Telkapalle Mandal Sarpanch Upa-Sarpanch Mobile Numbers List Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State

Telkapalle Mandal Sarpanch Upa-Sarpanch Mobile Numbers List Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State
Telkapalle Mandal Sarpanch Upa-Sarpanch Mobile Numbers List Mahabubnagar District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Upa-Sarpanch Mobile no's
Aleru KOTLA SRINIVASULU Sarpanch 9991590957
Aleru YELLAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 7382390985
Ananthasagar T BHASKARA CHARY Sarpanch 9441590957
Ananthasagar K LAXMAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9553477956
Boppepalle A.SHARADHAMMA Sarpanch 9666903286
Boppepalle M.MALLA CHARI Upa-Sarpanch 9951000930
Chinnamudnur A.KASIM Sarpanch 9493450831
Chinnamudnur G.KIRANKUMAR REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9492502435
Dasu Pally AVULA THIRUPATHAMMA Sarpanch 8985200106
Dasu Pally CHEEMARLA SRINIVAS REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9441526149
Gaddampalle K Ramchandrareddy Sarpanch 9550573333
Gaddampalle A Ravikumar Upa-Sarpanch 9603294426
Gattunellikuduru M.Venkateswar Goud Sarpanch 9010588470
Gattunellikuduru A.Suguna Upa-Sarpanch 7702079274
Gattunellikuduru C.Sulochanamma Upa-Sarpanch 9441880352
Gattunellikuduru D.Chinnaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9705979093
Gattunellikuduru G.Prashanth Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9912125097
Gattunellikuduru M.Chennaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9492003562
Gattunellikuduru M.Thirupathamma Upa-Sarpanch 9553838224
Gatturavipakula V.SUDHARSHAN RAO Sarpanch 9440465536
Gatturavipakula V.RAVINDAR Upa-Sarpanch 9603793983
Golagundam G.Naramma Sarpanch 9951024027
Golagundam M.Prabhakar Rao Upa-Sarpanch 9441895740
Gouraram B Shaileela Sarpanch 9440579871
Gouraram J Venkat reddy Upa-Sarpanch 8096125655
Goureddipally S.BALA GOUD Sarpanch 9440676486
Goureddipally A.MALLAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9490939663
Gouthampalle M BALASWAMY Sarpanch 8008790514
Gouthampalle B BALARAJU Upa-Sarpanch 9542496776
Karvanga Katta Shekhar reddy Sarpanch 9912357815
Karvanga K Bheemaiah Upa-Sarpanch 9951630127
Lakhnaram P.PALLAVI Sarpanch 9603246523
Lakhnaram M.KRISHNAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9951396451
Nadigadda A SATHYANARAYA GOUD Sarpanch 9912681823
Nadigadda B RAMCHANDRA REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9640523801
Peddapalle K.BALASWAMY GOUD Sarpanch 9440068922
Peddapalle MADDILETI Upa-Sarpanch 9618369424
Pedduru A CHANDRAKALA Sarpanch 9393850909
Pedduru J GOVARDAN Upa-Sarpanch 7675801977
Rakonda R Vanaja Sarpanch 9703037334
Rakonda M Sitharamulu Upa-Sarpanch 9848234694
Telkapally K.NIRMALA Sarpanch 9441161689
Telkapally M.NARAHARI Upa-Sarpanch 9440436838
Thallapalle D.VASANTHA Sarpanch 8897751874
Thallapalle CHINNA BASWAIAH Upa-Sarpanch 9705915750
Vattipalle A.Shivamma. Sarpanch 9490146521
Vattipalle K.Bhaskar. Upa-Sarpanch 9494267062
Zamistapur K.LINGAMMA Sarpanch 8790660557
Zamistapur K.RAMASWAMY Upa-Sarpanch 9441583162
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