Zaffergadh Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers Part 2 List Warangal Distritc in Telangana State

Zaffergadh Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers
 Part 2 List
Warangal District in Telangana State

Sagaram VATTI INNAREDDY Sarpanch 9666662613
Sagaram KONDABOINA RAMADEVI Upa-Sarpanch 9949917811
Sagaram BASIPAKA ELENDRA Ward member 9652104619
Sagaram BASIPAKA SAROJANA Ward member 9963997390
Sagaram GABBETA VENKATAIAH Ward member 9849891224
Sagaram KONTHAM RAJITHA Ward member 8790535985
Sagaram MACHA NARSAIAH Ward member 7730096106
Sagaram PIDUGU YAKAIAH Ward member 9550026544
Sagaram SHIVARATRI SOMAIAH Ward member 9618177706
Sagaram TATIKAYALA UPPALAIAH Ward member 9666662613
Sagaram TUMMA KAVITHA Ward member 8106270293
Shapalle kasarla dargaiah Sarpanch 8897363299
Shapalle kunta rajaiah Upa-Sarpanch 8897363299
Shapalle dodda santhosh Ward member 9701454549
Shapalle elmakanti ellamma Ward member 8106543984
Shapalle kodaari yakamma Ward member 9705370551
Shapalle maacharla anjamma Ward member 8106543984
Shapalle pedduri lalitha Ward member 9912287619
Shapalle puligilla lakshmi Ward member 9989652708
Shapalle thallapally subhas Ward member 9989898816
Suraram yatham rajitha Sarpanch 9618170861
Suraram Angothu devendar Upa-Sarpanch 9177483715
Suraram Angothu Jannamma Ward member 0
Suraram Badavath Narsimhulu Ward member 9908518050
Suraram Cheemala Venkataiah Ward member 9705650366
Suraram Kasarla Hyma Ward member 0
Suraram Lakavath Kamala Ward member 9949683682
Suraram Macharla Rajitha Ward member 9949884009
Suraram Madige Rama Ward member 0
Suraram Mamidala Komala Ward member 9177322601
Suraram MD.Amjath pasha Ward member 9949869728
Thammadapalle Kotha Rajamani Sarpanch 9390125132
Thammadapalle Radapaka Haribabu Upa-Sarpanch 9676396363
Thammadapalle bulli sharadha Ward member 9959856494
Thammadapalle gali mukundareddy Ward member 9394764049
Thammadapalle Garbasi sadanandam Ward member 9573742633
Thammadapalle Nallabitla anitha Ward member 9604018047
Thammadapalle Neela ugender Ward member 9948378161
Thammadapalle Radapaka Nirmala Ward member
Thammadapalle radapaka pramila Ward member 9963436051
Thammadapalle radapaka rahaman Ward member 9676059907
Thammadapalle radapaka varalaxmi Ward member 9959492203
Thammadapalle (G) MARAPALLY SWAPNA Sarpanch 9963614021
Thammadapalle (G) MD SHARFODDIN Upa-Sarpanch 9959599054
Thammadapalle (G) CHILUVERU MALLAIAH Ward member 7702410567
Thammadapalle (G) GADE YADAMMA Ward member 9959051285
Thammadapalle (G) LOKINI SAYILU Ward member 9866451470
Thammadapalle (G) MARRI RAMESH Ward member 9959051285
Thammadapalle (G) MD YAKUB BEE Ward member 9908384228
Thammadapalle (G) NAKKA RAJENDRAM Ward member 9989486652
Thammadapalle (G) PANIKERA DURGA Ward member 9951085741
Thammadapalle (G) POTTACHERLA RADHIKA Ward member 9963309027
Thammadapalle (G) SHIVARATHRI YAKAMMA Ward member 9177115160
Theegaram ELMAKANTI SUJATHA Sarpanch 9618784979
Theegaram gone rajitha Upa-Sarpanch 9912387479
Theegaram banothu ramesh Ward member 9701898472
Theegaram gugulothu latha Ward member 0
Theegaram kalakota lakshmi Ward member 0
Theegaram kalakota parusha ramulu Ward member 9701715233
Theegaram kalakota swapna Ward member 0
Theegaram madaraj ashok Ward member 8008253533
Theegaram Narsingoju venkanna Ward member 9866559105
Theegaram pendli bhupal Ward member 9912371865
Theegaram thouti renuka Ward member 9912270949
Thidugu manemma Sarpanch 9676673088
Thidugu K. AILAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9949271246
Thidugu CHANDA SRAVANTI Ward member 9000274500
Thidugu CH RAJITHA Ward member 8897087413
Thidugu CH RAJU Ward member 9989426674
Thidugu M CHINA KOMURAIAH Ward member 9177127885
Thidugu M SUNITHA Ward member 9177127885
Thidugu M YAKAIAH Ward member 9701615954
Thidugu PULI SANDHYA Ward member 9949741151
Thimmampeta Manda Rajaiah Sarpanch 9948334326
Thimmampeta B Manjula Upa-Sarpanch 9912335365
Thimmampeta A Ashok Ward member 9701889290
Thimmampeta A Yakalaxmi Ward member 8179638656
Thimmampeta B Jyothi Ward member 9866964976
Thimmampeta B Laxmi Ward member 8978141936
Thimmampeta B Megya Ward member 9949277821
Thimmampeta J Sampath Kumar Ward member 9866442116
Thimmampeta S Madhavulu Ward member 9912387480
Thimmampeta T Nirmala Ward member 8179647921
Thimmampeta T Ramesh Ward member 8179878336
Thimmapur MINUKURI SAVITRI DEVI Sarpanch 9963863417
Thimmapur NAKKA MALLESH Upa-Sarpanch 9949594149
Thimmapur CHIKKUDU SULOCHANA Ward member 9000945359
Thimmapur GADHARI KAMALAMMA Ward member 9666385325
Thimmapur GADHARI MARIYAMMA Ward member 9666385325
Thimmapur GONE MALLAREDDY Ward member 9959554501
Thimmapur KUSA CHANDRAKALA Ward member 9618372226
Thimmapur PULI SHOBAN BABU Ward member 9618408714
Thimmapur YATHAM SAMMAIAH Ward member 9550876199
Uppugal GADEPAKA CHIRANJEEVI Sarpanch 9177157741
Uppugal BALABOINA BALARAJU Upa-Sarpanch 9963092500
Uppugal BAIRU RADHIKA Ward member 9963092500
Uppugal GADEPAKA ANITHA Ward member 9949069897
Uppugal GANGADARI KOMRAMMA Ward member 9652700241
Uppugal GUNDE RAJU Ward member 9000337554
Uppugal KASTURI SARITHA Ward member 9989582166
Uppugal MANDA RAMESH Ward member 8008067391
Uppugal MD.MAHMOOD PASHA Ward member 8790071575
Uppugal MUNIGALA NEELAMMA Ward member 9652700241
Uppugal NALLABOINA KOMRAIAH Ward member 9573824417
Uppugal PENDYALA MAHESHWARI Ward member 8374153782
Uppugal YATA SRINIVAS Ward member 9704893475
Venkatapur Pindi Ravinder Sarpanch 9959279579
Venkatapur Madasi Cheralu Upa-Sarpanch 9848617388
Venkatapur Bathini Vijaya Ward member 9959421571
Venkatapur Bireddy Joshap Reddy Ward member 9908539369
Venkatapur Boina Katamraju Ward member 9912600937
Venkatapur Dameragadda Devendar Ward member 9959281571
Venkatapur Gaddeti Srilatha Ward member 9704392108
Venkatapur Lenkala Mallaiah Ward member 9959281571
Venkatapur Madasi Laxmi Ward member 9909828345
Venkatapur Marapelli Suresh Ward member 9704382864
Venkatapur Pujari Nirmala Ward member 9949145263
Venkatapur Thati Chendrakala Ward member 8179793629
Venkatapur Thummarapelli Padma Ward member 9989435498
Zaffargadh D.Swarupa Sarpanch 9952957215
Zaffargadh A Kavitha Upa-Sarpanch 9492585651
Zaffargadh B Bhalaraju Ward member 9849430784
Zaffargadh B Nagaraju Ward member 9949851679
Zaffargadh B Yellaswamy Ward member 7893346532
Zaffargadh D Rajamma Ward member 8897578958
Zaffargadh K Laxmi Ward member 9701630103
Zaffargadh K Yellaiah Ward member 9963422338
Zaffargadh M Kanakalaxmi Ward member 9959524610
Zaffargadh M.Ramya Ward member 9618774222
Zaffargadh M Susmitha Ward member 9949494489
Zaffargadh N Yadagiri Ward member 8978157311
Zaffargadh P Sampath Ward member 9989197386
Zaffargadh S Kumaraswamy Ward member 9866020591
Zaffargadh T Alina Ward member 9959943780
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