Wardhannapet Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 2 List Warangal District in Telangana State

Wardhannapet Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 2 
List Warangal District in Telangana State

Liaberthy T.VIJAYA Sarpanch 9652491185
Liaberthy CH.SUDHEER Upa-Sarpanch 9000360229
Liaberthy A.ARUNA Ward member 9989454349
Liaberthy A.PRABHAKAR Ward member 8008659733
Liaberthy B.PADMA Ward member 9949724055
Liaberthy B.VANITHA Ward member 9949564034
Liaberthy CH.BUCHAMMA Ward member 9652558400
Liaberthy CH.KOMRAIAH Ward member 9989490652
Liaberthy E.CHANDRA MOULI Ward member 9491824696
Liaberthy G.RAMA Ward member 9949212189
Liaberthy K.SWARUPA Ward member 9603354866
Liaberthy K.YELLAIAH Ward member 9705261068
Liaberthy P.KALINGA RAO Ward member 9849573504
Nallabelle MUTYAM SAMPATH Sarpanch 9949849930
Nallabelle LINGAMPELLY PARVATHI Upa-Sarpanch 9908020585
Nallabelle ARELLI YAKAIAH Ward member 9949849930
Nallabelle BATHU VENKANNA Ward member 9550300249
Nallabelle BIRRU KUMARASWAMY Ward member 9949849930
Nallabelle BIRRU RAJAIAH Ward member 9949849930
Nallabelle BIRRU RAMESH Ward member 7893447226
Nallabelle DUGYALA KISHAN RAO Ward member 8106376844
Nallabelle ELABOINA SUBHADRA Ward member 9989415937
Nallabelle GOLI KOMALA Ward member 9949849930
Nallabelle MARGAM BHAGYALAXMI Ward member 9949849930
Nallabelle MUTYAM VIJAYA Ward member 9949849930
Nallabelle SRIPADI ANITHA Ward member 9989136314
Nandanam T.Venkatalaxmi Sarpanch 8790483503
Nandanam B.Rama Ward member 9963059272
Nandanam B.Swaroopa Ward member 9963467234
Nandanam C.Chandraiah Ward member 9948950969
Nandanam Ch.Mallesham Ward member 8464942845
Nandanam E.swaroopa Ward member 9949225160
Nandanam G.Anjaneyulu Ward member 8499808380
Nandanam J.Raju Ward member 9908374281
Nandanam K.Saramma Ward member 9951798366
Nandanam N.Renuka Ward member 9000875830
Nandanam P.Kavitha Ward member 9701102085
Nandanam Y.Laxman Ward member 9652289016
Nandanam Y.Maibee Ward member 9676406437
Panthini Barigela Sadanadham Sarpanch 9949439481
Panthini Donthi Rajireddy Upa-Sarpanch 9848314889
Panthini Balya Radhika Ward member 9491617169
Panthini Bandi Manjula Ward member 9494068898
Panthini Busa Manjula Ward member 9502355165
Panthini Damsani Laxmi Ward member 9944439481
Panthini Iilapaka Shoba Ward member 9909439481
Panthini Munja Sammaka Ward member 9949439481
Panthini Munja Yellaiah Ward member 9703218150
Panthini Pinniti Karunakar Ward member 9701913013
Panthini Ponna Kumaraswamy Ward member 9491999924
Panthini Thumala Ramulu Ward member 7893197344
Panthini Varikolla VeeraSwami Ward member 9573486498
Peramadlagudem KAVATI SWAMY Sarpanch 9603083853
Peramadlagudem KOLA RAJU Upa-Sarpanch 9704217663
Peramadlagudem DUPPELLI RAVI Ward member 9177253916
Peramadlagudem KANDIKA MANJULA Ward member 9550342488
Peramadlagudem KANDIKA RAJITHA Ward member 9701810525
Peramadlagudem KANDIKONDA LINGAMURTHY Ward member 9912387426
Peramadlagudem KUSA LAVANYA Ward member 9010119839
Peramadlagudem PIDUGU ASHOK Ward member 9949781406
Peramadlagudem PIDUGU RAJITHA Ward member 9989223248
Punnelu OSMAN ALI SHEK Sarpanch 9948800588
Punnelu A.MALLESHAM Upa-Sarpanch 9908103929
Punnelu A.POOLAMMA Ward member 0
Punnelu Ch.CHERALU Ward member 9849364458
Punnelu CH.HARIKA Ward member 9959897694
Punnelu I.KUMARASWAMY Ward member 9709191478
Punnelu K.BHASKAR Ward member 0
Punnelu K.CHANDRAIAH Ward member 9701165482
Punnelu K.SUJATHA Ward member 0
Punnelu M.KUMARASWAMY Ward member 9949304725
Punnelu R.SARAMMA Ward member 0
Punnelu SALMA SHEAK Ward member 0
Punnelu T.RAJANI Ward member 8585096610
Ramavaram Thota Sandhya Sarpanch 9959104917
Ramavaram Kulla Somaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9701743691
Ramavaram B.Madhavi Ward member 9849672691
Ramavaram B.Vijaya Ward member 9701112767
Ramavaram Ch.Kanakalaxmi Ward member 7702127524
Ramavaram Ch.Yakaiah Ward member 8096616040
Ramavaram G.Sudhakar Ward member 9652422727
Ramavaram G..Sulochana Ward member 8008134033
Ramavaram G.Vijaya Ward member 9989180496
Ramdhanthanda SK YAKUBEE Sarpanch 9701771795
Ramdhanthanda GUGULOTU GOPAL Upa-Sarpanch 9441719983
Ramdhanthanda BANOTU GOPAL Ward member 9618002248
Ramdhanthanda BHUKYA RAJITHA Ward member 7731928698
Ramdhanthanda BHUKYA RAVI Ward member 8978684693
Ramdhanthanda BHUKYA SATTEMMA Ward member 9959706479
Ramdhanthanda GUGULOTU JAGGU Ward member 8978574954
Ramdhanthanda LAXMI GUGULOTU Ward member 9000308825
Ramdhanthanda MALOTU BHADRAMMA Ward member 9908843905
Reddipalem D KOUSALYA Sarpanch 9866565195
Reddipalem I REZINAMMA Upa-Sarpanch 9849954793
Reddipalem D CHINNAMMA Ward member 9866565195
Reddipalem D PRASAD Ward member 9963123044
Reddipalem G ALVIN REDDY Ward member 9490856088
Reddipalem G SWARUPA Ward member 7730029137
Reddipalem S CHINNAPU REDDY Ward member 9948220661
Reddipalem T RAJU Ward member 9948550269
Reddipalem T SUGUNA Ward member 8008893937
Uduthagudem L.Neetha Sarpanch 9949770739
Uduthagudem D.Yakaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9949016005
Uduthagudem B.Pulamma Ward member 0
Uduthagudem B.Rajireddy Ward member 9701324456
Uduthagudem B.Yellamma Ward member 0
Uduthagudem E.Peddulu Ward member 8790255271
Uduthagudem K.Cheralu Ward member 8179310772
Uduthagudem N.Mallikamba Ward member 0
Uduthagudem P.Sharadha Ward member 9866086584
Upparapalle K RAJITHA Sarpanch 8008015801
Upparapalle S SARANGAPANI Upa-Sarpanch 9849352281
Upparapalle A LALITHA Ward member 9705416980
Upparapalle B SARAIAH Ward member 9951006090
Upparapalle C RAJITHA Ward member 9948800945
Upparapalle D MALLAIAH Ward member 9704115359
Upparapalle D RAJU Ward member 9701339287
Upparapalle K.BHAGYAMMA Ward member 7702306877
Upparapalle K UPENDRA Ward member 9581926121
Upparapalle S ABEDKAR Ward member 8142016848
Upparapalle S LAXMI Ward member 9701339287
Warhdannapet GADIPELLI SWARUPA Sarpanch 8985786693
Warhdannapet ERRA SRINIVAS Upa-Sarpanch 9959349169
Warhdannapet A.VENKATESHWARLU Ward member 8897722599
Warhdannapet A.VENUGOPAL Ward member 9393123810
Warhdannapet D.LAXMIKANTHA Ward member 9848744131
Warhdannapet E.YAKAMMA Ward member 9603401336
Warhdannapet G.PRADEEP RAO Ward member 9963223537
Warhdannapet G.SANDHYARANI Ward member 9951304736
Warhdannapet KONDRA LAXMI Ward member 9959209609
Warhdannapet MD.HAFIZA Ward member 9949916638
Warhdannapet M.VASANTHA Ward member 9949345848
Warhdannapet N.SAMMAIAH Ward member 9848721964
Warhdannapet S.RENUKA Ward member 9949849151
Warhdannapet S.SRIDHAR Ward member 9948550309
Warhdannapet VADLAKONDA SRINIVAS Ward member 9951421591
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