Saroornagar Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List RangaReddy District in Telangana State

Saroornagar Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List
 RangaReddy District in Telangana State
Saroornagar Mandal MPTC Mobile Numbers List RangaReddy District in Telangana State
Saroornagar Ch. Rajesh Kumar MPTC BC 9849995429
Saroornagar Mohammadunisa MPTC BC 8688690934
Saroornagar Madagoni Vivekanand MPTC BC 9394529333
Saroornagar Shaik Saleemuddin MPTC BC 9948978710
Saroornagar Dhasarath Siddala MPTC BC 9441333999
Saroornagar Siddala Andal MPTC BC 9391914648
Saroornagar K.Bhagyalaxmi MPTC BC 9392999928
Saroornagar E.Anitha MPTC BC 9000911105
Saroornagar B.Kiran Kumar Goud MPTC BC 8686444466
Saroornagar Pendyala Narsimha MPTC BC 9391999188
Saroornagar J. Krishna Kumari MPTC BC 7569324535
Saroornagar Dindu Sruthi MPTC BC 953373993
Saroornagar D. Krishnaveni MPTC BC 9393889510
Saroornagar E. Manga MPTC BC 9392255440
Saroornagar Gaddamidi Prabhavathi MPTC BC 9394500088
Saroornagar V. Ellamma MPTC BC 9912060034
Saroornagar Muthangi Rajini MPTC BC 9885757410
Saroornagar Ahmed Bin Abdul Khadar Kasadi MPTC OC 9885212902
Saroornagar T. Ranjith Reddy MPTC OC 9849693777
Saroornagar L. Laxmi Priya MPTC OC 9490797220
Saroornagar K. Nirmala MPTC OC 8977114444
Saroornagar P.Vijaya laxmi MPTC OC 9395116969
Saroornagar Teegala Niteesh Reddy MPTC OC 9885279006
Saroornagar Arkala Kamesh Reddy MPTC OC 9346108880
Saroornagar Mir Mujaffar Ali Khan MPTC OC 9640359577
Saroornagar Raheema Begum MPTC OC 9848638351
Saroornagar Yasmeen Begum MPTC OC 9550813534
Saroornagar Md Abdulla Bin Awad MPTC OC 9948883056
Saroornagar Poreddy Bhasker Reddy MPTC OC 9393395859
Saroornagar Abdullah Saadi MPTC OC 9700006853
Saroornagar Jareena Mahaboob Hasan MPTC OC 9866830730
Saroornagar Saira Fathima MPTC OC 9297402431
Saroornagar Shaheen Begum MPTC OC 9885346436
Saroornagar Hali Hamshan MPTC OC 9848959773
Saroornagar Fouzia Begum MPTC OC 9052948738
Saroornagar shareef Hussain Yamini MPTC OC 9912741370
Saroornagar Nazeeya Begum MPTC OC 9985441124
Saroornagar sajida Begum MPTC OC 9885712707
Saroornagar Ch. Manemma MPTC SC 9989941938
Saroornagar Gajjela Parvathamma MPTC SC 9394985493
Saroornagar Gaddam Amrutha MPTC SC 9849585958
Saroornagar Bojja Parameshwar MPTC SC 9581512795
Saroornagar Yamjala Janardhan MPTC SC 9848704697
Saroornagar Jogu Lalitha MPTC SC 9949287837
Saroornagar J. Srinivas Nayak MPTC ST 9666925710
Saroornagar Kathravath Kotiya MPTC ST 9705040772
Saroornagar R. Prameela MPTC ST 9000007244
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