam Ward member 9505036354
Tarigoppula G rajaposhaih Ward member 9491999586
Tarigoppula G Thara Ward member 9866531346
Tarigoppula M Balamallu Ward member 9553615656
Tarigoppula M Eeri Ward member 9491618632
Tarigoppula M Sharada Ward member 9553585584
Tarigoppula M Sudakar Ward member 9347343350
Tarigoppula P Faathima Ward member 8897660157
Tarigoppula P Yakamma Ward member 9502960983
Tarigoppula S Kumar Ward member 9618811297
Veldanda Sigasarapu Galamma Sarpanch 7660080687
Veldanda Biragoni Ravinder Upa-Sarpanch 9912792811
Veldanda A. Lalitha Ward member 9391781612
Veldanda B. Yashoda Ward member 9912792811
Veldanda G. Gouramma Ward member 8106201051
Veldanda G. Manohar Ward member 9666737192
Veldanda Gonela Narsamma Ward member 9652783334
Veldanda K. Anusha Ward member 7702231413
Veldanda Kasarla Raju Ward member 9951229895
Veldanda Marka Bhaskar Ward member 9640758688
Veldanda M. Venkateshwarlu Ward member 8500171489
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