Wardhannapet Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 1 List Warangal District in Telangana State

Wardhannapet Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 1
List Warangal District in Telangana State

Bandauthapur B SWARUPA Sarpanch 9948753233
Bandauthapur M SUBHADRA Upa-Sarpanch 9701161089
Bandauthapur A GOPAL Ward member 9949453085
Bandauthapur G SUDHAKAR Ward member 8463904770
Bandauthapur H NAGESHWAR Ward member 7036244081
Bandauthapur J JOSEP Ward member 8187054132
Bandauthapur K SATHEMMA Ward member 9652417792
Bandauthapur M JYOTHI Ward member 8186867833
Bandauthapur M RAJESHVARY Ward member 9652889070
Bandauthapur M SUJATHA Ward member 9948753233
Bandauthapur M SUJATHA Ward member 9948753233
Bandauthapur N YAKAIAH Ward member 9866919485
Chennaram S.LAXMI NARAYANA Sarpanch 9440831019
Chennaram K.SUDHAKAR Upa-Sarpanch 9989145269
Chennaram A.RANGARAO Ward member 9866423532
Chennaram A.YELLAIAH Ward member 9502093674
Chennaram B.KARUNAMMA Ward member 9700159090
Chennaram J.CHINAMALLAIAH Ward member 9494040096
Chennaram J.KOMARAMMA Ward member 9550921722
Chennaram K.VASANTHA Ward member 9849759424
Chennaram K.VIJAYA Ward member 9866423532
Chennaram M.SAMMAKKA Ward member 9666477140
Chennaram SK.JOHN Ward member 8499010147
Dammannapeta C.Laxmi Sarpanch 9666411618
Dammannapeta M.Kanakalaxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9505548043
Dammannapeta .B.Narsaiah Ward member 9701168462
Dammannapeta B.Rajitha Ward member 9573509105
Dammannapeta C.Laxmi Ward member 9666411618
Dammannapeta D.Anjaiah Ward member 8179319380
Dammannapeta G.Devid Ward member 9949596917
Dammannapeta G.Murali. Ward member 9989470803
Dammannapeta K.Yakaiah. Ward member 9866057434
Dammannapeta L.Sulochana Ward member 9989470803
Dammannapeta M.Ramesh Ward member 9573508170
Dammannapeta M.Sharadha Ward member 9912180962
Divitipalle A.Ahalaya devi Sarpanch 9848290163
Divitipalle K.Bixapathi Upa-Sarpanch 9849241870
Divitipalle B.Yadamma Ward member 9000741837
Divitipalle J.Dhaved Ward member 9908292565
Divitipalle J.Yakamma Ward member 9618225877
Divitipalle K.Bhaskar Ward member 8179961062
Divitipalle K.Nirmala Ward member 9010933847
Divitipalle K.Pushpa Ward member 9948906456
Divitipalle K.Shankaramma Ward member 9502619815
Dongachintathanda AMGOTH LACHIRAM Upa-Sarpanch 9440676122
Dongachintathanda A RAVINDAR NAIK Ward member 9849471766
Dongachintathanda B KANTHI Ward member 9849198064
Dongachintathanda B MAMATHA Ward member 9441784255
Dongachintathanda B NARASMHA Ward member 9603738724
Dongachintathanda B SUNITHA Ward member 9640521572
Dongachintathanda B VENKANNA Ward member 9951653110
Dongachintathanda B VIJAYA Ward member 7731942921
Dongachintathanda N HEMYA Ward member 9440676122
Dongachintathanda N JAMMU Ward member 9440096188
Dongachintathanda N KHIMA Ward member 9908541650
Dongachintathanda S KAVITHA Ward member 9948702044
Ellanda R. KUMARA SWAMY Sarpanch 9666658048
Ellanda S.KUMARA SWAMY Upa-Sarpanch 9701339253
Ellanda B.PADMA Ward member 9676843255
Ellanda B.YADAGIRI Ward member 9553778723
Ellanda CH.BIXAPATHI Ward member 9908360177
Ellanda G.YAMUNA Ward member 9293175878
Ellanda J ILAMMA Ward member 9441663354
Ellanda M.DEVENDER Ward member 9494788972
Ellanda M..RAMADEVI Ward member 9948637945
Ellanda M.YAKAMMA Ward member 9963393432
Ellanda N.PAIDI Ward member 9963452471
Ellanda P.BAGYA LAKSHMI Ward member 9948761988
Ellanda P.SURESH Ward member 9701136637
Ellanda S.ARUNA Ward member 9908032138
Ellanda S.KAVITHA Ward member 9441550070
Inole P.Suresh Sarpanch 9849661846
Inole P.Yellagoud Upa-Sarpanch 9985271650
Inole A.SAMMAIAH Ward member 8499833965
Inole A.SATHISH KUMAR Ward member 9866506053
Inole B.ESAK Ward member 8978326623
Inole B.SUGUNAMMA Ward member 8008909459
Inole G.Kavitha Ward member 9553208643
Inole G.KAVITHA Ward member 9908581846
Inole G.Renuka Ward member 9908573324
Inole K.Jayamma Ward member 9866574398
Inole K.MADUKAR Ward member 9866544375
Inole K.REVATHI Ward member 9705365431
Inole P.SAMPATH KUMAR Ward member 9959077605
Inole P.VENKATASWAMY Ward member 9908150991
Inole T.PULA Ward member 9394373358
Kadarigudem KANJERLA POOLA Sarpanch 9704115359
Kadarigudem P.SANTHOSH REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 8008969012
Kadarigudem B.SANDHYA Ward member 7702072119
Kadarigudem C.KUMARASWAMY Ward member 8106600513
Kadarigudem G.SARITHA Ward member 9908384119
Kadarigudem G.SEENAMMA Ward member 9704115359
Kadarigudem G.VENKATAIAH Ward member 9704115359
Kadarigudem K.HEMALATHA Ward member 9704115359
Kadarigudem M.RAJU Ward member 8801871444
Kakkiralapalle PAINDLA SAMPATH Sarpanch 9912398931
Kakkiralapalle CHIRRA KUMARASWAMY Upa-Sarpanch 9912180946
Kakkiralapalle ARURI KOMALA Ward member 9505393596
Kakkiralapalle BOLLAM PADMA Ward member 9912685471
Kakkiralapalle DANDU SAMBALAXMI Ward member 9948827743
Kakkiralapalle GUNDAPU SUBADRA Ward member 9948368796
Kakkiralapalle KANJARLA ASHOK Ward member 9948718763
Kakkiralapalle KANJARLA RAMESH Ward member 9640063400
Kakkiralapalle MD YAKUB Ward member 9603687361
Kakkiralapalle RAVULA SOMAIAH Ward member 9989615480
Kakkiralapalle TADEM RAJITHA Ward member 9912329701
Katryal ELIKATTE BHASKAR Sarpanch 9989117944
Katryal chevela yakalaxmi Upa-Sarpanch 9550993171
Katryal Chengala Bhagyamma Ward member 9989457439
Katryal Gujja Srilatha Ward member 9849958630
Katryal jada Sathish Ward member 9963992269
Katryal Mohammad Akbar Ward member 9949378077
Katryal Shabarthi Sammaiah Ward member 9705661562
Katryal S.Mallikamba Ward member 9949455760
Katryal Sulthan Buchamma Ward member 9618130263
Katryal Sulthan Radhamma Ward member 9849182986
Katryal Thummala Yellamma Ward member 9949537679
Katryal T.Kumaraswamy Ward member 7702694265
Katryal U.Amruthamma Ward member 9963278526
Kothapalle J.YAKAMMA Sarpanch 9912785421
Kothapalle N.SANJIVA RAO Upa-Sarpanch 8096371090
Kothapalle A.CHANDER Ward member 9989324660
Kothapalle A.NARSAMMA Ward member 9866565933
Kothapalle B.DEVENDER Ward member 9908479787
Kothapalle D.KAVITHA Ward member 9963722064
Kothapalle D.PADMA Ward member 9618663484
Kothapalle M.SYAM RAO Ward member 9849436397
Kothapalle T.KARNAKAR Ward member 9963041068
Kothapalle T.LALITHA Ward member 9866293707
Kothapalle T.PADMA Ward member 8374558214
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