Amangal Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State

Amangal Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List 
Part II
 Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State
Amangal Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State

VillageNamesSarpanch WardnumberMobile no
Akuthotapalle K RAMCHANDRAIAH Sarpanch 9494844465
Akuthotapalle K JAYAMMA Upa-Sarpanch 9010095761
Akuthotapalle A ANJAMMA Ward member 9705117566
Akuthotapalle K ALIVELU Ward member 9666068663
Akuthotapalle K SHEKHAR Ward member 9393581730
Akuthotapalle K SHEKHAR Ward member 9666771133
Akuthotapalle K YADAIAH Ward member 9949695279
Akuthotapalle M INDIRAMMA Ward member 9494844483
Akuthotapalle S SREENIVAS REDDY Ward member 8985780882
Akuthotapalle S VENKTNARSAMMA Ward member 9640127412
Akuthotapalle V BAL RAJ Ward member 9912133764
Amangal GURRAM KARUNA SRI Sarpanch 9440845219
Amangal KANDE KALAVATHI Upa-Sarpanch 9440722840
Amangal CHINTHAMALLA SUJATHA Ward member 9912998053
Amangal CHINTHOJI SWATHI Ward member 9666068691
Amangal JANTHUKA ALLAJI Ward member 9666349171
Amangal JANTHUKA SANDHYA Ward member 9299656220
Amangal JATAVATH GOJI Ward member 9948068712
Amangal KADARI PARESH Ward member 9948110027
Amangal KALE PUSPALATHA Ward member 8332042253
Amangal KOTA SRINIVAS Ward member 9440589842
Amangal MD REHANA BEGAM Ward member 9666615052
Amangal MEDISHETTY SREEDHAR Ward member 9059406805
Amangal NEAVATH RAMPAL Ward member 9441542766
Amangal PABBU PARAMESH Ward member 9440880283
Amangal PASPULOTI SATHYAM Ward member 9666809995
Amangal REVALLI RAMALINGAM Ward member 9505031667
Amangal VASPUA SHARADA Ward member 9505174911
Amangal V RUKMINI Ward member 9705110697
Amangal YERRABOLU RAJU Ward member 9885597647
Cherikondapatti(P) L.Narsimha Sarpanch 9440022294
Cherikondapatti(P) Eslavath neveen Upa-Sarpanch 9666070441
Cherikondapatti(P) C.Srisailam Ward member 9001003875
Cherikondapatti(P) E.Achamma Ward member 9848138532
Cherikondapatti(P) Eslavath Neveen Ward member 9666070441
Cherikondapatti(P) G.Venkataiah Ward member 9179122368
Cherikondapatti(P) K.Venkataiah Ward member 9963693465
Cherikondapatti(P) M.Balamani Ward member 9177661790
Cherikondapatti(P) M.Pentamma Ward member 9959190985
Cherikondapatti(P) N.Rathni Ward member 9490069194
Cherikondapatti(P) S.Jangamma Ward member 9676140962
Cherikondapatti(P) S.Jayamma Ward member 9553142404
Cherikondapatti(P) S.Yadireddy Ward member 9959593974
Cherikondapatti(P) U.Alivelu Ward member 7032427219
Ekwaipalle M Venkatayya Sarpanch 9493608880
Ekwaipalle S. Bhangyamma Upa-Sarpanch 9848567174
Ekwaipalle B Mallayya Ward member 9951516065
Ekwaipalle Cheta Narsihma Ward member 9848484720
Ekwaipalle E Yadamma Ward member
Ekwaipalle Ganti Narsihma Ward member 9848482252
Ekwaipalle J Mallamma Ward member
Ekwaipalle J Sailu Ward member 9908669363
Ekwaipalle P Krishnamma Ward member
Ekwaipalle P Lakshmi Ward member
Ekwaipalle Srimati Humli Ward member
Kadthal T venugopal Sarpanch 9440921767
Kadthal B kalyani Upa-Sarpanch 9440951871
Kadthal B SHARADA Ward member 9912085038
Kadthal G SRINIVAS REDDY Ward member 9985722754
Kadthal JAHANGEER BABA Ward member 9848864538
Kadthal JAYASUDHA Ward member 9985465431
Kadthal Khairunnisa bagam Ward member 9440966733
Kadthal K KESHAVULU Ward member 9441116881
Kadthal K padma Ward member 9951366814
Kadthal K RAMAKRISHNA Ward member 9666749993
Kadthal M MALLESH Ward member 9848941759
Kadthal M NARSIMHA Ward member 9441167993
Kadthal M SUVARNA Ward member 9441717753
Kadthal R PADMA Ward member 9441218109
Kadthal sakthi buddu Ward member 9666368008
Karkalpahad S.RAMULU Sarpanch 9440886933
Karkalpahad N.SRISAILAM Upa-Sarpanch 9490007390
Karkalpahad B.THEJIRAM Ward member 9948024310
Karkalpahad G.INDRAMMA Ward member
Karkalpahad K.ASHOK Ward member 9440829308
Karkalpahad K.RAJAMMA Ward member 9848708573
Karkalpahad N.AYODHYA Ward member 9701595054
Karkalpahad N.MANJULA Ward member 9912950729
Karkalpahad N.PANDU NAIK Ward member 9848446279
Karkalpahad S.BAJINI Ward member
Karkalpahad S.CHITTI Ward member 9948086409
Konapur B RAMULAMMA Sarpanch 8498856886
Konapur K VEERAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9014551422
Konapur A ANJAMMA Ward member 7675949848
Konapur A RUKKAMMA Ward member 8498856886
Konapur B SRISAILAM Ward member 9948061844
Konapur K MALAMMA Ward member 9440235749
Konapur K SAYAMMA Ward member 9000240946
Konapur M EDAMAIAH Ward member 8985802013
Konapur P NARAIAH Ward member 8498856886
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