Raiparthy Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 2 List Warangal District in Telangana State

Raiparthy Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Warangal District in Telangana State

Raiparthy Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 2 List Warangal District in Telangana State

Mahaboobnagar Undadi Suresh Sarpanch 7730020115
Mahaboobnagar Guda Raju Upa-Sarpanch 9949939297
Mahaboobnagar Elendula Elisha Ward member 9618314727
Mahaboobnagar Gara Sanjeeva Ward member 9000841678
Mahaboobnagar lakkam Swaroopa Ward member 7893950127
Mahaboobnagar Pendli Kamalamma Ward member 9949939695
Mahaboobnagar Pendli Mogili Ward member 9963992147
Mahaboobnagar Undadi Narsaiah Ward member 7730020115
Mahaboobnagar Undadi Saramma Ward member 7730020115
Moripirala Oruganti Venkanna Sarpanch 9948986295
Moripirala Chiluveru Anjaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9989001438
Moripirala Angothu Rangamma Ward member 9908653813
Moripirala Badavath Lachchu Ward member 9502695224
Moripirala Bhukya Maanu Ward member 9963891732
Moripirala Chedupala Bondamma Ward member 9177865695
Moripirala Gutti Mallesham Ward member 9618346018
Moripirala Kaithoju Lakshmi Ward member 9908031327
Moripirala Kannakanti Srinivas reddy Ward member 9908334396
Moripirala Kukkala Somalakshmi Ward member 9010956564
Moripirala Tatikayala Ailaiah Ward member 8096937936
Moripirala Vanaparthy Kavitha Ward member 9949574170
Moripirala Vankudothu Rajamma Ward member 8465947238
Mylaram Banothu Gurjali Sarpanch 9000297294
Mylaram Edulakunte Ravinder reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9848808893
Mylaram Badha Veeraiah Ward member 9949322067
Mylaram Badha Venkanna Ward member 9959010758
Mylaram Boini Somalakshmi Ward member 9502494174
Mylaram Chirra Venkatmma Ward member 9963137830
Mylaram Chirra Yakamma Ward member 9963719645
Mylaram Durishetti Manjula Ward member 9959767547
Mylaram Gabbetta Komuraiah Ward member 9676546815
Mylaram Gabbetta Venkataiah Ward member 7893594857
Mylaram Gadipelli Mangamma Ward member 9704358755
Mylaram Gugulothu Ravi Ward member 9912775058
Mylaram Kommu Yakalakshmi Ward member 9866431734
Ookal Boddu Rangaiah Sarpanch 9866425167
Ookal Pala Srinivas Upa-Sarpanch 9949715235
Ookal Banothu Venkanna Ward member 0
Ookal Boda lachchi Ward member 0
Ookal Boda Neela Ward member 0
Ookal Kunduru Srinivasareddy Ward member 0
Ookal Mandala Susheela Ward member 9866543178
Ookal Peddoju Veerachary Ward member 9949557463
Ookal Polepaka Vishnu Ward member 9866537201
Ookal Ramagiri Aruna Ward member 9618606221
Ookal Velpula Maheshwari Ward member 0
Perikaid Gare Anitha Sarpanch 8187889681
Perikaid B Somaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9640053382
Perikaid A Brahmachary Ward member 9640245452
Perikaid Bandi Anitha Ward member 9573129038
Perikaid Bandi Narsaiah Ward member 9553301330
Perikaid Bolla Sammaiah Ward member 8464839669
Perikaid B Srinivas Ward member 9701307219
Perikaid D Manula Ward member 9989732379
Perikaid Gare Mysamma Ward member 9705349005
Perikaid Gyara Shivaiah Ward member 9502639013
Perikaid Kancheti Latha Ward member 9553859547
Perikaid P Manemma Ward member 9949125086
Perikaid Putta Ramakka Ward member 9908273398
Pothireddipalle Erra Lalitha Sarpanch 9573700798
Pothireddipalle KUnusothu Sajjan Upa-Sarpanch 9704109719
Pothireddipalle Bhukya Mangali Ward member 9000915745
Pothireddipalle Chengali Indira Ward member 9676929370
Pothireddipalle Gidde Yakaiah Ward member 8106255831
Pothireddipalle Gourarapu Sravanthi Ward member 9701901927
Pothireddipalle Kunusothu Saritha Ward member 9704109719
Pothireddipalle lakavath Shanker Ward member 9908654763
Pothireddipalle Mandapuri Manjula Ward member 8978687303
Pothireddipalle Mandapuri Ramesh Ward member 9989950945
Pothireddipalle Vankudothu Dhansingh Ward member 9704793621
Ragannagudem Rentala Govardhan reddy Sarpanch 9989250314
Ragannagudem Munavath Jyothi Upa-Sarpanch 9949283927
Ragannagudem KOla Rajamma Ward member 9963041153
Ragannagudem MUnavath Bavusingh Ward member 9676105398
Ragannagudem Munavath Keerthi Ward member 8790609379
Ragannagudem Munavath Ravi Ward member 9849444565
Ragannagudem Panku Jampaiah Ward member 9908412658
Ragannagudem Pogulakonda Yellamma Ward member 9963802103
Ragannagudem Sarikonda Padmaja Ward member 9866430476
Raiparthy Md Usman Sarpanch 9553212746
Raiparthy Nune Anil Upa-Sarpanch 9908240948
Raiparthy Chandu Komramma Ward member 9989009238
Raiparthy Gare Narsaiah Ward member 9963249597
Raiparthy Gudapally Mallaiah Ward member 9553212746
Raiparthy Guguloath Ravi Ward member 9959170922
Raiparthy Itha Narsamma Ward member 9247423804
Raiparthy Kattula Gattamma Ward member 9849903143
Raiparthy Macha Somaiah Ward member 9989234287
Raiparthy Md Naiyeem Ward member 9949172961
Raiparthy Nagula Rajitha Ward member 7702838808
Raiparthy Nilavath Jyothi Ward member 9989454289
Raiparthy Poojari Srilatha Ward member 9000915936
Raiparthy Puram Anil Ward member 9949440335
Raiparthy Ubbani Uma Ward member 8886827915
Sannur Guba Yakamma Sarpanch 9866681765
Sannur Kola Srinivas Upa-Sarpanch 8106139258
Sannur Azmeera Ramesh Ward member 8106273385
Sannur Banothu Sarojana Ward member 8790456738
Sannur Bhukya Padma Ward member 7702404795
Sannur Bhukya Ramesh Ward member 9550879472
Sannur Chinapaka Rambabu Ward member 7729966456
Sannur Chinapaka Shobha Ward member 9908430791
Sannur Guba Jyothi Ward member 9963107628
Sannur Gugulothu Sridevi Ward member 9701880627
Sannur Kola Komuramma Ward member 0
Sannur KOla Rammurthy Ward member 9959450801
Sannur Ponnam Swaroopa Ward member 8374809719
Surya Thanda Munavath Devi Sarpanch 7729954905
Surya Thanda Udavath Panthulu Upa-Sarpanch 9640700690
Surya Thanda Banothu Dwali Ward member 9603665842
Surya Thanda Banothu Yakoo Ward member 8897669372
Surya Thanda Gugulothu Vimala Ward member 9908546552
Surya Thanda Munavath Koulasi Ward member 9701576391
Surya Thanda Munavath Narsu Ward member 9866297592
Surya Thanda Munavath Saritha Ward member 9908273395
Surya Thanda Ramavath Neela Ward member 9704022216
Thirmalayapalle Vashapaka Kumaraswamy Sarpanch 9949277230
Thirmalayapalle Eslamath Hameena Upa-Sarpanch 9989499671
Thirmalayapalle Bakka lalitha Ward member 9951931994
Thirmalayapalle Chidurala Poshalu Ward member 0
Thirmalayapalle Enagandula Sathaiah Ward member 9618405896
Thirmalayapalle Gajivelli Raju Ward member 9949453163
Thirmalayapalle Kukkala Sampath Ward member 9959209650
Thirmalayapalle Lavudya mangamma Ward member 9866427883
Thirmalayapalle Madipeddi Manjula Ward member 9618781174
Thirmalayapalle Sankaraboina Swapna Ward member 9676532182
Thirmalayapalle Vashapaka Kanakalakshmi Ward member 9010501330
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