Thripuraram Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Thripuraram Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II 
Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Thripuraram Mandal Sarpanch Wardmumber Mobile Numbers List Part II Nalgonda District in Telangana State

Village Name Sarpanch & Wardmumber Mobile no's
Kampa Sagar K.Dhanalaxmi Sarpanch 9848082890
Kampa Sagar J.Mangamma Upa-Sarpanch 8184822185
Kampa Sagar A.Nagaraju Ward member 9948264540
Kampa Sagar B.Yadagiri Ward member 9573724767
Kampa Sagar CH.Pushpalatha Ward member 9912638964
Kampa Sagar G.Venkataiah Ward member 9666993121
Kampa Sagar M.Gopaiah Ward member 9000022218
Kampa Sagar M.Nagendar Ward member 9505612614
Kampa Sagar M.Salamma Ward member 9640834536
Kampa Sagar Y.Mangamma Ward member 9010055745
Kampa Sagar Y.Rani Ward member 8374950048
Konthala Palle E.Padma Sarpanch 9505070125
Konthala Palle J.Krishna Reddy Upa-Sarpanch 9866391696
Konthala Palle B.Padma Ward member 9948997810
Konthala Palle CH.Jayamma Ward member 9948849500
Konthala Palle G.Narsaiah Ward member 9640822180
Konthala Palle K.Ramulu Ward member 9505986330
Konthala Palle K.Venkatamma Ward member 9101051683
Konthala Palle M.Bhudevi Ward member 9705863927
Konthala Palle N.Jyothi Ward member 9640183631
Konthala Palle R.Ramchandraiah Ward member 9603002354
Konthala Palle V.Saidaiah Ward member 9640542971
Marriguda Balthi Srinu Upa-Sarpanch 9010055657
Marriguda Bachu Nagamma Ward member 9948837770
Marriguda Chilakala Malleshwari Ward member 9010209422
Marriguda Faila venkateshwarlu Ward member 9701159041
Marriguda Kondra Venkatamma Ward member 9703195651
Marriguda Mallepally Ramadevi Ward member 8897917971
Marriguda Rainaboina Srinivas Ward member 9010173475
Marriguda Valisetti Srinivas Ward member 8464886430
Matur Polagani.Narasimha Sarpanch 9010357056
Matur Vankudothu.Kota Naik Upa-Sarpanch 9949819207
Matur Dhanavath.Bashya Ward member 9666808037
Matur Dhanavath.Bichu Ward member 9951511716
Matur Dhanavath.Kaika Ward member 9542564093
Matur Dhanavath.Saida Ward member 9705884772
Matur Eslavath.Saroja Ward member 9177559434
Matur K.Danamma Ward member 9866126473
Matur Lavudi.Sali Ward member 9949420825
Matur Nagara.Sali Ward member 9010448983
Matur P.Krishana Chary Ward member 9908979968
Matur Vankudothu.Bujji Ward member 9666518840
Matur Vankudothu.Swamy Ward member 9959789985
Neelaigudem Rudrakshi Alias Gurram Navaneetha Sarpanch 9505607569
Neelaigudem V.Saritha Upa-Sarpanch 9550392017
Neelaigudem B.Pullareddy Ward member 9912178969
Neelaigudem M.padma Ward member 9948161278
Neelaigudem M.Venkatreddy Ward member 9848166651
Neelaigudem P.Anjamma Ward member 8297514914
Neelaigudem P.Venkatachary Ward member 9866059778
Neelaigudem R.Savitri Ward member 8500920019
Neelaigudem U.Padma Ward member 9160081378
Neelaigudem U.Shivareddy Ward member 9640896455
Neelaigudem V.Srinivas Ward member 9603610615
Paluguthanda Pagadoju Janardana chary Sarpanch 9490437541
Paluguthanda Panugothu Chini Upa-Sarpanch 9010809488
Paluguthanda Dhanavath Harilal Ward member 9849645085
Paluguthanda Dhanavath Ranga Ward member 9866100352
Paluguthanda Dhanavath vijaya Ward member 7659040223
Paluguthanda Mudavath Bina Ward member 9542828461
Paluguthanda Nenavath Jija Ward member 9849136827
Paluguthanda Nenavath mangi Ward member 9701164078
Paluguthanda Panugothu Jini Ward member 0
Paluguthanda Ramavath Devadas Ward member 9963621808
Paluguthanda Ramavath Sardar Ward member 9010867213
Pedda Devula Palle Islavath Saritha Sarpanch 8886863151
Pedda Devula Palle T Rajaramsing Upa-Sarpanch 9010993655
Pedda Devula Palle Ambati Susheela Ward member 8187066471
Pedda Devula Palle Ambati Vijayalaxmi Ward member 9951628320
Pedda Devula Palle Chandanaboina Ganesh Ward member 0
Pedda Devula Palle Chandanaboina Ramulamma Ward member 0
Pedda Devula Palle Gandamalla Ramadevi Ward member 9951516909
Pedda Devula Palle Gogula Nagamani Ward member 9542960086
Pedda Devula Palle Gundeboina Venkanna Ward member 0
Pedda Devula Palle Irigi Sreenu Ward member 9666456607
Pedda Devula Palle Thoudaboina Jayamma Ward member 9010055613
Poosala Pahad Gyara Sailu Sarpanch 9440094659
Poosala Pahad Polagani Ranika Upa-Sarpanch 9949883148
Poosala Pahad Badiga Venkanna Ward member 705284403
Poosala Pahad Gundeboina Janaiah Ward member 9951975997
Poosala Pahad Gundeboina Sujatha Ward member 9951878159
Poosala Pahad Malluri Nagamma Ward member 9676410410
Poosala Pahad Pasula Ramalingaiah Ward member 9849224267
Poosala Pahad Tari Ashamma Ward member 9550499326
Poosala Pahad Tari Ramesh Ward member 7036313156
Ragadapa Bollam Venkateshwarlu Sarpanch 9603322032
Ragadapa Panugothu Muthyali Upa-Sarpanch 9705886133
Ragadapa Devulapally Chandishwari Ward member 0
Ragadapa kalakonda Venkateshwarlu Ward member 9989896680
Ragadapa Nenavath Sakri Ward member 9502501257
Ragadapa Panugothu Kishan Ward member 9959196379
Ragadapa Panugothu Srinu Ward member 8184962518
Ragadapa pottipaka Venkataramana Ward member 8886875750
Ragadapa Rathula Penti Ward member 9703238453
Ragadapa sk.Lal mahammed Ward member 0
Ragadapa Sunkaraboiena Saidaiah yadhav Ward member 9010910684
Satyanarayanapuram SK Khateeja Begum Sarpanch 9494134461
Satyanarayanapuram KVVS Choudary Upa-Sarpanch 9912663621
Satyanarayanapuram G Kotaiah Ward member 9640291209
Satyanarayanapuram J Alivelu Ward member 9966452659
Satyanarayanapuram K Sreenu Ward member 9705287929
Satyanarayanapuram KVVS Choudary Ward member 9912666321
Satyanarayanapuram M Dhanamma Ward member 9705287929
Satyanarayanapuram M Lingaiah Ward member 9542984100
Satyanarayanapuram Nagilla Laxmi Ward member 9948052115
Satyanarayanapuram V Laxmamma Ward member 9951178442
Thripuraram A RAMANA Sarpanch 9010055652
Thripuraram A JANIKIRAM REDDY Upa-Sarpanch 9951520269
Thripuraram A MADHU Ward member 9985361970
Thripuraram A MANJULA Ward member 9542984119
Thripuraram D NARISHMAH Ward member 9542118400
Thripuraram G SARITHA Ward member 9010207782
Thripuraram H BALAMMA Ward member 9160701841
Thripuraram J SRINIVAS Ward member 9948536598
Thripuraram K KRISHNA REDDY Ward member 9908894202
Thripuraram K LAXMMA Ward member 9948948026
Thripuraram k. sulochna Ward member 9010055812
Thripuraram P SRILATHA Ward member 8886760369
Thripuraram SK BABE FATHIMA Ward member 9951138044
Thripuraram S VENKANNA Ward member 9603549501
Thripuraram T TRIRAPATHIAH Ward member 8008699789
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