Shayampet Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 2 List Warangal District in Telangana State

Shayampet Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 1 List Warangal District in Telangana State
Shayampet Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 2 List Warangal District in Telangana State

Mylaram MASIKE SADAIAH Sarpanch 9491999837
Mylaram ENUGULA ASHOK Upa-Sarpanch 9912218854
Mylaram BONTHALA PULAMMA Ward member 8008793556
Mylaram DUDIPALA INDRA Ward member 9966393451
Mylaram DUDIPALA NARSIMHA REDDY Ward member 9948701246
Mylaram GUDEPU RAJU Ward member 0
Mylaram JUPAKA SAMPURNA Ward member 0
Mylaram KANNEBOINE DHANAMMA Ward member 0
Mylaram MASIKE SAMBAIAH Ward member 0
Mylaram NUNE PRAKASH Ward member 9849414738
Mylaram SIRIPURAM SAROJANA Ward member 8374259703
Neredpalle JANAGANI MANJULA Sarpanch 9849132778
Neredpalle GAJARLA RAMADEVI Upa-Sarpanch 9618814041
Neredpalle ADPA RAMESH Ward member 8688750726
Neredpalle BALANTULA RAJAMANI Ward member 8897983235
Neredpalle BOGI BUCHAIAH Ward member
Neredpalle KOYYADA VIJAYKUMAR Ward member 9493769996
Neredpalle KUKKALA KAMALA Ward member
Neredpalle MAMIDISHETTI VENKATESHWARLU Ward member 9704203485
Neredpalle NAYAKAPU SURENDAR Ward member 9989602546
Neredpalle ONTERU MANEELA Ward member
Neredpalle PENDYAM MUTHYALU Ward member 9908695003
Pathipaka peddireddy swarnalatha Sarpanch 9951986652
Pathipaka MD swaroopa Upa-Sarpanch 9908761083
Pathipaka balguri raju Ward member 9705151473
Pathipaka boyini yellamma Ward member 8897331333
Pathipaka Dhandigari mahendher Ward member 9542389384
Pathipaka kandhagatla praveen kumar Ward member 9848736838
Pathipaka nagula kumaraswami Ward member 9951989670
Pathipaka pallaboyina odhelu Ward member 9951439361
Pathipaka palleboyina bavani Ward member 8096348114
Pathipaka pothuganti laxmi Ward member 9573276083
Pathipaka ravula indrasena reddy Ward member 9666032135
Pathipaka thudum sandhya rani Ward member 9908700925
Pathipaka ydhula sumalatha Ward member 9912247190
Peddakodepakaa IMMADISHETTI RAVINDER Sarpanch 9959420116
Peddakodepakaa KOGILA SADANANDAM Upa-Sarpanch 9603164012
Peddakodepakaa BUTTI KOMALA Ward member 9948110569
Peddakodepakaa CHALLA PRAKASH REDDY Ward member 9848734707
Peddakodepakaa KOMMU SRINIVAS Ward member 9912417477
Peddakodepakaa KOTHVAL VENKATRAO Ward member 9533192705
Peddakodepakaa MANDA KUMARASWAMY Ward member 9908442668
Peddakodepakaa MANDA MAMATHA Ward member 9666238889
Peddakodepakaa NAGELLI SHOWBHAGYA Ward member 9553448672
Peddakodepakaa PIDLA JAMUNA Ward member 9948784624
Peddakodepakaa PIDLA SRINIVAS Ward member 9912791818
Peddakodepakaa RAVULA SUNITHA Ward member 9502420015
Peddakodepakaa THADKA ANASURYA Ward member 9948525896
Rajupalle LAVUDYA KAMALA Sarpanch 9666207910
Rajupalle MALASANI NARSINGARAO Upa-Sarpanch 9866703266
Rajupalle CHINTHANIPPULA AMRUTHAMMA Ward member 9948997011
Rajupalle GADDEM RAMESH Ward member 7702260415
Rajupalle KATLA SAMBAIAH Ward member 9704942853
Rajupalle KATTHULA SAMBAIAH Ward member 9959779794
Rajupalle MALRAJU RAJITHA Ward member 9652090958
Rajupalle MUNIPAKA SUNITHA Ward member 9908516250
Rajupalle PASHAM BHARATHALAXMI Ward member 9573171650
Shayampet V.Chandramouli Sarpanch 9948655308
Shayampet K.Swarupa Upa-Sarpanch 8374229682
Shayampet A.Sharada Ward member 8142604227
Shayampet B.Swapana Ward member 9059066352
Shayampet D.Sadanandam Ward member 8106495447
Shayampet D.Srilatha Ward member 9963726482
Shayampet G.Ramanna Ward member 9948341548
Shayampet K.Bhagyam Ward member 9951202591
Shayampet K.Ramesh Ward member 9603136135
Shayampet K.Sammaiah Ward member 9703199667
Shayampet N.Ramakristna Ward member 9542268627
Shayampet N.Ramu Ward member 8341144510
Shayampet N.Srilatha Ward member 9059444946
Shayampet V.Nirmala Ward member 9160557896
Shayampet V.Srinivas Ward member 9866921816
Soorampet B. JAYAPRADHA Sarpanch 9949331586
Soorampet S. NARAYANA REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9963417949
Soorampet A. KUMARASWAMY Ward member 9700046505
Soorampet A. VASANTHA Ward member 9989047052
Soorampet B. SUJATHA Ward member 9848982514
Soorampet G. DEVENDER REDDY Ward member 8187058173
Soorampet J. MADHUSUDHAN REDDY Ward member 9573884452
Soorampet J. SAROJANA Ward member 8008967062
Soorampet K. ILAMMA Ward member 9542943758
Taharapur DONGARI ANITHA Sarpanch 9652699820
Taharapur GOTTEMUKKULA SWATHI Upa-Sarpanch 9705431859
Taharapur ALLAM RAJU Ward member 9010119532
Taharapur KOMMULA KOMALA Ward member 0
Taharapur LOKALABOINA RAJU Ward member 8374474732
Taharapur ORSU RAJAMMA Ward member 9912514330
Taharapur RENUKUNTLA CHIRANJEEVI Ward member 9951857319
Taharapur THAKKALLA JAMUNA Ward member 9618938311
Taharapur THATIKONDA SRILATHA Ward member 9966908683
Taharapur THATIKONDA YELLAGOUD Ward member 9052013298
Taharapur VADLURI SAMBAIAH Ward member 9885030858
Vasanthapur Devanadi Yashoda Sarpanch 9989430783
Vasanthapur Enreddy Kavitha Upa-Sarpanch 9618234506
Vasanthapur Akunuri Swapna Ward member 8106954532
Vasanthapur Bejjanki Devendrachari Ward member 9000294909
Vasanthapur Jupaka Raju Ward member 9848589657
Vasanthapur Lade Manohar Rao Ward member 8187075310
Vasanthapur Lollati Mothakka Ward member 0
Vasanthapur Mukkera Saramma Ward member 0
Vasanthapur Mupparapu Lingamurthy Ward member 9989104501
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