ZPTC Member & Vice-President Mobile Numbers List Nalgonda District in Telangana State

ZPTC Member & Vice-President Mobile Numbers List 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State
ZPTC Member & Vice-President Mobile Numbers List Nalgonda District in Telangana State
Alair Botla Parameshwar ZPTC Member BC 9849646364
Anumula Yadavelli Nagamani ZPTC Member SC 9441702913
Atmakur (M) Gangarapu Mallesh ZPTC Member SC 9177766781
Atmakur (S) peramalla sampath rani ZPTC Member SC 9963942590
Bhuvanagiri Sandela Sudkar ZPTC Member SC 9866102975
Bibinagar Sandigari Baswaiah ZPTC Member SC 9848237971
Bommalaramaram Marri Jayamma ZPTC Member OC 9440415263
Chandam Pet N.Balunaik ZPTC Member ST 9440867082
Chandur Anneparthy Santhosha ZPTC Member SC 9989059008
Chilkur B.SHIVAJI ZPTC Member ST 9949374559
Chityala Shepuri Ravindar ZPTC Member SC 9948899553
Chivvemla routu chokkamma ZPTC Member OC 9491368295
Choutuppal PEDDITI BUCHI REDDY ZPTC Member OC 9948448999
Dameracherla Ketavath.Sankar Naik ZPTC Member ST 9440102390
Devarakonda Alampally Narsimha ZPTC Member OC 9440335121
Garide Palle Pendem Srinivas Goud ZPTC Member BC 9985491301
Gundla Palle Madhavaram Sunanda ZPTC Member OC 9949911885
Gurrampode Gali Ravikumar ZPTC Member BC 9440787539
Huzurnagar Md. Hafeeza ZPTC Member BC 9440523625
Jaji Reddi Gudem Sanda Amala ZPTC Member SC 9177701499
Kangal NARSING SRINUGOUD ZPTC Member BC 966633326
Kattangoor Mada yadagiri ZPTC Member BC 9848560387
Kethepalle Jatangi Laxmamma ZPTC Member BC 9505062255
Kodad Dharavath Dhanalaxmi ZPTC Member ST 9948532562
Marri Guda Methari Yadaiah ZPTC Member SC 8008235268
Mattampalle B.Neela Manji Naik ZPTC Member ST 9963619196
Mellachervu Karne Venkatalaxmi ZPTC Member OC 9949420467
Miryalaguda Mattapally Nagalaxmi ZPTC Member BC 9989216212
Mothey S. Uma ZPTC Member BC 9848113733
Mothkur Chintala Varalaxmi ZPTC Member OC 9492608900
M Turkapalle Boreddy Jyothi ZPTC Member OC 9912513003
Munagala KOLA UPENDER RAO ZPTC Member BC 9948380283
Munugode Jajula Anjaiah Goud ZPTC Member BC 9848703515
Nakrekal Pendem Dhanalaxmi ZPTC Member BC 9849685014
Nalgonda Tummala Radha ZPTC Member BC 9963220227
Nampalle E.Swetha ZPTC Member OC 9440522488
Narayanapur B Shiva Shankar ZPTC Member BC 8790317434
Narketpalle Dudimetla Sathaiah ZPTC Member BC 9440167438
Nered Cherla laxmiBukya ZPTC Member ST 9010953669
Nidamanur ANKATHI RUKMINI ZPTC Member BC 9441083533
Nuthankal GUGULOTHU NARSINGNAYAK ZPTC Member ST 9989863104
Pedda Adiserlapalle MISS THERA SPANDANA REDDY ZPTC Member OC 9676561818
Peddavura K Linga Reddy ZPTC Member OC 9848963639
Penpahad Pannani Koteshwarrao ZPTC Member BC 9849243333
Pochampalle Madgula Prabhakar Reddy ZPTC Member OC 9985122777
Rajapet NAGIRTHI RAJI REDDY ZPTC Member OC 9989617359
Ramannapeta JINUKALA VASANTHA ZPTC Member BC 9849005095
Saligouraram Aithagoni Sunitha ZPTC Member BC 9505077186
Suryapet DHARAVAT SHAKUNTALA ZPTC Member ST 9848354373
Thipparthi THANDU SAIDULU GOUD ZPTC Member BC 9440581188
Thirumalagiri perala poolamma ZPTC Member SC 9885774775
Thripuraram Premalatha Sukka ZPTC Member SC 9676333697
Thunga Thurthi BANOTHU MANJULA ZPTC Member ST 9704860053
Valigonda M Srinivas ZPTC Member BC 9866418135
Vemulapalle I.Padma ZPTC Member BC 9848312983
Yadagirigutta Smt Karre Kamalamma ZPTC Member BC 9989356453
Alair Korakoppula Kistaiah Vice-President BC 9848637734
Anumula Burri Ram Reddy Vice-President OC 9110905657
Atmakur (M) A.DAYAKAR REDDY Vice-President OC 9989814111
Bhuvanagiri Modepu Srinuvas Vice-President BC 9848466349
Bibinagar Kontham lingaiah Vice-President BC 9848117506
Bommalaramaram Kukutla Srishailam Vice-President BC 9553149030
Chandam Pet V.Lakshmi Vice-President ST 9951258990
Chandur Srinivas avvari Vice-President BC 9010304444
Chilkur V.CHANDRAKALA Vice-President BC 9908309680
Chityala Palem MAllesh Vice-President BC 9848627830
Chivvemla Banotu Hammi Vice-President ST 9010587757
Choutuppal KAYITHI RAMESH Vice-President BC 9948677999
Dameracherla Konduti.Madavi Vice-President BC 9849839145
Devarakonda Dudipala Venudhar Reddy Vice-President OC 9052071122
Garide Palle Mulagundla Saidi Reddy Vice-President OC 9063885785
Gundala kaia mallesh Vice-President BC 9849328638
Gundla Palle Thumu Nithu Vice-President OC 9705268396
Gurrampode Poola Choudaramma Vice-President BC 9676148747
Huzurnagar K. Mudhusudanreddy Vice-President OC 955352676
Jaji Reddi Gudem Boddu Venkanna Vice-President SC 8008306226
Kangal chinthkindi Shankaraaih Vice-President BC 9550767541
Kattangoor B.Janaiah Vice-President BC 9908123971
Kethepalle Kota Muthaiah Vice-President SC 9989253785
Kodad Mandalapu Sheshaiah Vice-President OC 9848938189
Marri Guda Gyara Narsamma Vice-President SC 9441993158
Mattampalle Syed Bebe Vice-President BC 9989787285
Mellachervu M.Satyanarayana Reddy Vice-President OC 9959424050
Miryalaguda Nukala Sarala Vice-President OC 9866154267
Mothey M. Shivaranjan Reddy Vice-President OC 9866366983
Mothkur Vangala Lalitha Vice-President OC 9866700616
M Turkapalle Palugula Uma Rani Vice-President BC 9948914612
Munagala KALE JAYAMMA Vice-President SC 9704712271
Munugode Shirgamalla Narsimha Vice-President SC 9985598643
Nadigudem Gundu Padma Vice-President BC 9441187611
Nakrekal Sama Balamma Vice-President OC 9849290633
Nalgonda Naddi Hemalatha Vice-President BC 9652346534
Nampalle B. Kavitha Vice-President BC 8106336536
Narayanapur Velijala Ramchandram Vice-President BC 9948190706
Narketpalle Padma Pullemla Vice-President BC 9989276829
Nered Cherla Ch. Mahava Rao Vice-President OC 9963736335
Nidamanur SEETHARAMULU MANJULA Vice-President BC 9603587978
Nuthankal THONUKUNOORI LAXMAIAH Vice-President BC 9440040750
Pedda Adiserlapalle SRI KETHAVATH GHASIRAM Vice-President ST 9866817952
Peddavura Peddi Reddy Biksha Reddy Vice-President OC 9441364236
Penpahad Mandali Krishanaiah Vice-President BC 9848874358
Pochampalle Kandala Sudhakar Reddy Vice-President OC 9948243771
Rajapet RAPOLU RENUKA Vice-President OC 9701952229
Ramannapeta BADDULA UMARAMESH Vice-President BC 9963732045
Saligouraram Bhupathi Anjaiah Vice-President BC 9640054883
Suryapet GATTU JYOTHI Vice-President OC 9948953406
Thirumalagiri sunkari Janardhan Vice-President BC 9866320856
Thripuraram Gopagani Madhavi Vice-President BC 9849643543
Thunga Thurthi DHONGARI SRINIVAS Vice-President BC 9441041911
Valigonda K Venkatapapireddy Vice-President OC 9948046674
Vemulapalle R. Yalla reddy Vice-President OC 7032071221
Yadagirigutta Sri Thotakuri Narsaih Vice-President BC 9849895912
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