ZPTC Member & Vice-President Mobile Numbers List Karimnagar District in Telangana State

ZPTC Member & Vice-President Mobile Numbers List 
Karimnagar District in Telangana State
ZPTC Member & Vice-President Mobile Numbers List Karimnagar District in Telangana State
Bejjanki T Sharath Rao ZPTC Member OC 9441475432
Bheemadevarpalle Malothu Ramchandar ZPTC Member ST 9640417250
Boinpalle Konukati Lachireddy ZPTC Member BC 9440048129
Chandurthi A Gangadhar ZPTC Member SC 9704046725
Chigurumamidi Veeramalla Chandraiah ZPTC Member BC 9849889525
Choppadandi Ippanapalli.Sambaiah ZPTC Member BC 9440524566
Dharmapuri Badeneni Rajamani ZPTC Member BC 9666660555
Dharmaram Nara Brahmaiah ZPTC Member BC 9440342443
ELIGAID Padala Tharamma ZPTC Member BC 8106214810
Elkathurthi Challa Pragathi Reddy ZPTC Member OC 9966179900
Ellanthakunta Siddam Venu ZPTC Member BC 9966638788
Gambhiraopet Mallugari Padma ZPTC Member BC 9849830698
Gangadhara Akula Srilatha ZPTC Member BC 9948174101
Gollapalle GOSHKULA SHAILAJA ZPTC Member BC 9441858804
Husnabad Rajireddy Rayireddi ZPTC Member OC 9440070665
Huzurabad M.Sarojana ZPTC Member SC 9849479861
Ibrahimpatnam Smt JANGILI SUNEETHA ZPTC Member BC 9603003776
Jagtial PENDEM NAGALAXMI ZPTC Member SC 9550663093
Jammikunta Arukala Veereshalingam ZPTC Member BC 9849202031
Julapalle Preethi Raghuveersing ZPTC Member BC 8978766544
Kamalapur Marapalli Naveen Kumar ZPTC Member SC 9849730493
Kamanpur Mekala Sampath Kumar ZPTC Member BC 9603135829
Karimnagar Edla Srinivas ZPTC Member BC 9963961111
Kataram Challa Narayana ZPTC Member BC 9490126398
Kathlapur Tula Uma ZPTC Member BC 9849496368
Kesavapatnam Podduturi Sanjeeva Reddy ZPTC Member OC 9866682189
Kodimial Punugoti Prashanthi ZPTC Member OC 9440386849
Koheda PONNALA LAXMAN ZPTC Member SC 9440714874
Konaraopeta PALLAM ANNAPURNA ZPTC Member BC 9949114940
Koratla Kontham Raju ZPTC Member SC 9700926798
Mahadevpur haseena bhano ZPTC Member MINORITY 9440786599
Malharrao Gone Srinivas Rao ZPTC Member BC 9948718818
Mallapur Deva Muthamma ZPTC Member BC 9866285902
Mallial Virabathini Sobharani ZPTC Member BC 9966463880
Manakondur Edla Sugunakar ZPTC Member BC 9440405568
Manthani Mula Sarojana ZPTC Member BC 9059057541
Medipalle Smt Nellutla Purnima ZPTC Member SC 9849861623
Metpalle Smt Maru Vimala ZPTC Member OC 9966909500
Mustabad Janagam Sharat kumar ZPTC Member OC 9440742563
Mutharam Mahadevpur Mandala Rajireddy ZPTC Member OC 9505430888
Mutharam Manthani Choppari Sadaiah ZPTC Member BC 9618825558
Odela G.Akshitha ZPTC Member BC 9849771866
Peddapalle Yata Divya ZPTC Member OC 9866320175
Pegadapalle Gajjela Vasantha ZPTC Member SC 9948693314
Raikal Gopi Madavi ZPTC Member BC 944061634
Ramadugu VEERLA KAVITHA ZPTC Member BC 986602206
Ramagundam K.Sandhyarani ZPTC Member BC 9490529400
Saidapur BILL VENKAT REDDY ZPTC Member OC 9441873562
Sarangapur Bhukya Sarala ZPTC Member ST 9505469882
Sirsilla PURMANI MANJULA ZPTC Member OC 9573733925
Srirampur Lanka Sadaiah ZPTC Member SC 9989126225
Sultanabad Utla Rama ZPTC Member SC 9949037755
Thimmapur Ullengula Padma ZPTC Member BC 9440885182
Veenavanka Dasarapu Prabhakar ZPTC Member SC 9849741845
Velgatoor gangula padma ZPTC Member BC 9848759292
Vemulawada Gudise Srikanth ZPTC Member SC 9441800400
Yella Reddi Peta Thota Agaiah ZPTC Member BC 9440525408
Bejjanki K Lavanya Vice-President OC 9010860606
Bheemadevarpalle Sadula Manohara Vice-President BC 9441558368
Boinpalle Parlapalli Venugopal Vice-President SC 9440085353
Chandurthi Ch Rajeshwar rao Vice-President OC 9440514595
Chigurumamidi Akavaram Bhavani Vice-President BC 9985938575
Choppadandi Munigala Vijayalaxmi Vice-President BC 9948054179
Dharmapuri Ayyori Rajesh Kumar Vice-President BC 9440303785
Dharmaram Nara Prabhakar Vice-President BC 9440928880
ELIGAID Thudi Thirupathi Vice-President BC 9299402625
Elkathurthi Kadari Sadanandam Vice-President SC 9989386933
Ellanthakunta Donthi Mallaiah Vice-President SC 9951617144
Gambhiraopet Gourineni Venkatamma Vice-President OC 9704627476
Gangadhara Vijaya Ponnam Vice-President BC 9704235094
Gollapalle YELLALA NARAYANA REDDY Vice-President OC 9491477665
Husnabad Ram Gopal Rao Madarapu Vice-President OC 9440838303
Huzurabad Thirupathi Bavu Vice-President BC 9866515918
Ibrahimpatnam GUDA PAPANNA Vice-President OC 9948765344
Jagtial GANGAM MAHESH Vice-President BC 9908816661
Jammikunta Chukka Rajinth Vice-President BC 9000132655
Julapalle Mallarapu Ramya Vice-President SC 9705764153
Kamanpur Kotte Bhumaiah Vice-President BC 9866534011
Karimnagar Nimmala Anjaiah Vice-President BC 9701567595
Kataram Thota radhamma Vice-President BC 9440869498
Kathlapur Nampalli Limbadhri Vice-President BC 8008962305
Kesavapatnam Koyyada Parusha Ramulu Vice-President BC 9963557692
Koheda NAGALAXMI KANUGARI Vice-President OC 9441623677
Konaraopeta KACHAKAYALA YELLAIAH Vice-President BC 9848733686
Koratla Kasireddy Mohanreddy Vice-President OC 9949899034
Mahadevpur akula sadanandam Vice-President BC 9440254351
Malharrao Gadem Srilatha Vice-President BC 9502305107
Mallapur Sudhala Nadipi Gangaram Vice-President SC 9704369280
Manakondur Deva Sathish Reddy Vice-President OC 9440540900
Manthani Velpula Gattaiah Vice-President SC 9494362821
Medipalle Vulise Srinivas Vice-President BC 9908936897
Mustabad Ch.Srinivas Rao Vice-President OC 8374044251
Mutharam Mahadevpur Kodi Arjaiah Vice-President ST 9177089175
Mutharam Manthani Srimalla Ahalya Vice-President BC 9866766076
Odela P Raju Vice-President BC 9866586676
Peddapalle D Chendra Reddy Vice-President OC 9949456208
Pegadapalle Madarapu Karunakar Rao Vice-President OC 9441475457
Raikal Adepu Laxminarayana Vice-President BC 9908707892
Ramadugu RALLABANDI SATYAMMA Vice-President OC 9492647710
Saidapur USAKOILA DHANA LAXMI Vice-President BC 9490071080
Sarangapur Kondra Ramchander Reddy Vice-President OC 9490288635
Srirampur Konukati Malla Reddy Vice-President BC 9949914498
Sultanabad Mutyam Sunitha Vice-President BC 9849457749
Thimmapur Ponnala Bhulaxmi Vice-President BC 9440517141
Veenavanka Nyala Thirupathi Vice-President BC 9848909734
Vemulawada Pedyala Thirupathi Vice-President BC 9963720383
Yella Reddi Peta Dadigela Parsharamulu Vice-President OC 8790651122
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