Venkatapur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 1 List Warangal District in Telangana State

Venkatapur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 1 List Warangal District in Telangana State

Adavirangapur S.Rajamogili Sarpanch 9676410668
Adavirangapur M.Mahender Upa-Sarpanch 9704744246
Adavirangapur B.Radhamma Ward member 9963203648
Adavirangapur G.Bhagyalaxmi Ward member 9701952153
Adavirangapur H.Kaliya Ward member 9603231342
Adavirangapur H.Rajitha Ward member 8464851965
Adavirangapur J.Jagram Ward member 9705882112
Adavirangapur J.Laxman Ward member 8096530626
Adavirangapur K.chinnakomuraiah Ward member 8897061562
Adavirangapur S.Ramadevi Ward member 9705238257
Adavirangapur S.Venkataiah Ward member 9959113224
Burgupet Kota Narsingam Sarpanch 8008321517
Burgupet Bashaboina Ailukumar Upa-Sarpanch 9948436075
Burgupet Bhukya Rajitha Ward member
Burgupet Boddu Rama Ward member 9666749266
Burgupet Boddu Sammakka Ward member
Burgupet Jambula Nagaraju Ward member 9603772453
Burgupet Kota Sammaiah Ward member
Burgupet Mandati Laxmi Ward member 9618926226
Burgupet Mekala Chandramogili Ward member 7893374952
Burgupet Neelala Krishanaleela Ward member 9542789584
Burgupet Theegala Srinivas rao Ward member 9963779056
Gurrampet BODIGE SADAIAH Sarpanch 9989585856
Gurrampet PORIKA SUNITHA Upa-Sarpanch 9542932776
Gurrampet ALAKUNTLA SADAIAH Ward member 8185923491
Gurrampet BUKYA RAJITHA Ward member 9908913032
Gurrampet GAMPA SHANKAR Ward member 8978378599
Gurrampet GUNIGANTI MOGILI Ward member
Gurrampet KORRA RAJABABU Ward member 9666476450
Gurrampet MARATI RAJITHA Ward member 9553284993
Gurrampet MARKA LAVANYA Ward member 9912610882
Gurrampet NAGAAVATH SUMAN Ward member 9177167553
Gurrampet PODETI PUSPANEELA Ward member 9652760429
Gurrampet RAAPARTHI MADHAVI Ward member 9550704670
Gurrampet RAAPARTHI RAVINDAR Ward member 9505466858
Jawaharnagar G.Vijaya Sarpanch 9666906441
Jawaharnagar Dasari Raju Upa-Sarpanch 9491073766
Jawaharnagar Bejjanki Raju Ward member 9666312551
Jawaharnagar Bhukya Rukamma Ward member 9441263099
Jawaharnagar Bonthala Rajamma Ward member 9490526034
Jawaharnagar Gunda Vijaya Ward member 0
Jawaharnagar Ollepu Ravi Ward member 9177301837
Jawaharnagar Pittala Annapurna Ward member 8374709005
Jawaharnagar Tulasimogga Venkateshwarlu Ward member 9441308050
Keshavapur P.Kavitha Sarpanch 8008068609
Keshavapur S.Paparao Upa-Sarpanch 9666528369
Keshavapur CH.sreedhar Rao Ward member 9347247147
Keshavapur D.badraiah Ward member 9951651183
Keshavapur G.Padma Ward member 9177346695
Keshavapur G.Raja Narsaiah Ward member 9603024309
Keshavapur K.Pramila Ward member 9705190704
Keshavapur M.Sambaiah Ward member 8978049031
Keshavapur P.Suguna Ward member 9948804525
Keshavapur P.vijaya Ward member 9912234203
Keshavapur S.Sunitha Ward member 9948987155
Keshavapur T.Badraiah Ward member 9177566134
Keshavapur V.Rajitha Ward member 9000504329
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