Thorrur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 1 List Warangal District in Telangana State

Thorrur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 1 List Warangal District in Telangana State

Ammapuram Mamindlapalli.Ramesh Sarpanch 9949939311
Ammapuram Gandam.Bangaramma Upa-Sarpanch 9010754881
Ammapuram AzmeeraHeera Ward member 9177422409
Ammapuram Bommera.Seetamma Ward member 9676925140
Ammapuram Donaka.Yakaiah Ward member 9704399568
Ammapuram Gosangi.Venkatamma Ward member 0
Ammapuram Gudelli.Alivelu Ward member 9948354273
Ammapuram Gugulotu.Ambali Ward member 9908657976
Ammapuram Kotturu.Raju Ward member 9542122716
Ammapuram Maddela.Bhiksham Ward member 9553895618
Ammapuram Nakkireddy.Sammireddy Ward member 9951686281
Ammapuram Pastam.Yakaiah Ward member 9427516648
Ammapuram Tallada.Umarani Ward member 9440464019
Ammapuram Yasarapu.Ramakka Ward member 9704069567
Ammapuram Yasarapu.yakamma Ward member 9618693142
Bommakal D SAILU Sarpanch 8499837566
Bommakal U SOMAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9912593588
Bommakal B JATHA Ward member 9705416966
Bommakal B LACHIRAM Ward member 7660961513
Bommakal D SAMMAKKA Ward member 0
Bommakal D VENKANNA Ward member 9640650064
Bommakal G PRAMEELA Ward member 9010380784
Bommakal K JAMUNA Ward member 9912180654
Bommakal P SREENU Ward member 9573820781
Bommakal T SAVITHRI Ward member 9912394983
Cherlapalem S.Muthaiah Sarpanch 9440396871
Cherlapalem D.Upplaiah Upa-Sarpanch 8978386008
Cherlapalem A.Yakub Reddy Ward member 9441106817
Cherlapalem B.Chukkmma Ward member 0
Cherlapalem B.Sudhakar Ward member 9949453292
Cherlapalem Ch.Mangamma Ward member 9441625940
Cherlapalem D.Somamma Ward member 0
Cherlapalem D.Srinu Ward member 0
Cherlapalem J.Somalaxmi Ward member 0
Cherlapalem M.Goverden Ward member 9963312078
Cherlapalem M.Ramakka Ward member 0
Cherlapalem P.Mallaiah Ward member 9640829065
Cherlapalem Sk.Goushali Ward member 0
Chikataipalem Ch . Sridevi Sarpanch 9948171531
Chikataipalem A.Venkatasomallu Upa-Sarpanch 9440937287
Chikataipalem A.Muthaiah Ward member 0
Chikataipalem A.Venkatamma Ward member 0
Chikataipalem B.Illamma Ward member 0
Chikataipalem B.Venkataiah Ward member 0
Chikataipalem J.Ellamma Ward member 0
Chikataipalem K.Lingamurthy Ward member 9440937287
Chikataipalem Sk.Mahaboobu Ali Ward member 0
Chikataipalem T.Dhanamma Ward member 9440937289
Chikataipalem V.Somakka Ward member 0
Chinnavangara pakanati ramakrishna raddy Sarpanch 9949578874
Chinnavangara yasarpu gouraamma Upa-Sarpanch 9640229988
Chinnavangara anarapu narasimhaswmy Ward member 9505097738
Chinnavangara b. swarupa Ward member 9912566822
Chinnavangara daravthu nimma Ward member 0
Chinnavangara jaglm renuka Ward member 9848089216
Chinnavangara jaglm sammakka Ward member 9640239689
Chinnavangara jatothu kamalamma Ward member 9908498846
Chinnavangara jatothu pullsingh Ward member 8498900474
Chinnavangara j . vimala Ward member 9010008375
Chinnavangara p. arunadevi Ward member 9848042966
Chinnavangara shivarathri vankataamma Ward member 9949588316
Chinnavangara y. praveen Ward member 9542994482
Chintalapalle Jelakara nagabhushanom Sarpanch 9948631459
Chintalapalle gugulothu somla Upa-Sarpanch 9908004851
Chintalapalle Anapuram veknna Ward member 9704603022
Chintalapalle Banothu Kamlamma Ward member 9618747549
Chintalapalle Eenepally Chandraiah Ward member 8008779804
Chintalapalle Elapati Yakubreedy Ward member 9949199334
Chintalapalle Gugulothu Bujji Ward member 9618748073
Chintalapalle gugulothu Darjan Ward member 8106464367
Chintalapalle gugulothu Ravi Ward member 9963131040
Chintalapalle Kunta Jayasuda Ward member 9963044132
Chintalapalle Vadlakonda aruna Ward member 8186884857
Chityal B.Jamuna Sarpanch 9848491067
Chityal P.Surender Upa-Sarpanch 9951519089
Chityal A.Somaiah Ward member 0
Chityal D.Jyothi Ward member 7702370698
Chityal E Ramachandru Ward member 0
Chityal .E Sunitha Ward member 9848491067
Chityal E.Venkanna Ward member 9949593145
Chityal G.Ramathara Ward member 9948860391
Chityal G.Ramnarsaiah Ward member 0
Chityal K.Vijaya Ward member 0
Chityal N.Renuka Ward member 7730812958
Fathepur ANIREDDY VISHALA Sarpanch 9441550292
Fathepur GUDELLI VENKANNA Upa-Sarpanch 9440586802
Fathepur GUDELLI SANDHYA Ward member 9949709780
Fathepur JANGAM DHANALAXMI Ward member 9666132741
Fathepur JANGAM KISHTAIAH Ward member 0
Fathepur KONDA SARITHA Ward member 9000071836
Fathepur KUMMARIKUNTLA SAIDHULU Ward member 9652074310
Fathepur POLUJU BIXAPATHI Ward member 9959010747
Fathepur POOJARI RAJKUMAR Ward member 9912593283
Fathepur PULI PADMA Ward member 9603713077
Fathepur SANDRA MEENA Ward member 9705209341
Gurthur GATTU SRINIVAS Sarpanch 9177743048
Gurthur ERPULA BUCHHAMMA Upa-Sarpanch 9177743048
Gurthur BATTULA RAVI Ward member 9676536170
Gurthur EEDUNURI KANTHAMMA Ward member 9989679719
Gurthur ETTARU NAGARAJU Ward member 9949554780
Gurthur ETTHARI PURNARAMACHANDER Ward member 9949939329
Gurthur GURRAM YELENDRA Ward member 9000113475
Gurthur KASARLA SUJATHA Ward member 9949492703
Gurthur MERGU SUBADRA Ward member 9989821231
Gurthur PANJALA ARUNA Ward member 9618011423
Gurthur SINGARAM RAJITHA Ward member 9951360328
Haripiryala GADDHAM BIKSHAPATHI Sarpanch 9949907510
Haripiryala KODHUNURI SUDHAKAR Upa-Sarpanch 9346574232
Haripiryala BADAVATH HAMMI Ward member 9502168377
Haripiryala DHANTHALAPALLI YELLAMMA Ward member 9618665714
Haripiryala HAPAVATH BAVSINGH Ward member 9908240823
Haripiryala JATOTH BALU Ward member 9550878227
Haripiryala JATOTHU IMLA Ward member 9949605412
Haripiryala KOTA KANAKALAKSHMI Ward member 9959056793
Haripiryala MATTAKOLA VENKATALAKSHMI Ward member 9494036127
Haripiryala ORSU KRISHNAMURTHY Ward member 9603811537
Haripiryala PULUGUJJU VENKATANARSAMMA Ward member 7732022388
Haripiryala THALARI DHORASOMULU Ward member 8374479065
Haripiryala THOTA MURALI Ward member 7659887106
Haripiryala VALLAPU NARAYANA Ward member 8849119893
Kantaipalem V THARA Sarpanch 9000297352
Kantaipalem L SRIDHAR Upa-Sarpanch 9949439626
Kantaipalem A DASARADAM Ward member 9908658094
Kantaipalem A RAJKUMAR Ward member 9441549746
Kantaipalem B PUSHPALATHA Ward member 9989136212
Kantaipalem CH SUNITHA Ward member 9652237476
Kantaipalem K PADMA Ward member 9963439868
Kantaipalem M ANASURYA Ward member 8008152215
Kantaipalem M SUNITHA Ward member 8106947054
Kantaipalem N KUMARASWAMI Ward member 9866477591
Kantaipalem V MAHENDAR Ward member 9959313103
Karkal Sankinani Lingamma Sarpanch 9618748011
Karkal Einthala Rajalingam Upa-Sarpanch 9849434918
Karkal A.Yellaiah Ward member 8096015699
Karkal Erra Premalatha Ward member 9618456269
Karkal N.Sayadulu Ward member 8008976936
Karkal P.Sayadulu Ward member 7680998736
Karkal Sankeneni Kavitha Ward member 9618748011
Karkal V.Gouthame Ward member 9018747845
Karkal V.Sujatha Ward member 9989645398
Khanapur M.SWAPNA Sarpanch 9908234943
Khanapur B.Upendra Upa-Sarpanch 9618609555
Khanapur B.ASHOK Ward member 9618028823
Khanapur CH.SOMAIAH Ward member 9618469487
Khanapur G.AMMAHI Ward member 8374035208
Khanapur MD.RAJIYA SULTHANA Ward member 9949105984
Khanapur N.RAJITHA Ward member 9912327134
Khanapur P.MAHENDER Ward member 9949783109
Khanapur SK.KASHIM Ward member 9701397057
Madipalle Gadila Madhavi Sarpanch 9908540427
Madipalle Verupula Venkataalaxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9618469671
Madipalle Bale Hanumanthu Ward member 9701747283
Madipalle Banoth Kishor Ward member 9701880538
Madipalle Banothu Aruna Ward member 9848082219
Madipalle Banothu Mangamma Ward member 9701880827
Madipalle Ciraboina Hyima Ward member 8897617440
Madipalle Dasari Nirmala Ward member 9573120203
Madipalle Dharavath Tukaram Ward member 9949456902
Madipalle Kagina Mangamma Ward member 9866872014
Madipalle Mankali Ramesh Ward member 9866263312
Madipalle mankali Saimallu Ward member 9959442210
Madipalle Valamala Padma Ward member 9866647044
Matedu ch kavitha Sarpanch 8106763076
Matedu T MALLAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9505405392
Matedu BODAKUNTLA YAKAIAH Ward member 9676864203
Matedu BOLLAM BHADRAMMA Ward member 7730991521
Matedu DEEKONDA SALEEM Ward member 9705218374
Matedu JATOTHU BUJJAMMA Ward member 8106763076
Matedu LEGALA KOMURAREDDY Ward member 9908660177
Matedu MADHARAPU MANJULA Ward member 8106763076
Matedu MAHANKALI SUNITHA Ward member 9949444951
Matedu MAHANKALI VENKANNA Ward member 9542124632
Matedu ONGURU YAKAMMA Ward member 9908660177
Matedu SAMUDRALA LAVANYA Ward member 9908660177
Matedu VALLAPU YAKAIAH Ward member 9951950146
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