Aswaraopeta Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Khammam District in Telangana State

Aswaraopeta Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II 
Khammam District in Telangana State
Aswaraopeta Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Khammam District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Kotha Mamillavari Gudem V Laxmi Sarpanch 9505708193
Kotha Mamillavari Gudem V Indira Upa-Sarpanch 7382551240
Kotha Mamillavari Gudem A Venkateswarao Ward member 9505736184
Kotha Mamillavari Gudem Ch Lavanya Ward member 7729920857
Kotha Mamillavari Gudem J Nagamani Ward member 8466939747
Kotha Mamillavari Gudem K Nagameshwarao Ward member 9505708193
Kotha Mamillavari Gudem M Mohanrao Ward member 9603354771
Kotha Mamillavari Gudem P Laxmi Ward member 9505708193
Kotha Mamillavari Gudem P Mailaram Ward member 7729906535
Kotha Mamillavari Gudem R Mariyamma Ward member 9505708193
Kotha Mamillavari Gudem V Adilaxmi Ward member 9505708193
Nandipadu Karam Yarraiah Sarpanch 9848254127
Nandipadu Panda Rajulu Upa-Sarpanch 8985844726
Nandipadu Jeddi Pramilarani Ward member 8897856468
Nandipadu Kaka Savitri Ward member 9491877411
Nandipadu Karam China Laxmi Ward member 8500913023
Nandipadu Korsa Kanthamma Ward member 9848254127
Nandipadu Kuram Bodaiah Ward member 9491200990
Nandipadu Madakam Singaraju Ward member 9848254127
Nandipadu Mechu Prasad Ward member 8185989321
Nandipadu Sodem Savitri Ward member 9848254127
Nandipadu Sriramula Krishna Ward member 8331887267
Naramuvarigudem M. Mahalaxmi Sarpanch 9505081832
Naramuvarigudem Doddakula Krishna Upa-Sarpanch 9705405946
Naramuvarigudem B. Polamma Ward member 9505081832
Naramuvarigudem Daram Rambabu Ward member 9505081832
Naramuvarigudem Dasari Revathi Ward member 9948252255
Naramuvarigudem Gedhala Meriratnam Ward member 9951145441
Naramuvarigudem Gopina Narayana Ward member 9666058350
Naramuvarigudem Gulla Dhanalaxmi Ward member 9505081832
Naramuvarigudem Kasina Malleswar Rao Ward member 9652250668
Naramuvarigudem Kunja Pushapavathi Ward member 9505081832
Naramuvarigudem M. Venkat Laxmi Ward member 9505081832
Naramuvarigudem Nallagondla Sriramamurthy Ward member 9505081832
Naramuvarigudem Naram Venkateswar Rao Ward member 9505081832
Narayana Puram T.Nageswararao Sarpanch 7702659674
Narayana Puram K.Yeleesha Upa-Sarpanch 9502641124
Narayana Puram B.Venkataramana Ward member 9963462328
Narayana Puram D.Kishore Ward member 9010705955
Narayana Puram G.Satyavathi Ward member 9550325098
Narayana Puram J.Nagamani Ward member 9676081925
Narayana Puram K.Prameela Ward member 7893441185
Narayana Puram M.Seetha Ward member 9490565697
Narayana Puram M.Venkamma Ward member 9866336556
Narayana Puram M.Venkannababu Ward member 9618582895
Narayana Puram S.Kumari Ward member 9550351274
Narayana Puram S.Ramudu Ward member 8897358279
Narayana Puram S.Venkanna Ward member 9866336556
Ootlapalli T. Veerakumari Sarpanch 9908868231
Ootlapalli S. Ramakrishna Upa-Sarpanch 9705133838
Ootlapalli A. Devi Navarthna Ward member 9908405741
Ootlapalli A. Rambabu Ward member 9010369525
Ootlapalli B. Buchamma Ward member 9951493321
Ootlapalli B. Narasimha Rao Ward member 9550242440
Ootlapalli K. Suneetha Ward member 9666229250
Ootlapalli M. Varalaxmi Ward member 9963669420
Ootlapalli M. Venkamma Ward member 9948328908
Ootlapalli N. VenkateswaraRao Ward member 9010184194
Ootlapalli P. Ratnam Ward member 9948328908
Ootlapalli S. Chakradhar Rao Ward member 9985837459
Ootlapalli T. Polaiah Ward member 9912066051
Peraigudem Narlapati Satyavathi Sarpanch 8008538969
Peraigudem minda Harikrishna Upa-Sarpanch 9494499851
Peraigudem Gadhaam Lakshmi Ward member 9704398669
Peraigudem Gandham Anasurya Ward member 8465023611
Peraigudem Gannavarapu Raja Rao Ward member 9553147100
Peraigudem Kalapala Badhrayya Ward member 7893638149
Peraigudem Kallula Seetha Ward member 9704264107
Peraigudem Korsa Venkata Ramana Ward member 9000307114
Peraigudem Narlapati Katha Rao Ward member 9705882553
Peraigudem narlapati Sudhaharsan Rao Ward member 7794983320
Peraigudem Savaram Rajeswari Ward member 8184879494
Peraigudem Sk Nurjahan Ward member 9908963867
Peraigudem Sk Pedda Moulali Ward member 9963249405
Peraigudem Thagaram Jaganadham Ward member 9848719903
Peraigudem Thagaram Venkata Lakshmi Ward member 9951773047
Tirumalakunta Sunnam Ramalaxmaiah Sarpanch 9912685627
Tirumalakunta Parikala Rambabu Upa-Sarpanch 9885752507
Tirumalakunta A. Srinivasa Rao Ward member 9010908559
Tirumalakunta B. Chennarao Ward member 9705241402
Tirumalakunta Ch. Bhadra Reddy Ward member 9912685627
Tirumalakunta D. Achamma Ward member 9505904470
Tirumalakunta K. Durga Ward member 9505649541
Tirumalakunta K. Durgamma Ward member 9912685627
Tirumalakunta K. Maheswari Ward member 9912685627
Tirumalakunta M. Venkanna Babu Ward member 9948321820
Tirumalakunta N. Nagalaxmi Ward member 9912685627
Tirumalakunta P. Bonji Ward member 9912685627
Tirumalakunta Y. Laxmi Ward member 9912685627
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