Atmakur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State

Atmakur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List 
Part I 
Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State 

Atmakur Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part I Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State

VillageNamesSarpanch WardnumberMobile no
Amarchinta T VENKATEHSWAR REDDY Sarpanch 9440349312
Amarchinta MAMATHA SATHYARANAYNA Upa-Sarpanch 9440928300
Amarchinta B RAGHU Ward member 9963345438
Amarchinta GOVARDHAN REDDY Ward member 9949464335
Amarchinta JAGANANATHAM Ward member 0
Amarchinta JYOTHIRANATHAM Ward member 0
Amarchinta KM RAVI Ward member 9866295269
Amarchinta K NAGESH Ward member 0
Amarchinta LAXMIVENKATESH Ward member 9490237163
Amarchinta L GOVINDAMMA Ward member 0
Amarchinta MUTHASBEGAM Ward member 0
Amarchinta RAGHURAMREDDY Ward member 0
Amarchinta SARSWATHAMMA Ward member 0
Amarchinta SA SATHYAMMA Ward member 0
Amarchinta THAFIQ Ward member 9866310187
Amarchinta VENKAMMA Ward member 0
Amarchinta VISHNUVARDHAN Ward member 9052031681
Arepalle ANJANEYULU Sarpanch 9701948779
Arepalle RAMULU Upa-Sarpanch 9701948779
Arepalle BALAMANI Ward member 9701948779
Arepalle BEESAMMA Ward member 9701948779
Arepalle K TIRUPATHANNA Ward member 9908920954
Arepalle NAGARAJU PALEM Ward member 7675831336
Arepalle NAGARATNAMMA Ward member 9701948779
Arepalle PENTAMMA Ward member 9701948779
Arepalle RAJU Ward member 9701948779
Arepalle SUBHADRAMMA Ward member 9701948779
Arepalle SUDHA Ward member 9701948779
Atmakur SRI MOGILI GANDAR GOUD Sarpanch 9440896509
Atmakur SMT SOWYAJANA GANGANDAR Upa-Sarpanch 7396461823
Atmakur JYOHTI MALLESH Ward member 8106284159
Atmakur SMT CHANDRAKALA Ward member 9440177163
Atmakur SMT M BHYAGAMMA Ward member 9912441144
Atmakur SMT PADMA Ward member 9963118807
Atmakur SMT PUSHVATHI Ward member 8179763165
Atmakur SMT RADHIKA SRINIVASULU Ward member 9951026862
Atmakur SMT RAHEMATH BEFGAM Ward member 8341782943
Atmakur SRI BOYA SHEKAR Ward member 9908799456
Atmakur SRI G SRINIVASULU Ward member 9502445813
Atmakur SRI G SRINIVIASULU Ward member 9032895393
Atmakur SRI K PANDU Ward member 9553313239
Atmakur SRI MD RAYOUF Ward member 9912583639
Atmakur SRI M SRINIVASULU Ward member 9908835983
Atmakur SRI RAJU Ward member 8008285869
Atmakur SRI RAMULU Ward member 8897598101
Devarapalle D NAganna Sarpanch 9441059392
Devarapalle Balayya Upa-Sarpanch 56565
Devarapalle Gattanna Ward member 5454564
Devarapalle H Paramesh Ward member 9553987530
Devarapalle Nagamma Ward member 9177143286
Devarapalle Padma Ward member 9704990094
Devarapalle P Shantamma Ward member 9492356083
Devarapalle Ravinder Ward member 9949160225
Devarapalle Suryamma Ward member 9705476882
Gopanpeta P.VENKATESH Sarpanch 9490054898
Gopanpeta PADMA Upa-Sarpanch 9676739598
Gopanpeta A.CHANDRAKALA Ward member 0
Gopanpeta A.RAMULU GOUD Ward member 9908721127
Gopanpeta CHINNA CHAND Ward member 9603387266
Gopanpeta D.VENKATESH Ward member 9951506051
Gopanpeta ERUKALI NARSIMHULU Ward member 9848560767
Gopanpeta J.MALAMMA Ward member 9989933204
Gopanpeta J.SUGHAIAH Ward member 9505373644
Gopanpeta LAMBADI JAYAMMA Ward member 7702228953
Gopanpeta LAMBADI LAXMI Ward member 9177652130
Gopanpeta MOTHI Ward member 0
Gopanpeta V.RAVI KUMAR Ward member 9705242282
Guntipalle SUJATHA Sarpanch 9701503419
Guntipalle BAL REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9848450778
Guntipalle MAHESHWARI Ward member 0
Guntipalle MAHISHA Ward member 9848524914
Guntipalle NARAYANA Ward member 0
Guntipalle RAMULU Ward member 0
Guntipalle SAHADEVUDU Ward member 0
Guntipalle VENKATAMMA Ward member 0
Guntipalle VENKATESH Ward member 8978658117
Jurial EEDAMA Sarpanch 9963628715
Jurial ANJALANNA Upa-Sarpanch 0
Jurial G.PADMA Ward member 9993603773
Jurial H.NAGANNA Ward member 9010838782
Jurial K.RENUKAMMA Ward member 9542534735
Jurial KURVA RATNAMMA Ward member 0
Jurial MD.PASHA Ward member 9951237140
Jurial M.PADMA Ward member 9848487952
Jurial PADMA Ward member 9848377688
Jurial T.MANNEM Ward member 9959441776
Jurial V.RAJESHWARI Ward member 9912564494
Kankanvanipalle PEDDA GOLLA MASANNA Sarpanch 9704159649
Kankanvanipalle N SHAILAJA Upa-Sarpanch 9963119427
Kankanvanipalle D SRINU Ward member 9912256068
Kankanvanipalle DYAVALA MAHESH Ward member 9912560622
Kankanvanipalle G CHINNA TAYANNA Ward member 9701979949
Kankanvanipalle G RAJU Ward member 9989955297
Kankanvanipalle K GOVIDHAMMA Ward member 7702674458
Kankanvanipalle K MANEMMA Ward member 9704377950
Kankanvanipalle K UMADEVI Ward member 9701168409
Kankanvanipalle N GOPAL REDDY Ward member 9618453161
Kankanvanipalle N SHAILAJA Ward member 9963119427
Kankanvanipalle P SUBHADRAMMA Ward member 9441908987
Kathepalle sayamma Sarpanch 9959847879
Kathepalle balakistamma Upa-Sarpanch 9959847879
Kathepalle anjaneyulu Ward member 9959847879
Kathepalle bagyamma Ward member 9959847879
Kathepalle b peddamasanna Ward member 9959847879
Kathepalle jayamma Ward member 9959847879
Kathepalle n pentanna Ward member 9959847879
Kathepalle ramulu Ward member 9959847879
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