Nered Cherla Mandal Sarpanch Wardnumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Nered Cherla Mandal Sarpanch Wardnumber Mobile Numbers List Part II 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State
Nered Cherla Mandal Sarpanch Wardnumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Kandulavarigudem Palvati Sattamma Sarpanch 8179213686
Kandulavarigudem D. Bhupal Reddy Ward member 9948039593
Kandulavarigudem Indla Saidulu Ward member 9949320150
Kandulavarigudem J. Hanamaiah Ward member 9553208143
Kandulavarigudem J. Venkatramana Ward member 9573717878
Kandulavarigudem M. Venkatnarshamma Ward member 9949320150
Kandulavarigudem Rapolu Saidamma Ward member 9346744235
Kandulavarigudem SK. Hussmanali Ward member 9553208143
Kandulavarigudem U. Sarswathi Ward member 9849505302
Komatikunta Boddu Kamalamma Sarpanch 9010557850
Komatikunta Malgireddy Srinvasa Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9550552634
Komatikunta Ch. Nagamani Ward member 7658912867
Komatikunta G .Padma Ward member 9441796478
Komatikunta Menda Dhanalaxmi Ward member 8008306703
Komatikunta P. Saidulu Ward member 9676848627
Komatikunta Sk Moulana Ward member 9550391835
Komatikunta T. Shivakumari Ward member 8978040878
Komatikunta V. Sakri Ward member 8106116755
Medaram P Mallaiah Sarpanch 9573717570
Medaram S laxmamma Upa-Sarpanch 8466861715
Medaram K Srinivas Ward member 9666342637
Medaram L Pulamma Ward member 9010340068
Medaram M Manemma Ward member 9959623398
Medaram M Nagasaidulu Ward member 9912537215
Medaram P Edukondalu Ward member 8897991040
Medaram P Indira Ward member 9505072312
Medaram S Lingaiah Ward member 9989753201
Medaram V Guravaiah Ward member 9505048042
Medaram V Janakamma Ward member 8897917244
Mukundapuram Bommakanti Saidamma Sarpanch 9705347798
Mukundapuram GantaChinna Malla Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9912904615
Mukundapuram Bommakanti Nagaiah Ward member 8106679440
Mukundapuram Bommakanti Veeramma Ward member 9502450443
Mukundapuram Mandali Mallesh Ward member 9000417820
Mukundapuram Merugu Venkanna Ward member 9492610199
Mukundapuram Pagidi Kotamma Ward member 9573201661
Mukundapuram Palle Kamalamma Ward member 9949458088
Mukundapuram Palle Srinu Ward member 8297817550
Mukundapuram Parshnaboina JYothi Ward member 9989978410
Mukundapuram Yeshamalla Poolamma Ward member 9908984993
Musivoddu Singaram surabi Saidamma Sarpanch 9248415857
Musivoddu Singaram v.srinivasareddy Upa-Sarpanch 9248415857
Musivoddu Singaram k.galaiah Ward member 9652357461
Musivoddu Singaram M.Sovamma Ward member 9949205026
Musivoddu Singaram N.janu Ward member 9949205026
Musivoddu Singaram N.vijaya Ward member 9640539718
Musivoddu Singaram Sk.jamalbhi Ward member 9959886415
Musivoddu Singaram Sk.safhiya Ward member 7382574108
Musivoddu Singaram V.venkatareddy Ward member 7382574108
Nagireddygudem Pathipaka Radha Sarpanch 8501893494
Nagireddygudem Maligireddy Alivelu Upa-Sarpanch 9177621457
Nagireddygudem Banavath Parvathi Ward member 9640442547
Nagireddygudem Chatla Badramma Ward member 0
Nagireddygudem Chittepu Narsireddy Ward member 9010493691
Nagireddygudem Gorre Venkanna Ward member 9493155128
Nagireddygudem Konda Maremma Ward member 0
Nagireddygudem Molkalapally Srinu Ward member 8466913400
Nagireddygudem Rekala Srinu Ward member 9948631024
Nagireddygudem Varikuppala Ramana Ward member 9652435519
Nagireddygudem Veeraboina Srinu Ward member 9666791080
Neredcherla S Srinu Nayak Sarpanch 9963515102
Neredcherla P venkata Ramana Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 8099909555
Neredcherla A Janakamma Ward member 9849628730
Neredcherla E Saidamma Ward member 9949810509
Neredcherla G Ramani Ward member 9177298562
Neredcherla G Vijaya Ward member 9652204626
Neredcherla K Aruna Ward member 9010479379
Neredcherla K Srinivasa Rao Ward member 9949451128
Neredcherla K Venkata laxmi Ward member 9246777271
Neredcherla M Addanki Ward member 9951101185
Neredcherla M Eshwaramma Ward member 9951521495
Neredcherla Sayyad Basha Ward member 8500353109
Neredcherla Sk Hafeez Ward member 9966183763
Neredcherla S Yadagiri Ward member 9912551313
Neredcherla V Sampath Ward member 9703229258
Neredcherla V Sujatha Ward member 9989225426
Neredcherla Y Saidulu Ward member 9603389334
Palakeedu sappidi sandya Sarpanch 9581230730
Palakeedu mesala devendar Upa-Sarpanch 9052312816
Palakeedu burri janakamma Ward member 9494350963
Palakeedu komire veraswamy Ward member 8297530072
Palakeedu kommagani achamma Ward member 9494855931
Palakeedu konda anjaiah Ward member 9966025332
Palakeedu konda dhanalakshmi Ward member 8498987933
Palakeedu Kota Rajita Ward member 9966595532
Palakeedu Kukkadapu Achamma Ward member 9948861768
Palakeedu Mesala Devendar Ward member 9052312816
Penchikal Dinne Sunkara Kranthi Kumar Sarpanch 9948004316
Penchikal Dinne Dubasi Pichaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9704262631
Penchikal Dinne A. Sridhar Ward member 9949982420
Penchikal Dinne B. Kalamma Ward member 8790006300
Penchikal Dinne G. Jayamma Ward member 9949899650
Penchikal Dinne G. Nagamani Ward member 9581528448
Penchikal Dinne Kandula Punnamma Ward member 9248393466
Penchikal Dinne K. Somulu Ward member 9704915507
Penchikal Dinne N. Nageswara Rao Ward member 8790146676
Penchikal Dinne SK. Rafiya Ward member 9848323438
Penchikal Dinne S. Manga Ward member 9703090973
Penchikal Dinne S. Sujatha Ward member 9652173153
Penchikal Dinne V.Ramesh Ward member 9052808667
Rampuram Ch. Saidulu Sarpanch 8341921247
Rampuram S. Ramesh Upa-Sarpanch 9949200930
Rampuram A. Laxmaiah Ward member 9505881153
Rampuram B. Nagaraju Ward member 9989852641
Rampuram B. Nagesh Ward member 9618508679
Rampuram Ch. Saidulu Ward member 8977150631
Rampuram G . Lingamma Ward member 9949200930
Rampuram P. Janaiah Ward member 9550120364
Rampuram P. Nagamma Ward member 9848376734
Rampuram V. Laxmamma Ward member 9949200930
Ravipahad gajula venkamma Sarpanch 7893585079
Ravipahad gaddam sunitha Upa-Sarpanch 9705634934
Ravipahad gaddam sunitha Ward member 9705634934
Ravipahad jarugubelli mariyamma Ward member 9505059592
Ravipahad kata venkateshwar reddy Ward member 9676354922
Ravipahad kothapally satyanadam Ward member 7680851305
Ravipahad koujula venkatreddy Ward member 9490005863
Ravipahad naneepangu kalamma Ward member 9542586011
Ravipahad n.mariyamma Ward member 9491328944
Ravipahad pagidi nagamma Ward member 9912510008
Ravipahad pidamarthi preamkumar Ward member 9441163907
Ravipahad vemula ankamma Ward member 9963484923
Sajjapuram Gurrram Dhanamurthy Sarpanch 9966321392
Sajjapuram Maredla Nagamani Upa-Sarpanch 9542867667
Sajjapuram Beemana Saidulu Ward member 9966321392
Sajjapuram Mallakanti Ramulamma Ward member 7702353495
Sajjapuram Modala Nagamani Ward member 9966321392
Sajjapuram Modala Nagamani Ward member 9966321392
Sajjapuram Otteddu Ward member 9966321392
Sajjapuram Pittala Laxmaiah Ward member 9966321392
Sajjapuram Vangala Vasundara Ward member 9966321392
Sajjapuram Yeradla Mallaiah Ward member 9966321392
Somavaram K SAYAMMA Sarpanch 8096452104
Somavaram M NAGU Upa-Sarpanch 8978836449
Somavaram D DURGAMMA Ward member 7799268580
Somavaram K LAXMAMMA Ward member 9989829144
Somavaram K RAJYAMMA Ward member 8008476643
Somavaram M ANJAIAH Ward member 8465842512
Somavaram M MARONI Ward member 9676848011
Somavaram N KOTAIAH Ward member 9573717751
Somavaram P MANGAMMA Ward member 9010484931
Somavaram P MUTTAIAH Ward member 8106598881
Somavaram P SRINIVAS Ward member 9989955652
Somavaram P VAJRAMMA Ward member 9676504788
Somavaram P VENKAIAH Ward member 9666624760
Sunya Pahad Eluri Raju Sarpanch 8184893627
Sunya Pahad Ramavath Bhangya Upa-Sarpanch 8297613581
Sunya Pahad Katoju Nagamani Ward member 9966259739
Sunya Pahad Lavudya Bebi Ward member 9908530229
Sunya Pahad Ramavath Kamala Ward member 0
Sunya Pahad Ramavath Kamili Ward member 0
Sunya Pahad Ramavath Mani Ward member 0
Sunya Pahad Ramavath pori Ward member 0
Sunya Pahad Ramavath somi Ward member 0
Sunya Pahad Ramavath Sukki Ward member 0
Sunya Pahad Sapavat Hussain Ward member 9885446370
Yella Puram Medam Mangamma Sarpanch 9441078468
Yella Puram P. Saidulu Upa-Sarpanch 9989120049
Yella Puram A. Laxvamma Ward member 9912243092
Yella Puram Ch. Chandrakala Ward member 9010503568
Yella Puram Ch. Prasad Ward member 9553558619
Yella Puram N. RAvi Ward member 9912253922
Yella Puram P. Dhanamma Ward member 8008464069
Yella Puram P. Rajitha Ward member 9949935225
Yella Puram SK. Fathima Ward member 9666736994
Yella Puram SK. Vajeer Ward member 9010232725
Yella Puram Teegala Rami Reddy Ward member 9000270516
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