ZPTC Member & Vice-President Mobile Numbers List Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State

ZPTC Member & Vice-President Mobile Numbers List 
Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State
ZPTC Member & Vice-President Mobile Numbers List Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State
Achampeta K.Ramakrishna Reddy ZPTC Member OC 9490932772
Addakal M Raman Goud ZPTC Member BC 8801685657
Aiza Smt Chandravathi ZPTC Member BC 9550416667
Alampur K.SURYABABU GOUD ZPTC Member BC 9440675969
Amangal K HARI PRASAD ZPTC Member OC 9440294712
Amrabad C.Anuradha ZPTC Member SC 9346188688
Atmakur SRI.B.BALAKISTANNA ZPTC Member SC 850422352
Balmoor Dharma Naik ZPTC Member ST 9440465125
Bhoothpur R CHANDRAMOULI ZPTC Member SC 9948164168
Bijinapalle Nainolla Sudhaparimala ZPTC Member BC 9440124130
Bomraspeta Jyothi Reddy ZPTC Member OC 9676137859
Chinna Chinta Kunta smt.B.Lakshmi prabhakar ZPTC Member SC 9492355990
Damaragidda VENKATAMMA ZPTC Member BC 9440064618
Devarkadara Balsupalli Laxmikanth Reddy ZPTC Member OC 9441113848
Dharur padma ZPTC Member BC 0
Doulatabad Venkatamma ZPTC Member SC 8978664106
Farooqnagar Aruna B ZPTC Member ST 9951180777
Gadwal B BHASKAR ZPTC Member SC 9444076904
Ghanpur K.Rameshgoud ZPTC Member BC 9160022299
Ghattu B.SHYAMALA ZPTC Member BC 9959344439
Gopalpeta Rajeshwar Reddy Rakasi ZPTC Member OC 9550663999
Hanwada NARAYANAMMA ZPTC Member OC 9848083999
Itikyal G.Khaganath Reddy ZPTC Member BC 9494111100
Kalwakurthy N.Ashok Reddy ZPTC Member OC 9440485946
Kodair K.Basti Ram ZPTC Member ST 9676596199
Kodangal SHARANAMMA ZPTC Member BC 0
Koilkonda B.Lalithamma ZPTC Member OC 9490057599
Kollapur M HANUMANTH NAIK ZPTC Member ST 9490206144
Kondurg BANGARU SWAROOPA ZPTC Member BC 9948166426
Kosgi R.Anitha ZPTC Member SC 9441112681
Kothakota Dr P Jambulingam Babu ZPTC Member BC 9440348362
Kothur Nagarkunta Naveenkumar Reddy ZPTC Member OC 9866052733
Lingal MAKAM PARVATHAMMA ZPTC Member BC 9705942121
Maddur Anasuyamma ZPTC Member ST 7729978191
Madgul P RAVI ZPTC Member BC 9951108823
Maganoor Smt. Ginne Saritha ZPTC Member OC 9441136580
Mahbubnagar SRIDEVI ZPTC Member SC 9010971077
Makthal VAKITI SRIHARI ZPTC Member BC 9440297597
Manopadu VEDAVATHI ZPTC Member BC 9440656509
Midjil Sudha ZPTC Member OC 9542255947
Nagar Kurnool K.Manemma ZPTC Member BC 9440510930
Narayanpet L.ARUNA DEVI ZPTC Member SC 9440460571
Narva D.LAXMI ZPTC Member BC 9440381781
Nawabpet Smt S.Indira Devi ZPTC Member BC 7729931023
Pangal A.Ravi ZPTC Member SC 9704042038
Pebbair KESHAPAGU PRAKASH ZPTC Member SC 9848584175
Peddakothapalle S.VENKATAIAH ZPTC Member BC 9866797909
Peddamandadi VENUGOPALA KRISHNA ZPTC Member BC 9440981279
Tadoor Madduri Manemma ZPTC Member OC 9908121066
Talakondapalle PADMA NARSIMHA ZPTC Member BC 9948829131
Telkapalle EEDULA NARENDER REDDY ZPTC Member OC 9949555197
Thimmajipeta gorla suverna ZPTC Member BC 0
Uppununthala Katta Saritha ZPTC Member OC 9912068513
Utkoor SURYA PRAKASH REDDY ZPTC Member BC 9440546898
Vangoor K.Bheemudu ZPTC Member ST 9550467197
Veepangandla Sri M.Loka reddy ZPTC Member OC 9000701554
Veldanda V. VENKATAMMA ZPTC Member BC 9440687798
Waddepalle VENKATESWARAMMA ZPTC Member BC 9440864736
Wanaparthy A.Venkataiah ZPTC Member BC 9393081832
Achampeta N.Sevya Nayak Vice-President ST 8978639893
Addakal T Venkateswaramma Vice-President BC 9912036672
Aiza P.Neelakanta Reddy Vice-President OC 9912305138
Alampur P.RAMACHANDRA REDDY Vice-President OC 9494939474
Amangal N NARAIAH Vice-President BC 9346644155
Amrabad S.Shobha Vice-President OC 9441302273
Atmakur SMT.THATIKONDA SUDHARANI Vice-President BC 9440412035
Balanagar LINGYA NAIK Vice-President ST 9391722252
Balmoor Smt Utharamma Vice-President SC 9505154580
Bhoothpur K.SHEKAR REDDY Vice-President OC 9989659116
Bijinapalle Eerla Narshimha Vice-President BC 9490411246
Bomraspeta Deshya Naik Vice-President ST 9908607481
Chinna Chinta Kunta smt.Sulochana Vice-President BC 9542546074
Damaragidda SAVITHRA Vice-President SC 8978763608
Devarkadara konda chandrakala Vice-President OC 9666612473
Dhanwada P Ramchandraiah Vice-President BC 9492501645
Dharur k venkatrami reddy Vice-President OC 9848898770
Doulatabad Venkatreddy Vice-President OC 8978664106
Farooqnagar B. Narender Reddy Vice-President OC 9849072473
Gadwal VT RAJESWARI Vice-President BC 8179330649
Ghanpur Uma Maheshwari Vice-President BC 9703565896
Ghattu J.VIJAY KUMAR Vice-President BC 9951258234
Gopalpeta GIRIJALA RAJESHWARI Vice-President BC 9440311202
Hanwada KANAKANTI DASTHAIAH Vice-President BC 9652196981
Itikyal E.Rajasekhar Goud Vice-President BC 9705052302
Kalwakurthy Giri Parvathalu Goud Vice-President BC 9440214757
Keshampeta P. Surender Vice-President BC 9666878811
Kodair Venkataswamy Vice-President BC 9848275966
Kodangal N NARSIMULU Vice-President BC 9573991619
Koilkonda B. Sharada Vice-President BC 9490007599
Kollapur B RADHA Vice-President SC 9542351071
Kondurg B.CHANDRA BABU GOUD Vice-President BC 9676791229
Kosgi D.Rajeshwar Vice-President BC 9177307920
Kothakota Vakiti Balaraju Vice-President BC 9948188217
Kothur kongara Laxmi Vice-President SC 9505229892
Lingal D.KISHAN LAL Vice-President ST 9959928170
Maddur G Sayappa Vice-President BC 9573984180
Madgul P ANDALU Vice-President BC 9440720238
Maganoor Sri. G. Anjaneyulu Vice-President BC 9912985309
Mahbubnagar SARASWATAMMA Vice-President OC 9603794419
Makthal SUNITHA Vice-President OC 9848567654
Maldakal Y.RAJA REDDY Vice-President OC 9666981800
Manopadu R SUDHAKAR REDDY Vice-President OC 9491591841
Midjil bARIGALA.sUDHARSHAN Vice-President SC 9948002215
Nagar Kurnool B.Srinivas Reddy Vice-President OC 9441088814
Narayanpet RAMAKRISHNA GOUD Vice-President BC 9949050550
Narva PRAVEEN KUMAR REDDY Vice-President OC 9985758167
Nawabpet Sri Narayana Vice-President BC 9000477846
Pangal M.Laxmi Vice-President ST 9951111467
Pebbair JAGANATHAM Vice-President BC 9849085973
Peddakothapalle G RAMULU Vice-President BC 9959629809
Peddamandadi M.ANJANEYULU Vice-President BC 9052017203
Tadoor K Mallaiah Vice-President BC 8008849467
Talakondapalle SMT SUVARNA Vice-President OC 9951990262
Telkapalle KAUKUNTLA NARENDER GOUD Vice-President BC 9393888182
Thimmajipeta alileti shravani Vice-President OC 0
Uppununthala Vemula Nivedita Vice-President OC 9440572021
Utkoor VIJAYA SIMHA REDDY Vice-President OC 9440031790
Vangoor Sakru Vice-President ST 9010746835
Veepangandla SRI V.Sathyanarayana Shetty Vice-President OC 9701099731
Veldanda K.VENKATAIAH GOUD Vice-President BC 9440767716
Waddepalle N.SREENIVASULU Vice-President BC 9494388999
Wanaparthy B.Suresh goud Vice-President BC 9441880434
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