ZPTC Member & Vice-President Mobile Numbers List Nizamabad District in Telangana State

ZPTC Member & Vice-President Mobile Numbers List 
Nizamabad District in Telangana State
ZPTC Member & Vice-President Mobile Numbers List Nizamabad District in Telangana State
Armur Sri Sarangi Nadipi Sandanna ZPTC Member SC 9848866696
Balkonda SMT.JOGU SANGITHA ZPTC Member ST 9440768897
Banswada Jangam Vijaya ZPTC Member BC 9963297606
Bheemgal Laxmi Sharam Badavath ZPTC Member ST 9490558572
Bhiknur NANDA RAMESH ZPTC Member BC 9440743416
Bichkunda sri. sandhi sairam ZPTC Member SC 8008906833
Birkoor N.KISHAN ZPTC Member ST 9491749210
Dhar Palle GADDAM SUMANA ZPTC Member OC 9440266620
Dich Palle Aruna Kurapati ZPTC Member BC 9848071674
Domakonda Gandra Madusudhan Rao ZPTC Member OC 9849918478
Gandhari Thanaji Rao Harale ZPTC Member BC 9440557667
Jakranpalle Tanuja Patkuri ZPTC Member OC 9490188888
Jukkal Madhav Rao Desai ZPTC Member BC 9490511715
Kamareddy Nimma Mohan Reddy ZPTC Member OC 9440469339
Kammar Palle Dasari Lamxi ZPTC Member BC 9440136012
Kotgiri Puppala Shankar ZPTC Member BC 9000555450
Lingampet Naguluri Srilatha ZPTC Member SC 9440815685
Machareddy Gyara Laxmi ZPTC Member SC 9989050857
Madnur Baswaraj Patil ZPTC Member BC 9490510200
Makloor Smt Kunyoth Latha ZPTC Member ST 9912139640
Mortad ANUGANDULA AMITHA ZPTC Member BC 846328855
Naga Reddipet K.Narayana ZPTC Member BC 9440492333
Nandipet Smt Dange Swathi ZPTC Member BC 9959964677
Navipet A SRINIVAS GOUD ZPTC Member BC 9989151456
Nizamabad Puppala Shobha ZPTC Member BC 9866633260
Nizam Sagar dhafedhar Raju ZPTC Member BC 9440567144
Pitlam J Prathap reddy ZPTC Member OC 9849335911
Ranjal M Nagabhushanam ZPTC Member OC 9908785152
Sadasivanagar Padigela Rejeshwarrao ZPTC Member BC 9440551761
Sirkonda A.Suja ZPTC Member SC 9912138055
Tadwai MADDI SAVITRI ZPTC Member OC 9912060202
Velpur VIMALA VELMALA ZPTC Member BC 9703767383
Yeda Palle Smt Sarojini Billa ZPTC Member BC 9849343435
Yellareddy SAMEL CHINNA BALI ZPTC Member SC 9347390990
Armur Sri Ittadi Bajanna Vice-President OC 9848160090
Balkonda SHEKAR NAGAMPET Vice-President OC 9703446162
Banswada Jinna Raghu Ramaiah Vice-President BC 9440871857
Bheemgal Narsaiah Shivasari Vice-President BC 9848554648
Bhiknur CHAKALI RAJAIAH DHARMAGALLA Vice-President BC 9908927428
Bichkunda smt. vinodha Vice-President OC 9494960208
Birkoor U.UMA Vice-President BC 9849166748
Bodhan SANTHOSHI BUYYAN Vice-President BC 9652406689
Dhar Palle NAYIDI VIJAYA Vice-President BC 9652343282
Dich Palle Yedapally Chinna Muthaiah Vice-President SC 8332842116
Domakonda Bayikadi Srinivas Goud Vice-President BC 9912292124
Gandhari Chanda Vice-President BC 9440211391
Jakranpalle Chandra Kala Jakkam Vice-President BC 9440576086
Jukkal Hanmandlu Goud Vice-President BC 9822832343
Kamareddy Police Krishnaji Rao Vice-President BC 9491315214
Kammar Palle Badanaveni Rajaram Vice-President BC 9494361166
Kotgiri Vallepally Srinivasrao Vice-President OC 9866134384
Lingampet Neeradi Pedda Sangameshwar Vice-President SC 9849602210
Machareddy Poolachand Banoth Vice-President ST 9949201820
Makloor Sri Adender Jinka Vice-President BC 9177719484
Mortad MOHAN JAGIRAPU Vice-President OC 9494959993
Naga Reddipet N.Madhu Vice-President BC 9951168567
Nandipet Sri S Gangadhar Vice-President BC 9951407764
Navipet Guntur Goverdhan Reddy Vice-President OC 9908996556
Nizamabad Edla Purna Chandhar Rao Vice-President BC 9849396357
Nizam Sagar Gogula Pandari Vice-President BC 9493310985
Pitlam K.Narsagoud Vice-President BC 9951
Ranjal Chiradi Deepa Vice-President BC 9704487122
Sadasivanagar Nomula Rupenderreddy Vice-President OC 9000251119
Sirkonda M.Gori Vice-President ST 9440968682
Tadwai CHUKKA SRINIVAS GOUD Vice-President BC 9666633676
Varni BADDAM SANJEEV REDY Vice-President OC 9392211678
Velpur SRI.REGULA RAMULU Vice-President BC 9440889954
Yeda Palle Sri Sunchana Kota Varada Goud Vice-President BC 9493664661
Yellareddy NUNUGONDA SINIVAS Vice-President BC 9440287670
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