Aswapuram Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Khammam District in Telangana State

Aswapuram Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I 
Khammam District in Telangana State
Aswapuram Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Khammam District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Amerda Korsa Narasamma Sarpanch 9963785243
Amerda Tellam Ramudu Upa-Sarpanch 8185006197
Amerda Brahmanapalli Venkatalaxmi Ward member 8142241599
Amerda Irugu Gopaiah Ward member 9542816902
Amerda Kalluri Chittamma Ward member 7416471057
Amerda Kapula Sujatha Ward member 7702190283
Amerda Korsa Ramanamma Ward member 8179526548
Amerda Korsa Shanthamma Ward member 8179995834
Amerda Mekala Swarnalatha Ward member 9492396805
Amerda Nelapatla Kavitha Ward member 9441318716
Amerda Tellam Narasimharao Ward member 8465995589
Ammagaripalli Sri Payam Bhadraiah Sarpanch 9959140556
Ammagaripalli Smt.Kanneboina Mangamma Upa-Sarpanch 9951139805
Ammagaripalli Smt.Eenapalli Adilaxmi Ward member 9502328058
Ammagaripalli Smt.Matta Venkatamma Ward member 9550846045
Ammagaripalli Smt.Sd.Nazeem Ward member 8498945157
Ammagaripalli Sri Kanneboina Venkateswarlu Ward member 9177815151
Ammagaripalli Sri Kommuri Radhakrishna Ward member 7893973946
Ammagaripalli Sri Papineni Vasudevarao Ward member 9493192338
Ammagaripalli Sri Payam Laxmidevamma Ward member 8897728091
Ammagaripalli Sri Payam Nageswara Rao Ward member 9704839261
Ammagaripalli Sri Syamala Mohan Reddy Ward member 9505445370
Anandapuram Usa Jyotih Sarpanch 9440884365
Anandapuram Sode Gopal Upa-Sarpanch 9963247955
Anandapuram B Basavamma Ward member 9440884365
Anandapuram G Suraiah Ward member 9701319793
Anandapuram R Srinu Ward member 9440884365
Anandapuram Sd Munthaj Ward member 9440884365
Anandapuram S Seetha Ward member 9440884365
Anandapuram V Venkanna Ward member 9618057346
Anandapuram Y Veni Ward member 9440884365
Aswapuram Smt. Banoth Sharada Sarpanch 7382552824
Aswapuram Sri Chitturi Bhaskar Rao Upa-Sarpanch 9441507352
Aswapuram Smt.Banoth Laxmi Ward member 9441419261
Aswapuram Smt.Chikka Padma Ward member 9866151879
Aswapuram Smt.Jarupula Kowslya Ward member 8008575558
Aswapuram Smt.Kanneboina Swarnalatha Ward member 8465093603
Aswapuram Smt.Karam Nagaratnam Ward member 9912489887
Aswapuram Smt.Komaram Kowsalya Ward member 8500915033
Aswapuram Smt.Korsa Muthamma Ward member 8465093603
Aswapuram Smt.Kurasam Anasurya Ward member 7730836266
Aswapuram smt.Murvineni Chandrakala Ward member 9441646525
Aswapuram Smt.Payam Narasamma Ward member 9951651636
Aswapuram Smt.Salvadi Rahela Ward member 9492263237
Aswapuram Sri Bhukya Nageswararao Ward member 9959325307
Aswapuram Sri Chilaka Venkataramaiah Ward member 9440671053
Aswapuram Sri Dasari Bixam Ward member 9492310341
Aswapuram Sri Uke Satyam Ward member 9491148385
Chintriyala Thati Laxmi Devi Sarpanch 8008755015
Chintriyala Gurram Srinivas Upa-Sarpanch 8187813234
Chintriyala Byravula Sathyawathi Ward member 8008755015
Chintriyala Kuram Rajamma Ward member 9140043011
Chintriyala Kusam Chandramma Ward member 8008545559
Chintriyala Md.Shafi Ward member 9618598841
Chintriyala Pitta Srinu Ward member 8008324885
Chintriyala Ravulapalli Venkatamma Ward member 9951220445
Chintriyala Setti Hemalatha Ward member 9705815107
Gollagudem Podiyam Anilkumar Sarpanch 9989471390
Gollagudem Thota Satyanarayana Upa-Sarpanch 9908756936
Gollagudem Anubathula Venkanna Ward member 9849473731
Gollagudem Belli Dhanalaxmi Ward member 9908029980
Gollagudem Bobbala Nageswararao Ward member 9573542700
Gollagudem Ellaturi Suhasini Ward member 7382936153
Gollagudem Kondru Bhadramma Ward member 8179408342
Gollagudem Kunja Satyamma Ward member 9989471390
Gollagudem Podiyam Papamma Ward member 9553753670
Gollagudem Podiyam Prasad Ward member 8374455857
Gollagudem Rasala Savithri Ward member 9908757113
Gollagudem Sapaka Pitchaiah Ward member 9618109828
Gollagudem Uke Nagaraju Ward member 9550034208
Gondigudem P. Bhadramma Sarpanch 8978064897
Gondigudem Yenika Raju Upa-Sarpanch 7036344648
Gondigudem Chapa Subhadra Ward member 9676459746
Gondigudem Golapally Laxmi Ward member 8179368805
Gondigudem kancharla Janardhan Ward member 9618094555
Gondigudem Komaram Gangaraju Ward member 9618312716
Gondigudem Korri Seethamma Ward member 9849599738
Gondigudem Kursa Narsamma Ward member 9959668104
Gondigudem Payam Veeraswami Ward member 9959679005
Gondigudem Tati Kousalya Ward member 8978064897
Gondigudem Tellam Maraiah Ward member 8978064877
Gondigudem Yenika Vijayalaxmi Ward member 7036344648
Jaggaram SUNNAM.RAMBABABU Sarpanch 9441809932
Jaggaram Thati Ramadevi Upa-Sarpanch 9441809932
Jaggaram Gollapalli Manasa Ward member 9441809932
Jaggaram Kammalapalli Ramanna Ward member 9550412791
Jaggaram Kamsani Satyavathi Ward member 9912815008
Jaggaram Kancharla Mangamma Ward member 8985712717
Jaggaram Lakavath Rukmini Ward member 9441809932
Jaggaram Perla Sahadev Ward member 9908131065
Jaggaram Tellam Rani Ward member 9866139919
Jaggaram Thati Chimparaiah Ward member 9441809932
Jaggaram Uke Nageswararao Ward member 9441809932
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