Amrabad Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State

Amrabad Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I 
Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State 

Amrabad Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State

VillageNamesSarpanch WardnumberMobile no
Amarabad D.Anjamma Sarpanch 7702298224
Amarabad Md.Jahangir Upa-Sarpanch 9440164220
Amarabad A.Anjaiah Ward member 9676201139
Amarabad A.Shobha Rani Ward member 9493167347
Amarabad Charagonda Venkateshwarlu Ward member 8142093188
Amarabad C.Lalamma Ward member 9491377926
Amarabad C.Pothaiah Ward member 9493167347
Amarabad E.Krishnaiah Ward member 9703627894
Amarabad G.Kanthamma Ward member 8499876752
Amarabad Jalla Ramulamma Ward member 9676201139
Amarabad N.Gopya Naik Ward member 9493215257
Amarabad P.Mamatha Ward member 9490600935
Amarabad R.Shanthamma Ward member 9666651831
Amarabad T.Mallesh Ward member 9493215257
Amarabad U.Lingamma Ward member 7731090048
Chitlomkunta Jyothi Sarpanch 9948351212
Chitlomkunta P.Balakoti Upa-Sarpanch 9848172074
Chitlomkunta B.Neela Ward member 9948351212
Chitlomkunta J.Neji Ward member 7702298224
Chitlomkunta K.Devi Ward member 9705296128
Chitlomkunta K.Neela Ward member 9705296128
Chitlomkunta K. Venkataiah Ward member 9505133237
Chitlomkunta M.Goji Ward member 9502684874
Chitlomkunta M.Ramulu Ward member 8952009180
Chitlomkunta M.Saidamma Ward member 9666304841
Chitlomkunta R.Yellamma Ward member 9705296128
Chitlomkunta S.Peddulu Ward member 9948351212
Chitlomkunta V.Jagadhamba Ward member 9666202897
Ippala Palle M.BHIKYA Sarpanch 9701710035
Ippala Palle R.ANJAMMA Upa-Sarpanch 0
Ippala Palle A.ANJANEYULU Ward member 0
Ippala Palle D.HANMI Ward member 0
Ippala Palle k.soma Ward member 0
Ippala Palle m.bikini Ward member 0
Ippala Palle M.MUTHYALI Ward member 0
Ippala Palle R.ANJANEYULU Ward member 0
Ippala Palle s.bayyanna Ward member 0
Ippala Palle T.VIJAYAMMA Ward member 0
Jangamreddipalle Smt.Dasari Chitamma Sarpanch 9440188864
Jangamreddipalle Sri.N.Allaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9553623202
Jangamreddipalle E.Naraiah Ward member 8333206803
Jangamreddipalle Smt.B.Dasamma Ward member 9010788619
Jangamreddipalle Smt.D.Balamma Ward member 8341497853
Jangamreddipalle Smt.D.Bojamma Ward member 9581289971
Jangamreddipalle Smt.E.Niranjanamma Ward member 9154624652
Jangamreddipalle Sri.U.Yellaiah Ward member 9966487348
Jangamreddipalle U.Lingaswami Ward member 9440110286
Kalmulonipalle V.CHANDRAMMA Sarpanch 9553779323
Kalmulonipalle D.JANARDHAN Upa-Sarpanch 7799001934
Kalmulonipalle E.BALAMMA Ward member 9440691195
Kalmulonipalle G.KALAMMA Ward member 7731878060
Kalmulonipalle R.DEVAIAH Ward member 9989408963
Kalmulonipalle V.LAXMAMMA Ward member 8553779323
Kalmulonipalle V.SAIDAMMA Ward member 7702077671
Kalmulonipalle V.SATHYANARAYANA Ward member 9441342286
Kalmulonipalle V.VENKATAIAH Ward member 8886796169
Kumaroni Palli Anjamma Ward member 9490600945
Kumaroni Palli G.Mallaiah Ward member 8106019167
Kumaroni Palli Kistaiah Ward member 9502992729
Kumaroni Palli manjula Ward member 9492034493
Kumaroni Palli P.Balaiah Ward member 9676277330
Lakshmapur BODAMMA Sarpanch 9963291018
Lakshmapur Lingaiah Upa-Sarpanch 0
Lakshmapur Anjaneyulu Ward member 9603513796
Lakshmapur Balamamma Ward member 0
Lakshmapur Baloji Ward member 0
Lakshmapur Gammi Ward member 0
Lakshmapur Laxmamma Ward member 9494265993
Lakshmapur Laxmi Ward member 0
Lakshmapur Padma Ward member 9908010557
Lakshmapur R. Chouli Ward member 9701294983
Lakshmapur Vijay Ward member 9441835943
Macharam K.Padmamma Sarpanch 9959727204
Macharam Achandraiah Upa-Sarpanch 9666689763
Macharam D.Pentamma Ward member 9542797081
Macharam M.AnilKumar Ward member 9542604568
Macharam P.Alivela Ward member 9177636632
Macharam PeddiRaju Ward member 8466020498
Macharam S.Rajamani Ward member 9603586312
Macharam U.Mangamma Ward member 7702059709
Macharam U.Pushpa Ward member 7799808082
Madavari Palle M.Hanumaiah Sarpanch 8297919503
Madavari Palle A.Krishnamma Upa-Sarpanch 9640353106
Madavari Palle C.Hamavathi Ward member 0
Madavari Palle CH.Govardhan Ward member 9492957450
Madavari Palle D.mallama Ward member 0
Madavari Palle K.Nasaraiah Ward member 9441809631
Madavari Palle M.Balakistamma Ward member 0
Madavari Palle M.Byamma Ward member 0
Madavari Palle M.Bygunna Ward member 0
Madavari Palle M.Edamma Ward member 0
Madavari Palle M.Hanumamma Ward member 8297919503
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